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Разработка занятия. Обобщающее занятие по теме "Профессии" (9 класс)

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The world of jobs and choosing a career”

Тема: «Мир профессий и выбор карьеры».

Тип занятия: занятие-обобщение знаний по теме «Профессии».

Цели и задачи: проверить уровень практических навыков обучающихся по теме


развивать навыки говорения, чтения, понимания английской речи

на слух;

развивать настойчивость, любовь к труду и учёбе;

развивать инициативу, воображение;

проводить профориентационную работу с обучающимися;

расширять кругозор обучающихся.

Оснащение: карточки с заданиями, тематические картинки (презентация),

звуковая запись.

Ход занятий.

  1. Приветствие, сообщение темы занятия.

The group work organizer: Good afternoon, everybody. We have already spoken how important the choice of your future profession is. We have also discussed different occupations and learned how to apply for a job. Today we’re going to sum up the ideas and the knowledge you’ve got so far on the topic”Profession”.

  1. Разминка – разделение на команды. Warm-up.

The group work organizer: Here are the parts of two texts. The task is to sort out these parts into two texts and then rearrange the parts in the correct order.

Jigsaw puzzle – предлагается организовать части 2-х текстов в нужном порядке. В процессе работы обучающиеся делятся на 2 команды. (Приложение 1.) Две команды – Firefighters и Caretakers of the island.

Обучающиеся читают готовые тексты и называют навыки и умения, необходимые для данных профессий.

  1. Опиши профессию.

Предлагается описать профессии по картинкам презентации.

E.g Farmers - They till the land. They plant trees and vegetables to see them


They work outside a lot, mainly in the countryside. и т.д.

Продолжить описывать профессии, не называя их. (Приложение 2.)

4.Прослушивание монологов.

Прослушай и угадай, какая профессия у каждого высказывающегося.

The group work organizer: Listen and decide what job the person has. Answer the


  1. Why does he like the job?

  2. Why doesn’t he like it?

5.Обсуждение. Факторы, влияющие на выбор профессии.

Discuss in the groups and present your ideas:

What factors influence the choice of your future career?

What factors are important while choosing a career?

Possible answers:

- interests;

- inclinations and abilities;

- the things I’m good at;

- my skills and experience;

- money;

- my parents’ opinion;

- my personal qualities;

- further education;

- ability to work in a team or alone.

6.Чтение текста с заполнением пропусков, обсуждение текста.

The group work organizer: Read the text and fill in the gaps.

Jobs for lazy people

If you look through the job pages of any newspaper, you find the same adjectives appearing in advert after advert: motivated, ambitious, hard-working, energetic, dynamic... These are the qualities that you need for all jobs, ……… they? Well, perhaps …….. quite all. A few jobs exist which might be suitable for somebody …………… is less hard-working, even lazy!

Some furniture companies employ people………… job is to test their new sofas and armchairs. ……. example the La-z-Boy Company …… makes reclining chairs has several full-time furniture testers.

All they have to …… is sit in the chairs for long periods of time and then say……..comfortable they are. It's one of the few workplaces ………… it is OK to fall asleep on the job!

If you are looking for peace and quiet, as well as a job which involves doing nothing ….. long

periods, then perhaps you should consider becoming a house sitter These people are paid just to occupy somebody's home while they are away on holiday or on business Of course, you have to deal with any problem that arise, but if you are lucky, there won't be any.

Answer the questions:

  1. What jobs are mentioned in the text?


  1. What are these people paid for?


  1. What other unusual jobs do you know?


E.g. chimney sweeper (трубочист)

Glassblower (стеклодув)

Tea tester (дегустатор чая)

Florist (флорист)

Wig – maker (постижёр)

Perfumer (парфюмер)

(дополнительно предлагается проектная работа, как домашнее задание, о необычных профессиях)

7.Пословицы о прфессиях.

Join together the two halves of the proverbs

  1. Business a) must climb the tree.

  2. Jack of all trades b) is to do nothing.

  3. The hardest work c) before pleasure.

  4. He that would eat the fruit d) to stars.

  5. Deeds speak louder e) is a master of none.

  6. No pains f) than words.

  7. Through hardship g) no gains.

8.Итог занятия.

The group work organizer:

I hope our lesson was useful for you and now you know what factors you should consider while choosing your future profession. I wish you to choose a perfect career for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be successful in your future life. I’d like to finish our lesson with the words of Confucius.

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life” (Confucius)

Приложение 1.

  1. It’s a job, which attracted 34 000 application from around the world.

Everyone who applied had to send in a 60-second video which explained why they wanted the job and what skills they had to offer.


And what was this amazing job? Caretaker of Hamilton Island, in the Great Barrier Reef.


It’s a place where it’s sunny and warm all year round, and which probably has the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The people who got the job had to explore the islands nearby, and report back to the world about their experiences. The sixteen people whose videos most impressed the employers came to Australia for the interview.


The lucky man who was finally chosen for the job was Ben Southall from the UK. Unfortunately for him the job was only for six months!

  1. People who think firefighting is a job for men would be surprised to learn that thereare now over 230 women in the London Fire Brigade. One of these women is Dany Cotton.


Dany spends a lot of her time trying to change the image of the Fire Brigade.

She explained that women do the same training and assessment as men and they

are expected to do the same jobs.


Both men and women must be fit and healthy, but as long as they pass the physical tests, height isn't important.


Dany says that saving people from burning buildings is not the only thing that

firefighters do. One of the most important jobs they do these days is in the community.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fire officers visit thousands of homes, businesses and schools each year giving advice that can often save lives. Women are often good at doing this because of their ability to communicate well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Приложение 2.

They take care of people and often return them to life

This person not only gives knowledge, but also develops somebody’s intellect, forms their views and characters, forms their attitude for life and other people

The representative of this profession can always find something new to report about. There’s much room for creative work. This person can meet a lot of interesting people – famous people, managers, politicians, etc. It’s a very special experience

This profession is very important nowadays. The representatives of this profession help people in time of trouble. They help them to overcome and solve problems of life. If you feel depressed and lonely you can go to this expert.

They look beautiful, wear fashionable clothes. It’s wonderful to be on the stage and give people joy, make them happy.

They till the land. They plant trees and vegetables to see them grow. They work outside a lot, mainly in the countryside.

The representative of this profession trains kids different kinds of sports, tries to make children understand that sports is very important and it can make them healthy and strong.

They are very popular today. They defend legal rights of our citizens. They want them feel safe and protected by law.

They put out fires, rescue people from burning buildings and from car accidents. They also look after their equipment.

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