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Розробка відкритого уроку з теми


hello_html_m44051111.gifhello_html_53df3e6d.gifhello_html_m3e1f7d88.gifУрок № 111 Дата: 23.02

Тема: «Сучасні технології в нашому житті»

Задачі: а) практичні: ввести нові лексичні одиниці за темою уроку та навчити оперувати ними в мовленні; організувати аудіювання учнями тексту у звукозапису з метою отримання основної інформації; організувати діалогічне мовлення учнів у зв`язку з вербальною ситуацією.

б) розвиваючі: розвивати довготривалу, оперативну пам`ять, логічне мислення, мовленнєву здогадку; здатність самостійно планувати мовленнєвий вчинок шляхом залучення учнів до іншомовної діяльності з використанням лексичних одиниць, що вивчаються; розвивати слухову пам`ять , удосконалювати уважність, образне уявлення.

в) виховні: виховувати мовленнєву активність учнів, забезпечити умови для виховання позитивного інтересу до предмету.

Оснащення: Student`s book, Work book, ноутбук, портативна аудіо колонка, презентація Power Point, аудіо записи Solutions CD2 part 1, CD2 part 2.


  1. a) Lead In

T: Good afternoon, boys and girls! Glad to see you! I hope you are fine today and ready to work hard at our lesson. Are you ready? Very good! Are you all here today? Take your seats, please. We can start work.

Let`s remember what is the date today? Yes? You are right.

b) Warm Up

T: I want you to guess the topic of our today`s lesson. Let`s play a game «Some photos and a word». Have you ever heard about this game? Look at these photos ( Малюнки різних сучасних приладів. Додаток 1) and your task is to find a word or word-combination which connects all of them. Have you got any ideas? Let me help you!

Look at the blackboard, please. There are 3 word-combinations on it.



Maybe you don`t` know the meanings of these words but I am sure you`ve already heard them. Technology, gadget, device is an object which has been designed to do a particular job. For example, MP3 player is a machine which plays songs, a calculator is a device which is designed to do different operations with numbers .Is it clear?

So, which of these expressions can we use to invite all our pictures?

( Додаток 1,на малюнку комп`ютер, мобільний телефон, фотоапарат, відеокамера)

S1: I think we can use the word-combination MODERN TECHNOLOGIES.

S2: In my opinion ELECTRONIC DEVICES connects all those photos.

T: Yes, each of you is right because all these expressions can be used. They are synonyms. Answer my question. What gadgets can we use to make our life easier? So as you see the topic of our lesson is «Modern devices in our life»

Today we shall learn some new words and use them in our speech.

And now listen to my pronunciation of these word-combinations one more time( modern technologies, electronic devices, useful gadgets)

  1. The Main Part

  1. Lexical Introduction Refresh my memory, please. What was your homework for today?

S: Ex 2 p 54, write down the words into vocabulary, find their transcriptions and translations.( підручник Solutions pre-intermediate)

T: To talk about modern technologies we should learn some new words. Look at the screen and an pronounce the words after me.


b) Now open the books at page 54, Ex.2 Read the words one by one.

c) Look at the sheet of paper. You can see English words on it. Read them and try to give their translations.( Додаток 3)

d) Vice Versa. Here it is a list of Ukrainian words. Translate them into English.(Додаток4)

Good work! Thank you a lot!

  1. Let`s continue our lesson. I want you to devide into groups of 4. Look at the blackboard, please. There is a mind-map.




Your task is to decide which devices belong to 1 or more groups. And which don’t belong to any?

You have a couple of minutes. Start working.

Let`s check your results. Group №1 your list of gadgets, please. . Group №2….

  1. Page 54, Ex.2 Here it is an exercise for you in pairs. Match the photos with the words from the box. Which devices aren`t illustrated? Open your exercise-books and write them down.

Have you done it? Let`s check your answers. Listen to the tape and tick each correct word. Count the points, please.

  1. Look at the pictures again. Page 54, Ex.1 Put a tick next to the device you have recently used. Make up a few sentences to tell us about it. You can use such expressions:

  • I have recently used…

  • I watched… - I played…

  • I took photos… - I did sums…

  • I phoned… - I recorded…

  • I listened to…

You will have to finish in a minute. Your time is up. Who would like to be the first?

  1. Physical exercises:

I think you are a bit tired. And it`s time to have a rest now. Let`s do some exercises for your eyes. Sit still. Put your hands on the desk.

