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Сабақ жоспары "A day in my life" 5 сынып

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5th form Date: 18.12

Theme of the lessonUnit 5 Step 5 A day in my life.

Aims of the lesson: 1)To explain meaning of words. Talking about domestic routine.

2) To develop pupils reading, writing and hearing skills. Developing

pupils speaking habits.

3)To enrich pupils vocabulary. To share the pupils opinions.

The methods of the lesson: pair work, work with cards, pictures, question-answers, listening;
The types of the lesson: presentation of the new theme;
Visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, pictures, placards;

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Org. moment: - Good afternoon, pupils

- Good afternoon, teacher

- Sit down, please

II. Phonetic drill. 
Solomon Grundy
Born on Monday
Christened on Tuesday
Married on Wednesday
Took ill on Thursday
Worse on Friday
Died on Saturday
Buried on Sunday

III.Checking up the home task: - What was your home task for today?

- Who is ready? Ex: 9 p 83

- Are you good at Russian?

- No, I’ not

IV. Exp. new lesson: Our theme in our lesson is “A day in my life.”

V.New word:

To have- бар, ие болу

Breakfast- таңғы ас

Supper- кешкі ас

Dinner- түскі ас

Lunch- түскі ас

To get up- тұру

To start-бастау

VI.Work with the text. Omar’s day
My name is Omar. I’m eleven. I come from Kazakhstan but I live in London now. I go to school. I get up at half past seven in the morning and I have breakfast at eight o’clock. School starts at nine and we have seven lessons every day. We learn English, French, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer Studies and Home Economics. I like Maths and English but I don’t like History. Lunch is at one o’clock. I have lunch at school. In the afternoon we have lessons or sport. School finishes at a quarter to three. I go home. Before supper I read or play with my English friends. We have supper at seven o’clock and then I do my homework or watch TV. I go to bed at ten o’clock. 
Now, children, look at the active board. There are some pictures. Put the pens on the desk and pay attention. We’d like to listen to our stories. Speak about yourself.
1.I get up at 8 o’clock
2.I do morning exercise
3.I wash my face and brush my teeth
4.I have breakfast
5.I do my homework
6.I play with my friends
7.I have dinner
8.I go to school at 13 o’clock
9.I have 5 lessons every day
10.I like Maths, History and Art
11.After lessons I go home
12.I help my mother
13.I have supper at 7 o’clock
14.I read books or watch TV
15.At 11 o’clock I go to bed and I sleep

Ex:3 p 85

  1. X

  2. X

  3. V

  4. X

  5. V

  6. X

  7. V

  8. X

  9. X

  10. X

  11. V

Ex:5 p 86

  1. London now

  2. Half past seven in the morning

  3. Eight o’clock

  4. One o’clock

  5. Six o’clock

  6. Seven

  7. English and maths

  8. Ten o’clock

  9. Nine o’clock

  10. A quarter past three

Ex:6 p 86

What time does he get up?

He get’s up at half past seven

Ex:7 p 86

What time do you get up?

I get up at seven o’clock

Match the words with their definitions:
Tuesday - The fifth day of the week
Sunday - The third day of the week 
October - The third month of the year
Friday - The tenth month of the year
August - The seventh day of the week 
Wednesday - The second day of the week
Saturday - The eighth month of the year

VII. Grammar. Writing.Put these verbs in Present Simple of the brackets
He…in Astana (live)
They ……. to the beach on Saturdays (go)
We…coffee (drink)
Do you…English? (like)
Break brush by finishes get have have past starts to until 
Carol's week:
"On weekdays, I up at half past seven. I a shower, my hair and dressed. I go to school car. School at a quarter eight. is from quarter past eleven quarter to twelve. School at half past two. I lunch at three o'clock........."
VIII. Riddles
1.One little apple on a tree
Two apples for you and me
Three apples by the door
And four apples on the floor
The apples are good and sweet
Can you count them all Pete! [10]
2.A little Katie is only three
She must learn her ABC
Now then Katie say to me 
What’s the letter before B? [A]
3.A little woman with 12 children: some short, some long, some cold, some hot. What is it? [a year]
4.The teachers writes on me with chalks. My face is black, I cannot talk. [ Blackboard]
5.This is a house
With one window in it 
Showing films 
Nearly every minute [TV]
6.It is running
Night and day
But it never
Runs away [ time]
IX. Evaluation. Answer the questions:
1.When do you go to school?
2.When do you have breakfast?
3.What lessons do you have every day?
4.When do you go to bed?

X.Giving home task: Review. Is your home task clear?

XI.Putting marks: 5 (excellent) 4 (good) 3 ( satisfactory)

The lesson is over, good bye!

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