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Разработка урока английского языка

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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Bikmullina Nuraniya Bilsurovna

e-mail: nuraniya1981@yandex.ru

Grade: 5A

Theme: In the City

Level: Elementary

Type of the lesson: knowledge and skills application lesson, forming a communicative competence of pupils and students.

Aim: To learn using knowledge and skills on the topic “In the city” independently in in a new environment

Objectives: generalization and systematization of knowledge on the topic “In the city”,

to revise the vocabulary and grammar structures

to teach children the spoken etiquette

Equipment: projector, screen, multimedia presentation, loudspeakers, notebook.





Structures and mental techniques



The beginning of the lesson

- Good morning, my dear friends. It’s a nice day, isn’t it? How are you?

Greet your face partners. Now your shoulder partners

Answer teacher’s questions.

Greet their face and shoulder partners

1 min


Warming up

Look at the slide. (Slide #1, 2) Will you describe it?

Do you remember this boy?

What happened to him?

Children describe the picture, tell about the boy and the problem he has. He is a boy, who was looking for interesting places and has lost his way

1 min


The preparation for the main stage of the lesson.

Defining the aim of the lesson

It easy to orient when you are in your native country and native city. And


Be ready to share your group opinion. (Slide#3)

What do you think about the aim of our lesson today? Express your opinions.

The aim of our lesson is to repeat and to consolidate asking for and giving directions and help Max.

Pupils write the maximum number of ideas in their parts of the sheet, exchange their ideas, one pupil writes the general idea in the central square.

Pupils continue until all the members of the team share their ideas.

Ideas in the central square are the team decisions.

Give their answers.

Placemat Consensus

3 min

2 min


Generalization and systematization of knowledge and ways of activity

How do you think what are the ways of asking for a help? Well, you’ve got some seconds to think over.

Now share with your face partners the examples of asking for a help using Rally Robin. Don’t forget to thank each other

Think about different questions the foreigner can ask in the street and then share their answers with the face partners.

Rally robin

30 sec

1 min

Let’s remember how to give directions in the city using Mime. (Slide#4)

Each team should think up mimes for 4 different directions within 2 minutes.

My friends come here and present your directions which will help Max.

Teacher writes pupils’ examples on the blackboard

Pupils think over 4 directions and prepare mimes for them.

Teams come out and show


3 min

4 min


Creating the relationship between the words on the topic “In the City”.

Writing skills training

Let’s play Tic-Tac-Toe. (Slide#5)

Pupils number 2 open the envelope and arrange the cards in three rows of three cards in each row. Each member of the team writes one sentence using three words vertically, horizontally and along the diagonal in any order.

Now share your answers with the member of your team using Single round robin.

Now it’s time to share your answers with other pupils.

Teams follow the teacher’s directions, write their sentences

Members of each team read their sentences one by one.

A member of each team reads the sentence.


Single round robin

5 min


Application of knowledge and skills in a new environment

(Slide #6)I think you’re ready to design a rout to the interesting places and to prepare its description of 20 words for Max. Take the sheets of paper A3. You can start.

Present your works to your classmates.

(teacher attaches the projects to the blackboard)

Design a rout map to some interesting place and describe it

Present their works


800 rubles summary

15 min

5 min


The end of the lesson

Let’s make conclusion of our lesson. What have we learnt? Can we ask and give directions? You worked very well and hard today, as usual. (Slide #7)Max is very glad and thankful to you.

Have a nice day! The lesson is over. Good –bye!

Answer teacher’s questions

4 min

Краткое описание документа:

Конспект урока английского языка на тему "In the City" в 5 классе с использованием сингапурских структур и мыслительных приемов. 

Тип урока: урок применения знаний, умений и навыков учащихся.

Цель урока: усвоение умений самостоятельно в комплексе применять знания, умения и навыки, осуществлять их перенос в новые условия

Задачи: Обобщить и систематизировать знаний по теме "In the City", повторить лексико-грамматические структуры, воспитание культуры общения

Оборудование: проектор, экран, мультимедийная презентация, колонки, ноутбук


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