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Разработка к мультфильму "Мулан"

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Episode 1 (0-14.14)

Translate new words:

To light a signal

The Huns

To cross the border

To keep watch

To deliver conscription notices

To call up reserves and recruits



To help with chores

A sack with grains

To pour

To pray ancestors

To uphold sb’s honor

To dishonor sb= to disgrace

To let sb down

A matchmaker

To make a stir

To clean up

A cheat sheet

To make a hairdo

To make up

To produce an impression on sb=to impress sb

To appreciate sb as

To manage to do

To catch fire

To put out fire

To rebuke sb for sth/doing sth

Answer the questions:

1 What is happening in the fortress?

2 What does the sentry have to do? Why?

3 What did the emperor order when he was told about the attack?

4 How does Mulan’s dog help her with her chores?

5 What is Mulan’s father praying his ancestors about?

6 What are Mulan and her father talking about? Prove that she is caring daughter.

7 Why did Mulan’s Granny make a stir?

8 What is Mulan getting cleaned up for?

9 What did her Granny give her and why?

10 Did Mulan manage to impress the matchmaker?

11 How did the matchmaker appreciate her? Why?

12 Did Mulan’s family rebuke her for failing the interview with the matchmaker?

13 Why is she upset coming back home?

Episode 2 (14.14 — 27 min)

Translate new words:

To deliver a message

A messenger

To serve in the army

To join the army



to protect

to defend

to learn sb his/her place

to disguise as a man

to reveal sb

to watch over sb

to go after sb

to execute sb

a reunion

to demote sb

a guardian

to ring the gong

a troublemaker


to lead sb to a disaster


To retrieve sb

A scout

To free sb

Answer the questions:

1 What news did a messenger bring to Mulan’s village?

2 How did M dishonor her father this time?

3 What would happen if her father joined the army?

4 Why did everybody keep silent at dinner?

5 Why didn’t Mulan’s father refuse to serve in the army?

6 What decision did she take?

7 How did she change her looks?

8 Why didn’t he go after M?

9 What did her Granny ask her ancestors to do?

10 Did ancestors hear her prayer?

11 What’s Mushu’s duty among ancestors?

12 What do ancestors think about M?

13 Why are they arguing?

14 What is their decision?

15 Why are they laughing at Mushu?

16 Why is Mushu demoted? Why isn’t he worthy of this job?

17 What happened to the stone dragon?

18 Who are these two men?

19 Why were they freed?

Episode 3 (27 — 41 min)

Translate new words:

A lizard

To slap

To strut

To punch

To pretend to be

To cause trouble



To appoint sb a captain

A lunatic


A weight

To shoot an arrow at a target

To hit a target/ to miss a target

A recruit training camp


To have a grudge against sb

To play a dirty tricks on sb

Hand-to-hand fighting

Martial art

Swift — swiftness

Agile — agility

Enduring — endurance

Answer the questions:

1 Why is the horse laughing at Mulan?

2 What did Mushu feel when Mulan called him a lizard?

3 What did Mulan feel when she saw her guardian?

4 How did Mulan cause trouble in the training camp?

5 What is the General discussing with his people?

6 What is the task of a newly made captain?

7 What is the punishment for the soldiers?

8 How does Mushu take care of Mulan?

9 What are the recruits going to do in the training camp?

10 Describe their exercises?

11 Prove that one man had a grudge against Mulan?

12 What physical qualities do the recruits practice?

13 Prove that the recruits managed to become good warriors?

Episode 4 (41min — 52.50)

Translate new words:

To stink (stank; stunk)


Sweat v/n (~yadj)

To stand watch


We are doomed!

To get out of a scrape

To achieve one’s aim

To complete one’s training

To last against sb

To mess with sb’s plan

To feign

To be on the march

To brighten one’s mood


To be on the march

To ruin a village

To raze to the ground

To defeat the army

To menace to do sth

To survive

You’re dismissed!

Answer the questions:

1 What did she decide to do after training and why??

2 What especially made Mulan crazy about these recruits?

3 What was Mushu doing while Mulan was washing?

4 Who said “we are doomed!” and why?

5 How did Mushu help Mulan to get out of a scrape? Did he achieve his aim?

6 Mushu said “You owe me big!”cleaning his teeth. Why?

7 What did she overhear incidentally?

8 Why were the captain and the counsel arguing about?

9 What did the counsel menace the captain to do? When and why did the counsel say: “You’re dismissed!”

10 Why did Mulan try to support the captain?

11 What did Mushu notice?

12 What idea did Mushu have?

13 Describe how Mushu realized his plan.

14 What are the soldiers on the march like?

15 Who brightened the soldiers’ mood and in what way?

16 What did they find out when they reached their destination?

Episode 5 (52.50 — 59.30min)

