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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку Мюзикл «Princess Never Laughs» («Царевна-Несмеяна»)

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Божко Елена Владимировна, учитель английского языка.

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

Мюзикл «Princess Never Laughs» («Царевна-Несмеяна»)

Цель: ознакомление учащихся с устным народным творчеством;

развитие коммуникативных умений,

навыков понимания иноязычной речи на слух,

творческих и актерских способностей.

Оборудование: оформление сцены, костюмы для героев, музыкальное оформление, мультимедийный комплекс.

Действующие лица и исполнители:

Storyteller I Sheat-fish

Storyteller 2 Princess Never Laughs

Storyteller 3 Ivan - a simple peasant

Storyteller 4 Mouse

Storyteller 5 Old stooping beetle


Ход мероприятия:

Act 1

На сцене стоят 3 рассказчика, которые по очереди вводят зрителя в сюжет сказки.

Storyteller I: Once upon a time there lived a Tsar. His kingdom was very big and rich - full of for­ests, seas and rivers, and his people were good and liked him. His Palace was full of gold and silver, but he was always sad and unhappy for his dear daughter never laughed or smiled. So people called her Princess Never Laughs.

Storyteller 2: She had everything: beauty, wonderful dresses, splendor, but, she never smiled or laughed, as if her heart couldn't be happy... It hurt her father to see his only daughter al­ways sad and gloomy.

Storyteller 3: He opened the chamber of his Palace, inviting all and everyone to visit them and be dear guests.

На сцене появляется царь, одетый в рос­кошные одежды, расшитые золотом, серебром и драгоценными камнями.

Tsar: Let them try to cheer her up. He, who makes Princess laugh, will marry her. -

Царь садится в кресло, в другом кресле рядом с от­цом располагается Царевна-Несмеяна. У нее в ру­ках носовой платочек, она громко плачет и выти­рает свои горькие слезы платочком.

Storyteller 3: As soon as the people heard his words, they started to come to the Palace from far and near. They crowded at the gates. Noblemen came and boyars, merchants and ordi­nary people.

Восточный танец

На сцене появляются бояре, купцы, принцы из раз­ных стран. Они выходят на сцену по очереди, пытаются рассмешить царевну, делают трюки. Но ей всё не нравится.

Princess: How silly he is. I don't like these tricks! Go away! Oh, my God! How dull it is! Oh, my father! Why must I look at these men! I don't like them. They are very dull.

Tsar: My daughter, be kind to these noble men!

Princess: I don't want to! I don't want to! I don't want to! They will kill me with their tricks! Take them away.

Бояре, купцы уходят со сцены, подобострастно раскланиваясь перед Несмеяной, а она начинает рыдать навзрыд.

Tsar: (испуганно) Don't cry, my little rose! Go away all of you! Leave my little daughter


Storyteller 4: Feasts began with music and presents, tarts, pies and honey, but Princess didn't smile or laugh... Not a single time...

Act 2

На сцене появляется Иванушка-дурачок.

Storyteller 5: At the other end of their kingdom lived a simple peasant. He worked hard from day to night. In the morning he swept and cleaned the yard, chopped wood and brought water and in the evening he drove in the cattle. His master paid him well for his work at the end of each year.

На сцене стоит колодец, из которого Иван набира­ет воду. Затем он берёт метлу, подметает двор, выполняет хозяйственные работы.

Storyteller I: So, the year ended and the master gave him a big coin. (звук монет). He took it and went to the well to drink before leaving. The earned coin slipped out of his hand and fell into the well. {Показать, как монета падает в колодец, звук падающей монеты) Nothing could be done - he had to work for one more year. He worked well and was again given a big coin at the end of the year.

Storyteller 2: And just as before he went to the well to drink and again the coin fell down into the well. He had to stay for the third year... You should have seen how hard he worked! In other fields the wheat drooped; he looked after the horses and did all the work about the house.

Storyteller 3: When the third year passed, his master gave him money again. He took the coin, went to the well to drink and suddenly saw that the previous two coins had floated up to the sur­face and the third one was safe in his hand. He took them and decided to have a look at the world and to learn more about people. He went where his legs carried him.

Ivan: How happy I am! Now I am rich, rich, rich! I can buy everything. I can do everything. I want to have my own home and a lovely wife. And I shall find a pretty girl, I shall marry her.

Русский народный танец

Storyteller 4: As he crossed the field, he saw a mouse...

Mouse: Hello, nice fellow! Give me a coin - I shall help you some day...

Ivan: Dear Mouse! I have been working for this money for three long years. And I want to spend this money on a house, my friends, and my wife.

Mouse: But I am so hungry! I want to have some­thing to eat, maybe some bread, some apples or sweets. Give me something, please. When you are in difficult situation, I shall help you.

Ivan: But I have nothing except money. Take it, please. Be happy!

Иван отдаёт мышке одну монету и уходит.

Storyteller 5: Не gave her a coin. She thanked him and ran away. Soon the field ended and a big for­est began. In the forest an old stooping beetle came up to him.

Act 3

Декорации меняются. На сцене появляется "лес".(шум леса, пение птиц)

Танец «Венок»

Stooping Beetle: Hello, nice fellow! Where are you going? Can you help me? I shall help you next time.