1. Blink quickly! Close your eyes! Sit still, count slowly from1 to 5.( 4-5- times)

2. Close your eyes, counting from 1 to 3! Open your eyes and look into the distance, counting from 1 to 5 . ( 4-5 times)

3. Stretch your arm forward! Follow the movements of your forefinger to the left and to the right, up and down without turning your head! ( 4-5 times)

4. Look at your forefinger, stretched forward counting from 1 to 4, then look into the distance, counting from 1 to 6.( 4-5 times)

5) Make 3-4 circular motions with your eyes to the right and to the left at a moderate pace. Relax your eyes- muscles. Look into the distance counting from 1 to 6. ( 1-2 times)

Very good! And now let`s do some easy exercises. Nastya can you help me? Come out to the blackboard.

Nastya: 1) Stand up! Sit down! ( 2 times)

2) Make some circular motions with your head ( to the right 1-4, to the left 1-4)

3) Stand up! Touch your toes! Sit down! ( 2 times)

4) Stand up! Spin! 10 jumps, go! Sit down!

T: Thank you, Nastya, for your help! Take your sits, please. I think you feel better now!

  1. A) Speaking.

Anzhelika, imagine you are a reporter and you are interviewing our students about their favourite gadgets. So, you have some minutes to put your questions and you, students, should give your answers. Have your time!

b) I have an extra activity for some pupils. While other students are working, Polina and Denis, jpen the book at page 129, Ex,1. Your task is to match the pictures with the descriptions. Do you understand?

MICROPHONE. OK! Anzhelika, come out to the blackboard, please. I`ll give you a microphone for to be a real reporter. So, let`s begin.

Anzhelika: -Hi! I want to put you some questions about your favourite device. What`s` about you, Artem!

Artem: It`s hard to say. I have so many. I think computer my favourite. I really like it.

Anzhelika: Thank you, Artem! What gadget do you prefer, Larisa?

Larisa: I guess it is mobile phone. I can phone, listen to music, chatting with friends…. I can`t imagine me without it.

T:Thank you very much! It was interesting to me to know about your favourite electronic devices. You `ve worked hard.

b) Polina and Denis! Your time is up! Let`s listen to your descriptions. Ex.1 p.129

  1. Listen to the radio advertisements. ( Додаток5. CD 2 EX. 3 p.54) Which devices are they advertising? You should listen to key words ( such words which help you understand the discussion)

For example: if we are talking about DVD-player we can use such key words as to record films, to use a disc and so on. Is it clear?

While you are listening note down the key words to identify the devices. Let`s` start.

(Solutions pre-intermediate CD 2 part 5)- 2 times

What is the 1st text about? Which key words helped you to guess?

( MP3-player. 5000 songs, smaller than cassette, in your pocket)

What can you say about the 2d dialogue?

(Mobile phone. To take photos, to play games, to listen to your favourite music, to record music, to make calls)

What`s about the 3d part?

( Hard disc recorder. To record video, don`t need video cassette or a disc, can record 6 hours)

  1. Final part.

Our lesson comes to the end .I want to say that you were brilliant. You have worked hard. Thank you for your participation.

  1. Here your marks:

  2. Open your daybooks and write down your homework for tomorrow.

  3. Ex.2 page 54 learn the words.

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Краткое описание документа:

       Пропоную вашій увазі розробку відкритого уроку в 7 класі з поглибленним вивченням іноземної мови за підручником Solutions Pre-Intemediate по темі "Modern technologies in our life".

       Головими задачами цього уроку є: ввести нові лексичні одиниці за темою уроку та навчити оперувати ними в мовленні; організувати аудіювання учнями тексту в звукозапису з метою отримання основної інформації; організувати діалогічне мовлення учнів у зв язку з вербальною ситуацією.

Додатки до уроку: 1-декілька малюнків сучасних електронних приладів для гри "Some photos and a word"; 2- електронна презентація вивчаємих лексичних одиниць; 3- назви вивчаємих лексичних одиниц на українській мові; 4- назви вивчаємих лексичних одиниц на англійській мові; 5- CD 2 EX. 3 p.54 до підручника Solutions Pre-Intermediate



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1 год назад

Спасибо за отзыв) Рада помочь)

1 год назад

очень интересный урок. Структура урока соблюдена четко, задачи сформулированы ясно.Обязательно воспользуюсь уроком в своей практике.

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