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Разработка заданий по литературе английского языка

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1. How did Old English Literature begin?from the 7th century to the decades after the Norman Conquest of 1066

2. The languages spoken in the British Isles after the Anglo-Saxon Conquest.

3. How have Anglo-Saxon verses survived?only a few books have survived. 000

4. Why could this survival be called a miracle?

5. What is the epic poem "Beowulf"? What themes does the epic poem cover?    The oldest English poem that has come down to us preserves some traces of the remote period when tribes migrated from place to place in northern Europe.The poet describes the beauty of this hall and the happiness of the noble King save for the terror caused by the monster. 000

6. Who composed the great epic?Minstrels (scops)

7. Describe the character of "Beowulf".The first of the three “adventures” of the poem tells how the hero heard of a monster named Grendel that was ravaging the court of the Danish King Hrothgar. With a band of followers Beowulf sails to the Danish coast and makes his way to Heorot, the lofty hall of the King. Beowulf is less important as a sovereign and law-giver than as a man who is afraid of no danger.

8. What does the fight of Beowulf against the monsters symbolize?

1. Comment on the influence the Norman Conquest had on Old English.

2. What was the role of Alfred the Great in enlightening the people?

3. What do you know about the influence of the Catholic Church on culture during the Middle Ages?

4. What was the chief genre of literature in the Middle English period?

5. Why did the writing of poetry decline in the 15th century?

6. What literature was read at court before Chaucer? What was the literature of the townsfolk?

7. Who were the writers and poets of the early Middle Ages, and what did they write?

8. What did the Literature of the early Middle Ages teach?

1. What was the new ideology of the Renaissance?

2. What translation into English influenced the literature of the period?

3. Speak about the form of English verse that you know. What were the contributions to English poetry made in the first period of the Renaissance?

4. Explain what a sonnet is. Show the difference between the Italian and the English sonnet.

5. How did the ideas of the Renaissance influence European politics in general, and the English monarchy and religion in particular?

6. What is meant by the Revival of Learning?

7. The different forms of literature that appeared during the Renaissance. What was the role of the theatres at that time?

8. Explain how the ideals of the Renaissance conflict with the evil forces of the time.

9. Who was Sir Thomas More? Why is his work "Utopia" historically important?

1. How long did the Republic last and what political order marked the end of the whole revolutionary epoch of the 17th century in England.

2. What was Milton's work during the Bourgeois Revolution?

3. What were the most characteristic features of the literature of the Enlightenment?

4. Why is the period called the "Enlightenment"?

5. What new literary forms appeared?

6. Who was the greatest English classicist?

7. What is the main theme of the novel "Robinson Crusoe"?

8. Whom did Swift mean to ridicule when describing the country of Lilliput and the Lilliputians?

9. What problems did Fielding deal with in his plays? What put an end to his work as a playwright?

10. Why did the literary trend of Sentimentalism appear towards the middle of the 18th century?

11. What forms of literature became the most popular in Britain in the 18th century? Characterize the principal features of the leading genre.

