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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку: «Слабое звено» на тему: «Соединённое Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии» для учащихся 9 классов

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Управление народным образованием г.Нефтекамск РБ

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку:

«Слабое звено»

на тему:

«Соединённое Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»

для учащихся 9 классов


Учитель иностранных

языков школы №15

Шайбакова М.Р.

Нефтекамск 2010

Цель: Повышение познавательной активности учащихся, воспитание уважения к культуре других народов.

На сцене висит плакат:

A foreign country teaches you to love your own. Go and marvel at foreigners and return with Russian heart.

  1. Turgenev

Звучит музыка.

Ведущий: We have been talking too much about Great Britain this year. I hope you have read many interesting facts from magazines and newspapers. So, you are welcome to our quiz What

A Weak Link”

Here are the participants (каждый участник называет свое имя и класс,всего 8 участников).

Round 1 (2 minutes and a half)

  1. W hat is the capital of Great Britain? (London)

  2. What is the longest river in Great Britain?(the Severn)

  3. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain? (Gordon Brown)

  4. Name the round square in London, where best-known theatres and cinemas, famous restaurants are found. (Piccadilly Circus)

  5. Where was the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns born? (In Scotland)

  6. Where was football invented?(England)

  7. What holiday is celebrated in Britain on the 14 th of February?( St.Valentine`s Day)

  8. Which University is older: Oxford or Cambridge?(Cambridge)

  9. What was the name of the theatre , where Shakespear`s plays were first performed? (the Globe)

  10. In what city was the first airport of Britain built: in Manchester or Liverpool? (In Manchester)

  11. How many detective stories did Agatha Christie write? (75)

  12. Which side is the traffic in England ?(left)

  13. What is a double-decker? (a bus)

  14. How many parts does the United Kingdom consist of? (4)

  15. Where does the ceremony of the keys take place in London?(In the Tower of London)

(Ведущий называет набранное количество суммы, участники выбирают самое слабое звено)

Round 2 (2 minutes and a quarter)

1.What holiday is connected with the birth of Jesus Christ?(Christmas)

2.Who wrote the stories of Sherlock Holmes?(Conan Doyle)

3.Where is the monument to Admiral Nelson?(Trafalgar Square)

4.Whose residence is Downing Street 10?(The Prime Minister)

5.What is Big Ben: a tall man or a clock tower?(A clock tower)

6. Where was the famous film actor Charlie Chaplin born?(In London)

7. What is soccer: football or hockey ?

8.What is the symbol of Scotland: a thistle or a daffodil?(A thistle)

9.What is the national costume of Scotland?(A kilt)

10.Where can we see the Speaker’s Corner ?(In Hide Park)

11.What river does London stand on?(The Thames)

12.What is the capital of Wales?(Cardiff)

13.What is the main legislative body of Great Britain?(Parliament)

14Who sits on a woolsack in the House of Lords of the Parliament?(Lord Chansellor)

Round 3 (2 minutes)

1.What is the capital of Scotland?(Edinborough)

2.What party is ruling in Great Britain now?(The Labour Party)

3.What is the name of an enormous stone structure near Salisbury in the South of England?(Stonehenge)

4.What is the name of the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament?(Big Ben)

5.What is the national festival of Welsh poetry, Welsh songs and music, which takes place

every year in August?(Eistedfod)

6.Name the street in London where many of the British government offices stand?(Whitehall)

7.Who was planning to blow the House of Lords on November 5th 1605 and whose name is given

to a сelebration ?(Guy Fawkes)

8.What town was Shakespeare born?(Stratford-on-Avon)

9.What town did ‘’The Beatles’’come from?(Liverpool)

10.What lake is famous for its monster?(Loch Ness)

11.What holiday is celebrated on the 31st of October?(Halloween)

Round 4 (A minute and 45 seconds)

1.What is Union Jack?(The British Flag)

2.What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?(Ben Nevis)

3.What part of Britain is usually called ‘’the highlands and islands’’?(Scotland)

4.What nationality has the family name starting with ‘’Mac’’ or ‘’Mc’’-like McDonald, MacMillan?


5. What children organization in Britain do you know?(Scouts)

6.What was Benjamin Britten?(A composer)

7.What is the abbreviation of the British Broadcasting Corporation?(The BBC)

8.What channel is between France and England?(The English channel)

9.What holiday is сеlebrated on the 25th of December?(Christmas)

10.What season comes after summer?(autumn)

11.What is called a park of wild animals where one can drive a car or a coach?(A safary park)

Round 5 ( A minute and a half)

1.What is a British unit of money?(Pound)

2.What kind of ball a rugby played with: round or oval?( oval)

3.What is ping-pong: Lawn Tennis or Table Tennis?(Table Tennis)

4.Who is the author of the book ‘’Three men in a boat’’(Jerome K.Jerome)

5.What is ‘’Just 17’’- a magazine or a newspaper?(A magazine)

6.What is the name of the queen of Great Britain?(Elizabeth ll)

7.What is the symbol of England: a rose or a daffodil?(Arose)

8.How many pennies are there in 1 £?(100)

9.What colour are the taxies in London?(Black)

10.Where does the Queen live?(The Buckingam Palace)

Round 6(A minute and 15 seconds)

1.Who was the famous pirate sea captain: James Cook or Francis Drake?(Franсis Drake)

2.Who is the author of ‘’David Copperfield’’:Charles Dickens or W.Thackerey?(Charles Dickens)

3.Who is the author of the novel ‘’Treasure Island’’?(Stevenson)

4.What is the largest airport in London?(Heathrow)

5.During what holiday are all banks closed in Great Britain?(Bank Holidays)

6.Who is the author of the novel ‘’Jane Eyre’’?(Charlotte Bronte)

7.Is Arnold Schwarzenegger an American or a British actor?(American)

8.How many children has the Queen Elizabeth ll?( 4 )

9.Who explored the continent of Australia: Mungo Park or James Cook?(James Cook)

Round 7

  1. What side of the road do cars go in England: left or right? (left)

  2. Who played the role of Scarlett in the screen version of “Gone with the Wild”? (Vivien Leigh)

  3. What did John Constable paint : landscapes or portraits? (Landscapes)

  4. Who is the head of the government of Great Britain? (the Prime Minister)

  5. Is the weather in Britain constant or changeable?(Сhangeable)

  6. Who wrote the book “Robinson Crusoe”? (Daniel Defo)

  7. What is the Scottish name for New Year`s Eve or December 31? (Hogmanay)

  8. Who is the author of the poem “My Heart`s in the Highlands”(Robert Burns)


(Двое участников финала отвечают на 5 пар вопросов)


1. What is the family name of Juliet from the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”? (Capulet)

2. Who is the chairperson of the House of Lords in the British Parliament? (Lord Chancellor)

3. How mane sonnets did Shakespeare write? (154)

4. What is the name of Prince Charles and Lady Diana`s elder son? (Prince William)

5. Who wrote the tale “Thу Selfish Giant”? (Oscar Wild)


1. What is the family name of Romeo from the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”? (Montague)

2. Who is the chairperson of the House of Commons in the British Parliament? (The Speaker)

3. How many plays did Shakespeare write? (37)

4. What is the name of Prince Charles and Lady Diana`s younger son? (Prince Henry)

5. Who wrote the book “Alice in the Wonderland”? (Lewis Carol)

(Выступление победителей игры)

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