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Рекомендации "План и словарь для описания картинки "

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The plan and some functional vocabulary

  1. Name the theme of the picture. This picture is on the subject / topic / issue of........ (entertainment; sport; hobbies; environment; shopping etc.).

  2. Say where it was taken. It was (probably) taken inside / outside.

  3. Say where the action is happening. In this picture the action is taking place in. (the house; the living room; the gym; the swimming pool; the theme park etc.).

  4. Describe the background. In the background of this picture there is / are; I can see /  make out ........ (some pieces of furniture; sports equipment; some people doing shopping etc.).

  5. Describe the foreground. In the foreground I can see........ (some children; a family; a shop assistant etc.).

  6. Describe what the people are doing. Looking at these people I get the impression that they are ........(having dinner; watching a film; having a break; doing their homework etc.)

  7. What the people look like. (Age / height / build / hair / eyes / nose / mouth / special features / general impression)

  8. What the people are wearing. (Casually / formally-dressed; the description of pieces of clothes)

  9. How the people are feeling. (Bored / annoyed / upset / sad / miserable / lonely / unhappy / depressed / confused / furious / angry / relaxed / concentrated / worried / happy / tired / interested / puzzled / confident / interested / excited / calm / pleased / thrilled / relieved / amazed)

  10. Describe the season / weather. I think / suppose / guess it's summer spring /   winter /  autumn since .........

  11. Talk about the atmosphere. The atmosphere in the picture is ........ (friendly, peaceful, relaxing, tense, busy, warm, cosy, happy etc.).

  12. Talk about your personal attitude to the picture. How the picture makes you feel. Personally I, / As for me, / Frankly speaking, I like this picture as it is bright and colourful, full of positive emotions, etc.). Generally speaking, this picture doesn't appeal to me because ........ (this activity is not my cup of tea /  I hate doing........).


This picture is on the subject of studying. It was taken outside. In this picture the action is taking place somewhere in the park. In the background of this picture I can make out some greenery, some bushes and trees. In the foreground I can see a girl who is sitting on the green grass under a tall tree and reading a book. Looking at the girl I get the impression that she is preparing for her English class as next to her on the grass there are some books and one of them is an English dictionary. I suppose the girl is 14 years old, she is of medium height and slim with long, straight, dark hair and big eyes. She is wearing a pony tail. This girl has a small nose, a pretty mouth with full lips and dimples. I think she is attractive. The girl is casually-dressed. She is wearing a short-sleeved, checked, colorful shirt, a pair of white baggy trousers and a pair of sandals. It seems to me that the girl is interested in what she is doing. She is taking pleasure in learning the language because she is smiling. Also, she is feeling relaxed and happy. I believe it's summer or early autumn and the weather is glamorous. The sun is shining, the grass is green and it's very warm as the girl is wearing light clothes. The atmosphere in the picture is relaxing, peaceful and friendly. Generally speaking, this picture appeals to me since it is full of positive emotions and I am keen on learning foreign languages.

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