12. Why is the novel "Robinson Crusoe" considered praise of fortitude, energy and the creative power of man?

13. What is Sheridan's finest play?

1. What is the difference between the progressive and regressive trends of Romanticism?

2. Say a few words about the role of folklore in Burns's poetry.

3. What impresses you most of all in the poet's literary work?

4. What is Burns's contribution to Literature?

5. Why are some romanticists called the poets of the “Lake School”?

6. Who was the first great writer of historical novels in English Literature?

7. What novels by Scott do you know?

8. What is the main conflict of the novel “Ivanhoe”?

9. What social problems did Scott try to solve in his novels?

10. What does “Ivanhoe” deal with?

11. When did Jane Austen begin to write?

12. Where are Austen's novels set?

13. Is she an author of a great literature skill? Why do you think so?

1. Why do people find Byron's life as interesting as his poetry?

2. When was the first collection of poems by Byron published?

3. Is “Childe Harold” an autobiographical character?

4. What kind of character is known as "the Byron's hero"?

5. What feature is the main force running from the beginning to the end of his career?

6. Why do we consider Shelley to be a real fighter for freedom?

7. What role did imagination play in his poetry?

8. What is Shelley's famous poem?

9. What is his essay "A Defense of Poetry" valuable for?

10. What is Keats's poetry concerned with?

11. What influence did his early poetry show?

12. What features are characteristic of Keats's latest poetry?

13. Why did he call some of his poems "negative capability"?

1. Name the greatest English critical realists you know.

2. What kind of literary works were created at the end of the 19th century and to what literary trends did they belong?

3. What are the characteristic features of Tennyson's descriptions of nature?

4. What poems by R. Browning do you know?

5. What was the main theme in Browning's poems?

6. What are **ens's best known books?

7. What are his novels about?

8. Why is **ens called the creator of the theatre for one actor?

9. What are the greatest merits of Thackeray’s works?

10. What classes of society does he show in his novels?

11. Which work of the writer is considered to be a prelude to his masterpiece “Vanity Fair”?

12. What works by George Eliot do you know?

13. What is the difference between psychological portrayal in the novels by Eliot and **ens?

14. Why did a woman writer, Mary Ann Evans, take a man’s name for her pseudonym?

15. Why do Gaskell's ghost stories belong to Gothic fiction genre?

16. What is Charlotte's famous novel?

17. Why was Emily's novel strongly condemned?

18. What is the chief conflict in Hardy's books?

19. What are his novels about?

20. What was the real name of Lewis Carrol?

21. What does "Alice in Wonderland" tell about?

22. Why did Stevenson become one of the world's most popular writers?

23. What books by Stevenson do you know?

24. What are his books about?

25. What kind of novel brought him fame?

26. What works is Kipling best known for?

27. Who were his last novels dedicated to? What are they?

28. What does the theory “art for art’s sake” mean in Literature and Art?

29. What popular works by Oscar Wilde do you know?

30. Why is Oscar Wilde called Mr. Paradox? How do his ideas contradict reality described in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?

1. What do you know about the literary movement the followers of which were called “The Angry Young Men”?

2. What is “the anti-colonial trend” in English Literature?

3. What is a “working-class novel”?

4. What stylistic peculiarities of T. S. Eliot’s poems were quite new in English Literature?

5. What works by Yeats do you know? What was Yeats's style of writing?

6. What was Yeats's contribution to 'World Literature'?

7. What works by J. Conrad do you know? Why all his novels are considered a brilliant study of national traits?

8. Why H. G. Wells is called the great English writer who looked into the future?

9. What works by B. Shaw do you know? What are the main themes in his works?

10. What are the chief characteristics of Galsworthy’s works? Why do we call “The Forsyte Saga” a social novel?

11. What made Agatha Christie popular and prolific of all English detective novelists?

12. What is G. Greene's literature reputation based on? What do his works deal with?

13. What do you think, why Iris Murdoch’s novels are considered to be philosophical?

14. What are characteristic features of society presented in Muriel Spark’s works?

15. Why is Joyce considered the founder of modernism?

16. What is D. H. Lawrence chiefly known for? What kind of characters do his books deal with?

17. What books by J. Priestley do you know? What is his best known play that thrills the world?

18. What were Huxley's first novels about?

19. What books by J. Fowels do you know? What are the themes in his novels?

20. In which field does Arthur Evelyn Waugh’s criticism lie?

21. What novel established Golding as one of the most distinguished writers? What does it tell about?

22. George Orwell, his life, work and social satire.

23. What books by W. S. Maugham do you know? What are his books about?

24. Do you agree that not everything in our life is destined?

25. What are Tolkien's three great themes?

26. Kingsley Amis, his life and work. What vices of society are exposed in "Lucky Jim"?

27. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, her life and work. What ideas connect her works with old English literature?