Translate new words:

To shoot burning arrows at sb

A shell= a cannon

To fire a cannon

To explode

An explosion

To die with honour

To retreat

To surround

A horde

Forces were unequal

To aim a cannon at sb

To achieve one’s aim

To carry one’s idea out

An idea occurred to Mulan

To deprive sb of the Head

Outstanding courage


To show resource/ quick wit

To cause an avalanche

To bury under snow

To slide (slid) on a shield

To come to sb’s rescue

To admit that…

To owe sb one’s life

To deserve one’s gratitude

Answer the questions:

1 What did they find out in the mountain village?

2 What decision did the captain take?

3 Who attacked them and in what way?

4 What happened to the cart with cannons?

5 Prove that Mulan saved her horse.

6 Why did the captain decide to die with honour?

7 Prove that the captain and the recruits didn’t have another choice?

8 Why did the captain order to aim the last cannon at Shan-Yu?

9 What idea occurred to Mulan?

10 How did she carry it out?

11 What qualities did she show?

12 Did she achieve her aim?

13 What did her idea result in?

14 Describe how everybody tried to save each other in the avalanche?

15 The captain said: “ I owe you my life” What does it mean?

16 Prove that Mulan deserved her fellows’ gratitude.

Episode 6 (59.30 — 1.07.30min)

Translate new words:

A wound

To be wounded

To accuse sb of doing


To make excuses to sb

To reveal sb’s fraud

A fraud

To threaten sb

A desperate appeal

To cheer up (2 meanings)

To launch fireworks

To assume the honour of sth

To confess to doing sth




Answer the questions:

1 What happened to Mulan?

2 How did her friends help her and what did they reveal?

3 How did the captain react to this revelation?

4 What did the councilor accuse Mulan of?

5 How did she try to make excuses to her friends?

6 What danger threatened her?

7 Explain why the captain said: “My debt is repaid”

8 Prove that the captain was a man of honour and his words can be trusted.

9 How did Mushu try to cheer up Mulan?

10What did Mushu and the cricket confess to doing?

11 What was the first thing that the survived Shan-Yu did? Why?

12 How many Huns survived the avalanche?

13 First Mulan decided to go back home. Why did she change up her mind?

14 What was happening in the Imperial City meanwhile?

15 Did people know the truth about the real hero?

16 What was the captain’s mood at the celebration ceremony like? Why?

17 Did the captain believe Mulan?

Episode 7 (1.07.30 — 1.15.00 min)

Translate new words:

To hand sth over to sb

To ram/ a ram

To disguise as a concubine

To bow to sb

To tire of arrogance


To be out of ideas

To switch to sth

To get rid of sb

Answer the questions:

1 What did the emperor say to his people?

2 Why did the captain hand Shan-Yu’s sword to the emperor?

3 What did the emperor say to the captain?

4 Why did nobody believe Mulan’s warning?

5 What happened next?

6 How did they get into the palace?

7 What did Shan-Yu demand the emperor to do?

8 Why did Shan-Yu switch to Mulan?

9 What did Mushu do with Shan-Yu’s bird?

10 How did Mulan get rid of Shan-Yu?

Mulan Episode 8 (1.15.00 — up to the end)

Translate new words:

A deliberate attempt on sb’s life

To be worth doing sth

To grab hold of sb’s shirt front

To recognize sb’s merits

To impersonate a soldier

To deceive sb

To bow

To fall down in adoration

To appoint sb a member of council

To faint

To hug

A crest

To sign up

To bloom


Answer the questions:

1 What did the councilor accuse Mulan of?

2 How did the captain protect her?

3 What did the emperor say to Mulan?

4 How did he recognize her merits?

5 What did the emperor appoint her?

6 Did she accept this position? Why?

7 What did the emperor give her?

8 What did the captain want to tell her? Why didn’t he tell?

9 How did Mulan thank the emperor?

10 What did the emperor notice and advise the captain to do?

11 What did Mulan’s father tell her?

12 What did Granny ask?

13 What did Mushu make the main guardian to do? What position did the lucky cricket get?

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка является методичкой с заданиями к извесному мультфильму "Мулан" в оригинале, на английском языке. Думаю этот мультфильм хорошо известен, и не составит труда найти диск с версией на английском языке.

Мультфильм поделен на восемь эпизодов и к каждому эпизоду подобраны слова и выражения необходимые для описания собитий, произходящих в эпизоде. Помимо этого разработаны вопросы, которые помогут учителю проверить понимание учениками просмотренного и ответить на них, используя данную активную лексику.

Учитель может распечатать детям задания и раздать, чтобы дома они перевели лексику к эпизоду самостоятельно.


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