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Reading test. 7th form.

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Reading Test 7th form

The Magic Basket

A mother and her little son live in a little house. They are very poor. All they have is a grey goat.

One day the mother says, "We have got no money, we have got no bread. You should go and sell the goat". The boy takes the goat and goes to the town. He meets a farmer with a large basket in his hands. "Sell me your goat", says the farmer.

"What can you give me for it?" asks the boy.

"I can give you this basket", says the farmer.

"What good is this basket for me?" says the boy. "What can I put in it? I've got no bread, I've got no eggs and I've got no apples!"

"My little girl is ill", says the farmer. "She must drink some milk from a grey goat every day or she will die".

The boy is kind. He is sorry for the little girl. He gives his goat to the farmer, takes the basket and goes home.

When he comes home, he puts the basket on the table and shows it to his mother.

The mother looks at the basket and says, "What good is this bas­ket for us, what can we put in it?"

But suddenly the basket says, "I'm a magic basket!" The basket jumps from the table and runs out of the house. When it coines back to the poor boy's house, it is full of meat, fruit and vegetables. Now the mother and the boy have dinner.

Every morning the wonderful basket jumps from the table and runs out of the house. And every day it comes back full of good things. Now the mother and her son have their breakfast, dinner and supper every day.

Task l

Read and match the pairs.

1. magic a) добрый

2. wonderful b) большой

3. poor с) маленький

4. kind d) волшебный

5. little е) бедный

6. large f)чудесный

Task 2

Read the statements and put a "+" if the statement is correct or a "-" if it is incorrect.

1. The text is about a woman and her son.

2. They are rich and have got a lot of farm animals.

3. They want to sell a grey goat because they don't like it.

4. On his way to the town the boy meets a man who wants to buy the goat.

5. The boy buys a very nice basket full of food.

6. It is a magic basket.


Read and circle.

1. A mother and her little son live in a little _ .

a) flat; b) house; c) cabin.

2. The farmer needs a goat for his little _.

a) daughter; b) cat; c) friend.

3. The boy gives his goat to the farmer because he is _.

a) brave; b) strong; c) kind.

4. The mother is very _ when she sees a basket.

a) sad; b) happy; c) quiet.

5. The basket leaves the house and comes back full of _ .

a) balls; b) food; c) flowers.

6. Every morning the __ jumps from the table and runs out of the house.

a) boy; b) farmer; c) basket.

Task 4

Answer the questions.

1. Why does the mother tell her son to sell the goat?

2. Why does a farmer want to buy the boy's goat?

3. Does his mother like the basket at first?

4. What does the basket do to show it is magic?

5. Are the mother and her son happy at the end?

6. Why do you think so?

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