1. What countries does the United Kingdom consist of?

2. Which is the longest river in Great Britain?

3. What are the names of the most popular parties in Great Britain?

4. How many chambers are there in the British Parliament?

5. Which country of the UK has the greatest number of seats in the British Parliament?

6. What age the British citizens may vote?

7. What age do children in Great Britain start going to school?

8. What is the maximum duration of the Parliament in the UK?

9. What are the main constitutional documents in Great Britain?

10. Who is the head of executive in the UK?

11. The number of the members in the House of Commons depends on:

12. Public Schools in Great Britain are:

13. What kind of school do the majority of children in Great Britain go to?

14. Which is the highest mountain in the British Isles?

15. The Prime Minister in Great Britain is always appointed by:

16. The main function of the Parliament is:

17. The term “Tory” means:

18. What kind of political system has Great Britain?

19. Which of the countries is officially bilingual?

20. Who presides over the House of Commons?

21. Who presides over the House of Lords?

22. Life Peers are :

23. Which of the kings was beheaded during the English Bourgeois Revolution?

24. Where do the British Isles lie off?

25. According to relief Britain can be divided into… main regions.

26. When did William, the Duke of Normandy, begin to gather the army to invade Britain?

27. What kind of seas is Great Britain washed by ?

28. What dynasty did Elizabeth Ị belong to ?

29. What dynasty did William the Conqueror belong to ?

30. What is the national flag of The UK?

31. What is the national emblem of Wales?

32. What is the name of the first settlers in Britain?

33. When did the Roman Army invade Britain?

34. Who became the first English king?

35. Who ordered to write a history of England?

36. Where did the battle between the Normans and the Anglo-Saxon take place?

37. What is the symbol of England?

38. Who is the patron saint of England?

39. What is the symbol of Scotland?

40. What separates Great Britain from the continent?

41. The Magna Carta is:

42. Which of these names do not refer to the political parties of Great Britain?

43. Which of these countries does not belong to the United Kingdom?

44. Who is the patron saint of Wales?

45. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

46. Who ordered to build the Tower?

47. What royal dynasty came after the Normans?

48. Who was the last Anglo-Saxon king

49. Where was the first church built in Great Britain ?

50. What are the oldest universities in the UK?

1. The USA's first president was…

2. What are the biggest universities in the USA?

3. The longest river in the USA is:

4. The only of the Great Lakes which lies entirely on the territory of the USA is.... .

5. The largest state in the USA is (population):

6. When did one of the first colonies appeared?

7. Two of the states of the USA are separated from the others. Which of them?

8. What is the main river in Alaska?

9. Who was the youngest elected President of the USA?

10. Who was the First President elected as a member of the Republican Party?

11. Name the longest serving US President.

12. During which period in American History was the novel "Gone with the Wind" set?

13. One of these is regarded as the father of the Constitution. Which of them?

14. The Constitution of the USA provides that the Senate should be composed of… from each state.

15. All the legislative power of the federal government of the USA is granted to…

16. The Senators are elected for the term of:

17. The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limited the Presidency to no more than

18. When were the first black colonists brought:

19. Where is the USA situated?

20. Which city was the first capital of the USA?

21. Where is the capital of the USA situated?

22. Which river makes up a natural boundary between the USA and Mexico?

23. The symbol of the Republican Party is:

24. Which city is the largest in the USA (population)?

25. The White House is:

26. The Capitol is:

27. Who was the president during the Civil war ?

28. If a president dies or is unable to carry out his duties he is succeeded by:

29. When Columbus discovered America he thought that:

30. The USA is:

31. What kind of climate has the USA?

32. When do Americans celebrate Father`s Day?

33. What mountains accounts for one-third of the USA?

34. What animal symbolizes Democratic Party?

35. What is a high school in the USA?

36. Which of these lakes doesn’t belong to the Great Lakes in the USA?

37. The Executive Branch of the US government is represented by:

38. What was the Boston Tea Party ?

39. Who was appointed commander of the American Army during the War for Independence?

40. Who is the chairman of the House of Representatives?

41. What national Holiday in the USA is celebrated on the 4th of July?

42. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on:

43. Public Schools in the USA are:

44. Who cannot be the member of the Congress?

45. What is the oldest university in the USA ?

46. What is the headquarters of the Department of Defense ?

47. At what age do children begin to go to school ?

48. When did the Civil War begin?

49. In what state is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial situated?

50. Who presented The USA The Statue of Liberty with?

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