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Рождественская сказка в начальной школе

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-         Hello, dear friends!

-         We are happy to see you here!

-         Today we’ll have fun and learn lots of poems.

-         Poems about winter, snow and winter holidays.

So, let’s listen to ___________________________ and his poem “Winter”.



Clouded with snow
The cold winds blow,
And shrill on leafless bough
The robin with its burning breast
Alone sings now.

-         Winter is the time of snow

-         Yes, snow is everywhere. And the girls from 4a form ______________________, ______________ and _____________________ will tell us about it.

Falling Snow

See the pretty snowflakes

Falling from the sky;

On the wall and housetops

Soft and thick they lie.

On the window ledges,

On the branches bare;

Now how fast they gather,

Filling all the air.

Look into the garden,

Where the grass was green;

Covered by the snowflakes,

Not a blade is seen.



So softy came the snowflakes down

That no one heard in all the town.

And right-side up they landed too,

As parachuting elves would do.


So when the morning came – surprise!

The world lay white before your eyes.

With cotton roof and hills a-blur

And avenues of rabbit fur


-         Good poems. And the snow is made of…

-         Snowflakes! We welcome ______________________________

I'm a Little Snowflake

I'm a little snowflake,

Small and white.

When the moon is shining

I'm sparkly and bright.

When you see me falling,

Come out and play.

You can make a snowman

With me today.

-         Thank you! What can we do with snow?

-         We can play snowballs, we can make a snowman.

-         Let’s listen to the poems about a snowman - ________________________ and _____________________

I’m Just a Little Snowman

I’m just a little snowman white and round.

Made from snow that falls on the ground.

Charcoal for buttons a carrot for a nose,

Twigs for fingers,but no toes.

When it’s cold, I want to play.

When spring comes, I’ll go away.


Cute Little Snowman

A cute little snowman

Had a carrot nose.

Along came a rabbit,

And what do you suppose?

That hungry little rabbit,

Looking for it’s lunch,

Ate that snowman’s carrot nose

Nibble, nibble, crunch!

-         In winter we have lots of holidays.

-         What holidays do you know? Our friends _____________________, ______________________, ____________________________, _______________________, _______________________ will tell us about them.

Christmas time around the world

It's Christmas time around the world,

You'll hear the Yule bells ring.

It's time for giving, time for love,

It's time for hearts to sing.


Merry Christmas to you one and all,

Goodwill and happiness,

Good health throughout the coming year,

May all your days be blessed.


The season of renewal

Its Christmas time again

The season of renewal

Love, faith, charity

And all that is beautiful

Chimes greatly in to every heart

Beating in celebrations

Of Spirit, togetherness, and affirmation.




Holiday Joy and Holiday Cheer

Gift Giving Time is finally Here

Light Up a Candle or Put up a Wreath

Leave a Cookie for Santa On Christmas Eve

Hang Up the Stockings Put a Ball on the Tree

If it Snows Make a Snowman for all to see!



It’s getting near to Christmas

So let’s help Santa pack!

And all the toys for girls and boys

Into his great big sack.


Soldiers are you ready?

Then march round one, two, three!

What lovely Christmas presents

We know you’re going to be!


New Year.

New things to learn, new friends to meet.

New songs to sing, new books to read.

New things to see, new things to hear.

New things to do in this New Year!




-         That’s great! And who is the main hero in winter?

-         ________________________ and ___________________________________ will tell about Great Britain.

And __________________________________ will tell about Russia.

Must be Santa.

1. Who’s got the beard that’s long and white?

Santa’s got the beard that’s long and white.

Who comes around on a special night?

Santa comes around on a special night.

2. Who’s got boots and suit of red?

Santa’s got boots and suit of red?

Who wears a long cap on his head?

Santa wears a long cap on his head?

3. Who’s got a great big cherry nose?

Santa’s got a great big cherry nose?

Who laughs this way, “Ho, ho, ho”?

Santa laughs this way, “Ho, ho, ho”?


Father Frost.

Father Frost, bring many toys

For little girls and little boys!

In winter when fields are white.

In winter, when the fields are white,

I sing this song for your delight.

In spring, when woods are getting green,

I'll try and tell you what I mean.

In summer, when the days are long,

Perhaps you'll understand the song.

In autumn, when the leaves are brown,

Take a pen and ink, and write it down.


-            OK. What do we do on Christmas?

-         Let’s listen to ____________________________ and ___________________________

The Christmas Pudding

Into the basin put the plums,
Stir-about, stir-about, stir-about!
Next the good white flour comes,
Stir-about, stir-about, stir about!
Sugar and peel and eggs and spice,
Stir-about, stir-about, stir-about!
Mix them and fix them and cook them twice,
Stir-about, stir-about, stir-about!

Christmas cards

Christmas cards, Christmas cards,

Red and green and blue.

Please, send me a Christmas card,

And I'll send one to you

Christmas cards, Christmas cards,

Handing by the tree.

I'll send you a Christmas card,

If you send one to me.



-         And today we have guests – our friends from the 2nd form.

-          Let’s welcome them ________________, __________________________, ______________________ and ____________________ 2a form, _________________________, ___________________________, _____________________________, ____________________________, ________________________ 2b form, and listen to their poems!


Santa Claus lives in England

He is funny and merry.

His cheeks are like roses,

His nose is like a cherry.

With a branch of green holy

And robin, his friends,

To all English children

New Year wishes he sends



When the windows are frosty

And icy in places,

I like to write letters,

And draw funny faces,

Or flowers or houses

Or maybe a cat-

I really wish windows

Were always like that!




I wish your Christmas to be bright,

And covered up with shining light.

I hope your dreams will all come true,

Wish many lucky days to you.


-         Well, that’s all, dear friends!

-         Did you like our holiday?

-            I want to give you lots of love

       And want to say right here.

-              Have a Happy New Year Day

        And then a Happy Year!       

-         And now let’s sing! Jingle bells


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