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Сабақ жоспары What do you it for breakfast?

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The theme of the lesson: What do you eat for breakfast?

The plan of the lesson.

School № 16


The date:

The theme of the lesson: What do you eat for breakfast?

The kind of the lesson: traditional

The type of the lesson: combined

The aims of the lesson.

  1. Educational

To introduce the new lexics on the theme “What do you eat for breakfast?” And to teach the pupils to make the dialogues on this theme.

  1. Developing

To develop the reading skills. To enrich the pupils’ lexics with new words and word expressions.

  1. Brining up.

To bring up accuracy of writing the letters and sounds, the rules of behavior at the lesson when their classmates answer.

  1. Communicative.

To develop the abilities to communicate with each other and make up the dialogues of their own.

The Visual Aids: flash-cards, pictures, tables.

The procedure of the lesson.


Organization moment

  • Hello boys and girls, I am glad to see you. Sit down please.


Checking-up of the home task

Let’s check up your home task.

  1. New words by heart




Now answer my questions.

Who is absent? Who is on duty today? What date is it today?


Phonetic drill

Now let’s listen the song and then we will sing all together.

(song on the theme «What do you eat for breakfast?»)


The aim of the lesson

What do you think we’ll talk about at the lesson from this song? The theme of our lesson is «What do you eat for breakfast?» The new lexics will help us to talk on our theme.


Introduction of the new lexics.

  1. Breakfast – таңғы ас

Dinner [dinә] – түскі ас

Lunch [lnt] – ланч

Supper [`spә] – кешкі ас

Pork [p:k]– шошқа еті

Mutton [mtn]– қой еті

Beef [bi:f]– сиыр еті

Veal [vi:l] – бұзау еті

  1. Listen to me and repeat after me

  2. Read the words

  3. Write down these words in your vocabularies

Now let’s revise words that you have known already:

Drinks: tea, coca – cola, pepsy, water …
Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, carrot
Fruits: apples, grapes, orange …
Cold food: cheese
Hot food: fish, meat, soup
Sweet food: pie, cake

What do you eat for breakfast? – How do we answer this question?

I eat … for breakfast.

I eat…for dinner

I eat … for lunch

  1. I eat… for supper


Consolidation of the new theme

  1. Now answer my questions

  • What do you eat for breakfast?

  • What do you eat for dinner?

  • What do you eat for lunch?

  • What do you eat for supper?

  1. Work in pairs - Interview your friend



One potato

Two potatoes…

Bad one


Explanation of Read and remember

Now look at the table on p 151

Weigh is Verb (v)

Weight is Noun (n)



Playing games with pupils

  1. Say in one word

A hard, round green or red fruit that is white inside and grows on trees. - (an apple)
White liquid taken from cows, goats or sheep. – ( milk)
Clear liquid that falls as rain and is used for drinking, washing, cooking. – ( water)

  1. Let’s try to guess some riddles.
    - Rabbit likes to eat …
    - We eat soup with …
    - Little mouse likes …
    - Tiger would like to eat …8
    - We drink coffee with …
    - Children drink tea with … and …


Home work

Now children, write down your home task.

New words by heart


The result of the lesson

What new information have you learn?

What question have we learn to answer at the lesson?


Pupils’ marks for the lesson

Appreciate the pupils mark.

Stand up please. The lesson is over, good bye!

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