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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока по английскому языку.

Разработка урока по английскому языку.

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Оснащение урока: компьютер и мультимедийный проектор, CD для аудирования, DVD с аутентичным материалом для выполнения заданий с использованием видео.

Учебно-методическое обеспечение: Учебное пособие  по английскому языку "Choices”. Pre-Intermediate. М. Харрис, А. Сикоржинская, М. Вербицкая. Издательство «Вентана-Граф», "Pearson”.

Ожидаемый результат: учащиеся умеют применять знакомый языковой материал в определенной ситуации


План урока

1.        Приветствие, вступительная беседа. Проверка домашнего задания в рабочей тетради.

Good morning, my friends! Pleased to meet you again. I hope you are fine.  First of all let’s go over your home task. Open your Workbooks, please. Well. Let’s read the sentences and check your answers.

2.        Постановка цели урока.

What would you like doing now:  learning or shopping? Today we can combine both activities. Have you ever visited shops and markets? What can we buy there?

Answers: food, spices, clothes, arts and crafts, furniture and etc.

Today we are going to learn about three famous markets:

The Grand Bazaar is a traditional market in Istanbul, Turkey. It sells lots of different products (clothes, arts and crafts, food and spices)

- Izmailovo is a market in Moscow. It is famous for being a place where you can buy all types of folk crafts, paintings and Russian national souvenirs.

Camden markets are four different markets in London. They sell all kinds of things, though they are particularly famous for alternative fashion.

        3.  Работа с лексикой по теме

3.1 Составление списка лексики  Market Products  на доске

Let’s make a list with words associated with the word "market” (food, shopping, clothes, etc.)

3.2 Распределение слов по категориям: Food and drink, Clothes, Electronic goods, Arts and crafts, Antiques, Accessories

Put the words into the correct category in the network.

a)         a pair of shoes

b)       a clock made in 1854

c)        a 1971 John Lennon record

d)       batteries

e)        a pair of earrings

f)         a Persian carpet 

g)        a kilo of bananas


Market Products

Food and drink: Fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, herbs and spices, a kilo of bananas (g)

Clothes and accessories: men’s / women’s, designer, second hand, shoes, handbags, jewellery, scarves, a pair of earrings (e).

Electronic goods: computer games, CDs, DVDs, videos, batteries (d).

Antiques: furniture, silver and gold, old book, old records, a clock made in 1854 (b), a 1971 John Lennon record (c).

Arts and crafts: leather goods, ceramics, textiles, a Persian carpet (F).

      4.  Аудирование

4.1 Предварительное задание. Работа с иллюстрациями. Look at these three photos.  You can see    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Izmailovo market in Moscow, Camden markets in London.

4.2   Прослушивание материала CD и выполнение задания. Listen to an interview about the markets in the photos. Which of the markets:


- has up to 400.000 visitors a day?

- has different kinds of antique goods?

- has good clothes for young people?

- has a good place to buy old records?

- has 4000 different shops?

- has fantastic exhibition of crafts?

4.3 Повторное прослушивание и ответы на вопросы.  Listen again. What bargains can you get in each    market?

Answers: The Grand Bazaar carpets and Turkish ceramicsIzmailovo paintings by young artistsCamden clothes by young designers

4.4   Развитие навыков диалогической речи. Работа в парах. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

- What markets are there in your country?

- What can you buy there?

- Are things cheaper than in normal shops?

       5.  Просмотр видео и проверка общего понимания материала.  Watching and speaking.  Watch the documentary about Camden market. Which of the products can you see?

Answers: meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, silver and gold, textiles, handbags, spices, women’s and men’s clothes

5.1 Повторный просмотр видео проверка детального понимания информации. Watch again. Are the sentences true (T) or False (F)?

1.        There are three different markets at Camden.

2.        The market is over fifty years old.

3.        The Roundhouse was a famous shop.

4.        10.000 visitors come to the market every weekend.

5.        Camden is a good place for alternative clothes.

6.        There are no street performers at Camden.

Answers: 1-F, 2-F, 3-F, 4-F, 5-T, 6-F.

5.2    Работа в диалоге с использованием материала видео. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1.        Would you like to visit Camden? Why/Why not?

2.        What would you like to buy or do there?


5.3   Просмотр фрагмента видео с извлечением необходимой информации. Watch the situation in Camden market. Answer the questions.

1.        Who is Sophie buying a present for?

2.        What size T-shirt does she choose?

3.        What’s the problem with the T-shirt?

4.        How much does the scarf cost?

5.        How much change does she get?

6.        Why can’t the shopkeeper wrap the scarf?

Answers: 1) Annie/ 2) Medium/ 3) it’s too big/ 4) 7.50 / 5) 2.50 / 6) because she hasn’t got any paper.

6. Развитие навыков устной речи с использованием аудио материалов.  Listening and speaking.

6.1 Прослушивание диалога и заполнение пропусков. Look at the Talk Builder. Listen to the expressions and complete them.

A: Can I (1) you?

B: Yes, can I have a look at those (2), please?

A: What (3)?

B: Medium. (4) I try it on please?

A: Of course, the changing (5) is over there.

B: It’s a bit too (6). How much is this (7)?

A: Seven pounds (8).

B: Okay. Can I have this (9), please?

A: Thanks. (10) pounds fifty change.

B: Could you wrap it up, (11)?

A: I’m (12). I haven’t got any paper.

Answers:   (1 )help, (2) T-shirt,( 3) size,( 4) Can,( 5) room, (6 )big,( 7) scarf,( 8) fifty,( 9) one,                                           (10 )Two,(11) please,12 sorry.

6.2 Произношение и интонация. Речевой этикет. Pronunciation. Listen and repeat the questions from the Talk Builder. Notice the polite intonation.

6.3  Закрепление пройденного материала в устной речи. Speaking. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogue.

7.        Подведение итоговДомашнее задание.

Today you have learnt about three famous markets. I hope you can use appropriate language for shopping: ask for prices, make polite requests and react to requests. So your home task is to write about your visiting one of the markets or any shop and then tell your class.

8.        Завершение урока. The lesson is over. See you later. Good luck!


Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка урока по теме "shopping" подготовлена для студентов первых курсов не языковой специальности. 

В данной разработке отражены, все основные аспекты данной темы.

Тема раскрыта более подробно, в данной разработке урока используются разные методити и приемы, урок построен таким образом, что студенты с легкостью выполняют все упражнения и задания. 

Данная разработка обогощает  словарный запас студентов по теме "покупки" В данной разработке урока включены разного вида задания на развитие дмалогической и монологической речи. Разработка сопровождается видео.

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