Ivan: I'm going to find my happiness. I want to be very happy. And what do you want?

Stooping "Beetle: I am too hungry and I want to have some nuts, leaves or grass. Do you have any­thing to eat? Three days have passed and I didn't have any food in my mouth. I have a stomachache now. I shall be ill soon. Help me, please!

Ivan: But what can, I do for you?

Stooping Beetle: A lot of useful things. You can give me grass sandwiches and a basket of gold nuts. You can give me a bottle of milk. And I shall have this food with great pleasure!

Ivan: {вздыхает очень грустно) I don't have any­thing to eat. No food. I've got only two big coins. Do you need them?

Stooping Beetle: I shall help you some day...

Storyteller 4: He gave him a coin and went on. Soon he saw a cool wide river and decided to walk along it. A big sheat-fish swam towards him and said...

Act 4

На сцене появляется "река "'. (Шум реки).

Sheat-fish: Hello, nice fellow! Give me a coin and I shall help you one day.

Ivan: What for? I have only one coin. And I want to buy something for myself. I have been working for this money during three long years. But on my way I met a mouse. She asked me to help her and I gave her one coin. I went on and met the stooping beetle. He was so hungry and unhappy and I gave him one coin, too.

Sheat-fish: But my children! They will die. They have a toothache, they need some medicine. If you give me your coin, I shall buy some pills and they will recover. So my family will be happy. Let me have a chance. I'll treat my little sons and daughters.

На сцене появляются муляжи рыб-сомиков с пере­вязанными зубами, изображающие зубную боль.

Ivan: Poor things! Your children are so helpless. I shall help you with great pleasure. Sheat-fish: Oh, thank you! A noble man! I am proud of you. Now my children won't be in danger. Can I do anything for you? If you need my help, ask me for it.

Сом уплывает. На сцене идет смена декораций.

Act 5

Большой красивый город сверкает огнями перед гла­зами Ивана. Вдали виден царский дворец, в окне находится Несмеяна.

Storyteller 2: Soon he came to a big city. He saw so many people, houses, doors! He stared and stared at them and didn't know where to go! His attention was attracted to a beautiful pal­ace, decorated with silver and gold. Suddenly he saw Princess Never Laughs. She was sit­ting at an open window looking straight at him.

Ivan: What a beautiful girl! How pretty she is! Her eyes are big and blue, her hair long and brown. I love her. I want to marry her.

Princess: Oh, my god! There is nothing to do! How unhappy I am! My father is always busy about his palace; my nurses always do the work about the palace. And what can I do? I want to do something useful, but my father... He doesn't let me do anything. It's very dull! Father, come here!

Tsar: Yes my princess, my rose, my primrose, my snowdrop, my sweetheart, my lovely daugh­ter! What can I do for you? Do you want to visit a foreign country? (A ticket to France, England, Spain, Scotland) (Виды достопримечательностей стран на проекторе)

Do you want to have a sandwich or pancakes with black caviar? What do you want, my princess? (Бутерброд с чёрной икрой)

Princess: I want to help my nurses about the house! May I sweep the floor, wash windows in our palace, or clean our carpets with a vacuum cleaner?

Tsar: (машет испуганно руками, плюёт через левое плечо, как делают при плохих при­метах) Are you crazy? Don't even think about it! You are a Princess. It's not the kind of work you should do.

Princess: But I will! I will! I will!

Царевна бьётся в истерике, начинает рыдать, всхлипывая.

Storyteller 3: During this speech Ivan was looking at the Princess Never Laughts. He couldn't turn his eyes away from her, so pretty she was! Then everything became dim in his eyes and he fell right into the mud.

Иван падает в обморок от красоты Несмеяны, тут же появляются Мышь, Жук и Сом и начинают при­водить его в чувство.

Storyteller 4: Immediately the sheat-fish with its long burble appeared and the old stooping beetle and the troubled mouse. They began to nurse and tend him: the mouse tried to =take off his shirt, the beetle began to clean his tools, the sheat-fish scared away the flies...

Storyteller 5: Princess Never Laughs looked out and saw them attending him and suddenly... BE­GAN TO LAUGH MERRILY! (cмех Несмеяны)

На сцене появляется царь, на его Лице недоумен­ная улыбка, он не верит, что кто-то смог рассме­шить его единственную дочь.

Tsar: Who??? Who?? Who? Who made my daugh­ter laugh? Who is this noble man? I want to see him immediately.

Princess: (указывает на Ивана) Dad! Dear! How happy I am! It was that fellow down there! (заливаясь счастливым смехом) Just look at him...He is so nice...He is so handsome.

Storyteller 5: She pointed at the poor worker and be­gan to laugh again, and again, and again...

Tsar: Nobody had made my lovely daughter laugh but you could, so I want you to marry her. You will live in this rich kingdom and later you will have some pretty children. I will be­come their grandfather. I dream of grandsons and granddaughters every night. I want my dream to become true.

Storyteller 4: Ivan was immediately led into the palace and taken to the Tsar. And there he stood be­fore the tsar. And the Tsar kept his word and Ivan married the Tsar's daughter. And they were happy and merry ever after! (Свадебный марш)

Испанский танец

The end

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