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Рекомендации по английскому языку на тему "Сослагательное наклонение, условные предложения" (8-11 классы)


Conditionals / Wishes

Wishes (+ past simple)

  • 3 wishes game Write 3 wishes, keep them hidden. Hand out ‘granting cards’. Tell other people yours wishes and find someone who can grant yours.

  • Cinderella game): Go around the class, lamenting your problem, find the person who matches up to solve both of your problems.

Wishes (+ would)

  • Tact Use a negotiator to settle disputes between two groups.

  • Family members: Describe your family members’ bad habits and say what you wish they wouldn’t do.

  • Where do you want English to take you?: Describe what you wish would happen to you through learning English.

Wishes (+ past perfect)

  • Observation 6 Use the picture to complete the sentences.

  • Old people: Show pictures of old people and ask sts to guess their regrets.

Zero Conditional

  • Homophone healing Change a word into another and give clues for the other team to guess.

  • Instructions: How to operate equipment, make food etc.

First Conditional

  • Promises, Promises Negotiate and trade for jobs you want doing.

  • Hard Bargaining Negotiate and trade for jobs you want doing. May need a third party.

  • Silly Superstitions Questionnaire about the effects of superstitions.

  • Market Forces Buy and sell items for the best prices.

  • Blanks and brackets Fill a grid to make statements from the clues.

  • Future accidents: have pictures of accidents about to happens and makes sentences like, “If he steps on the banana skin, he’ll fall over.

  • Half sentences: School rules and the consequences of breaking them.

  • Meteorite: Present the bad news that meteorite is expected to hit the Earth in a few days’ time. How will they spend their last few days?

Second Conditional

  • Why not? Complete sentences for others sts to guess.

  • Sound advice Problem cards. Other sts give advice. Provider of the best advice wins

  • Seeking scruples Questionnaire game. Complete the questions and multi-choice answers.

  • If I were (handout): Complete the sentences.

  • What if…? Bring a pair to the front; one leaves the room; the other st is asked 3-4 questions about what the other st would do in certain situations. The other st comes back in and answers the same questions and we can see how well they know each other.

  • I’d like to be… [controlled practice]: Present a dialogue, leave it on the board. In groups of 3-5, each group having 10, or so, pictures of different animals. Sts follow the example:

  1. “I’d like to be a monkey”

C,D,E) “Why would you like to be a monkey?”

A) “If I were a monkey, I would eat bananas all day. How about you?”

B) “I wouldn’t like to be a monkey.”

C,D,E) “Why not?”

B) “If I were a monkey, I would have to swing through the trees all day.”

Sts C-E chose the best argument as the winner. Add up the scores at the end.

  • Cards: Sts pick up a category card, e.g. animal, and make the sentence “If I were an animal, I’d be a __________.”

  • Magic powers debate: Divide the class into 2 groups. Give each class a super power, e.g. to be able to fly, to be invisible. Sts discuss which is funnier, better, makes for an easier life etc.

  • Dilemmas: In pairs/ small groups; give students dilemma cards (present/future problems). Sts discuss and offer solutions.

  • The circle: Class activity. The 1st st starts with a sentence like, “If I won the lottery, I’d buy a sports car.” The next st has to use the second half of the sentence, e.g. “If I bought a sports car, I’d drive fast.” “If I drove fast…” etc

Third Conditional

  • She didn’t win: Tell sts you dreamt that a journalist friend had two tickets for the Oscars but you couldn’t go because you were ill. “What would I have done if I had gone?”

  • Lifemap Game with career choices. Find final job. Review the choice made and what would have happened if you’d chosen differently.

  • Memory 9 Match injuries and descriptions. Memorise. In groups; remember the accidents and make sentences about the accidents could have been prevented.

  • If only card per st. Go around the class talking about your regrets. Find your match and offer each other advice.

  • What would you have done?: List places on the board, brainstorm ideas about these places. Give sts, in pairs/groups, some of these places and they discuss what they’d have done if they’d been there.

  • If I’d been there: Historic events. Sts turn over a card with information on it about a historical event, e.g. “Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903”. “If I’d been there, I would have seen the first flight.”

  • What if…: Cards. Complete the sentence, e.g. “If I’d been born in America, I’d have been American.”

  • Memory consequences In groups; each group has a consequences sheet. Hold up a pictures and the first group to make a correct sentence wins the card.

  • Dilemmas: In pairs/ small groups; give students dilemma cards (past situations). Sts discuss and say what they would have done.

  • The sultan and the cheat: Read the story, answer the questions.

2nd/3rd/mixed Conditionals

  • Broken sentences: Explain why thing happened.

3rd/mixed Conditionals

  • 3 important moments: Describe 3 important moments in your life and what would have been different if you’d made different choices


  • If – The Divine Comedy

  • If you go away – Tom Jones

  • Tears in heaven – Eric Clapton (2nd Conditional)

  • If I had $1,000,000 – Barenaked Ladies

  • I’ll sail this ship alone – Beautiful South (1st Conditional)

  • Money, Money, Money – Abba (1st Conditional)

  • If I were a rich man – done by many artistes (2nd Conditional)

The last two songs can be used together to compare the two conditionals.

  • If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me – Bellamy Brothers (2nd Conditional)

  • The Painter Song – Norah Jones(2nd Conditional)

  • El Condor Pasa / If I could – Simon & Garfunkel (2nd Conditional). Development; have pairs of cards, sts chose what they’d rather be and say why.

  • If I ruled the world – Tony Bennett

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