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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Reading comprehension test " Show me the way to go home" 10 - 11 forms
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Reading comprehension test " Show me the way to go home" 10 - 11 forms


2nd course 1st term

Reading comprehension

Task 1. Read the text and rend the main idea of it in your native language ( 12 sentences)




Text: Show me the way to go home

Unexpected numbers of young adults are living with their parents. This fact is becoming abundantly familiar as American parents are forced to make room for their adults children. There is naive notion that children grow up and leave home when they are 18, and the truth is far from that. Today, 59% of men and 47 % of women between 18 and 24 depend on their parents for housing in this or that way and this is part of a major shift in the middle class.

Analysts cite a variety of reasons for this return to the nest. The marriage age is rising, a condition that makes home and its amenities particularly attractive to young people. A high divorce rate and a declining remarriage rate are sending economically pressed and emotionally battered survivors back to parental shelters. For some, the expense of an away- from- home college has become so exorbitant that many students now attend local school. Even after graduation young people find their wings clipped by skyrocketing housing costs.

Sharing the family home requires adjustments for all. There are the hassles over bathrooms, telephones, and privacy. Some families, however, manage the delicate balancing act.

Still, most psychologists feel lengthy homecomings are a mistake. Offspring, struggling to establish separate identities, can wind up with a sense of inadequacy, defeat, and failure. And aging parents, who should be enjoying some financial and personal freedom, find themselves bogged down with responsibilities. Living with children of any age involves compromise and obligation, factors that can be detrimental to some aspects of wellbeing. All children, even adult children, require accommodation and create stress.

Brief visits, however, can work beneficially. They may make parents and their children much closer to each other without being a burden for either part.

Task 2.Mark sentences as true or false.

1.Leaving home after school used to be a tradition in the US.

2.Children do not want to leave their parents' houses.

3.There is a variety of choices for children to make.

4.Children may be most likely expected to live with their parents if they are 24.

5.Student nowadays have fewer options for studying than before.

6. More females than males depend on their parents for housing

7. Living with adults children is relaxing in the most cases.

8. When adult children return home, it is them who need to get used to their parents' way of


9.Most parents expect their lives will change for the better without their children living with


10.Living with parents may be psychologically harmful.

11. There seems to be no possible way to handle the problem today.

12.Parents and children in America are traditionally glad to visit each other.




Task 3. Choose the correct variant.

1. The situation described is something:

a) not very well known; b) not very much waited for;

c) not very embarrassing; d) not very naïve

2.It can be inferred from the text that:

a) the life of the middle class has changed;

b) middle class people have to work in two shifts;

c) middle class students major in housing;

d) middle class houses are different from what they used to be.

3. You may be most likely expected to live with your parents if you are:

a) 21; b) 28;

c) 42; d) 81

4. Americans today tend to get married:

a) earlier than before; b) at the same age as before;

c) later than before; d) only after being forced to.

5. The text states that the cost of housing:

a) is slowly getting more expensive; b) remains the same;

c) is going down a bit; d) is increasing at a high speed.

6. According to the text:

a) more females than males depend on their parents for housing;

b) more males than females depend on their parents for housing;

c) neither females nor males depend on their parents for housing;

d) only males depend on their parents for housing.

7. It is implied in the text that:

a) most families feel comfortable when living together;

b) a few families are able to find a compromise;

c) there is no problem with personal space;

d) no efforts to solve the problem are made.

8. Living in the parents' house may produce a negative effect on children’s:

a) self – esteem; b) selfishness;

c) attitude to parents; d) intentions to get married.

9.In the families where parents and adult children live together, it is more likely to find the

atmosphere of:

  1. friendliness; b) hopefulness;

  1. nervousness; d) ruthlessness.

10. According to the text, parents believe that they must:

a) provide their children with a place to live; b) improve their children’s wellbeing;

c) enjoy their children; d) establish children's identities.

11.Living with parents may be psychologically:

a) useful; b) lovely;

c) harmful; d) successful.

12.One can make a conclusion that parents and children in America are traditionally:

a) very close; b) a bit distant from each other;

c) glad to visit each other; c) a burden for each other.





Total ( max):


(actual result):

1 point for each correct answer.

36: 3 =12


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текст для контроля чтения для учащихся 10 - 11 классов.
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