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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Сабақ жоспары: "Sport and games" 7 класс
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Сабақ жоспары: "Sport and games" 7 класс


The theme of the lesson: “Sport and games”



 Teacher: Tolen G

7 th “A”form

The theme of the lesson:

Step Two. Sport and games.

The aim:

to teach to know new information about sport and games;

to teach students to understanding the text and comparing the sport of

Kazakhstan and Great Britain;

to teach how to use the new words in speech.

Results :

Students must know new information about sport and games;

Students must understanding the text and comparing the sport of

Kazakhstan and Great Britain;

Students must how to use the new words in speech.

The type of the lesson:

a new presentation lesson




Group work, pair work, true or false,questin-answer,test.

Technical aids:

Computer, interactive board, activoid.

Visual aids:

The course of the lesson:

The course of the lesson

Teacher`s activity

Students` activity



I.Organization moment.


-Good morning, students!

-Who is on duty today?

-What is absent today?

-What was your home work?

I’ll divide you into 3 groups with sport equipments. I`ll give you ________________papers.

 -Good , morning teacher!

-I m on duty today.

-All are present.

  -Home work: write essay about summer holidays



II.Presentation of a new topic and practice 36 min


II. Let,s read a phonetic drill.

School is over - we can play

We can play the whole day:

Basketball and volleyball

And the boys can play football.

III. Checking –up the homework.

Ex: 9 Compare your information as a class.

What I know about sports in Britain. Sport is popular in Britain._______________________________________

III.Pre-reading task.

Find the odd word.

I group

goal keeper , runner, spectators, president.

II group

referee, a bag ,boxing gloves, helmet.

III group

a cat, helmet, goal, net

Question -.answer. Telephone line


Тіл тосқауылын жою бағытында тақпақты оқиды, қайталайды


Оқушылар үйден жазып келген үй тапсырмасын айтады.

Артық сөзді табады.


 Телефон қоңырауы арқылы сұраққа жауап береді.




III . New lesson.

New words. Work with the internet.

Skiing- шаңғы тебу


Rounders- раунд

Cricket- крикет




Enthusiasts- Энтузиасттер

Listening the video. New words.

Ex: 10. Read the text. Group work .

Sport in Britain.

I group.

In Britain forty per cent of the population regularly play a sport. There are many differences between sport in Britain and other countries. For example, skiing is not very popular in Britain as there are not many mountains. Skiing enthusiasts can ski in certain parts of Scotland or they go to Austria, Italy, France or Switzerland. Basketball and volleyball are not very popular in Britain, but many people play rugby .The British play many sports that are unknown in most other countries, for example: cricket, squash and netball.

II group.

Cricket is a typically British sport which foreigners have difficulty in understanding. There are two teams of eleven players. Matches last from one to five days. Many people think it is a slow and boring game, but it can be very exciting and rather dangerous.

Squash is another British invention. It is a form of tennis. There are two players and they use rackets similar to tennis rackets and a small, black rubber ball. They play indoors. It is n very fast and tiring sport!

III group

Netball is similar to basketball. There are seven players (usually girls or women) in each team and the object of the game is the same as in basketball: to throw the ball through a net at the top of a three-metre post).

Sport in British schools is compulsory and schoolchildren spend at least one afternoon a week playing sport! These are some of the sports played in most British secondary schools. In winter boys play football or rugby and go running, while girls play netball or hockey. Some boys' schools also teach rowing. In summer boys play cricket, do athletics or go swimming, while girls play rounders (a British version of baseball), do athletics or go swimming. Tennis is also played in summer in some schools by boys and girls.

Ex:11.Read the last paragraph again and complete the chart.






Ex: 12. True(T) or false (F)?

1.A lot of people go skiing in Britain.

2.Rugby is a popular sport in Britain.

3.There are eleven players in each cricket team.

4.Squash is slow sport.

5.Boys often play netball in Britain.

6.Schoolchildren in Britain have to play sport.

7. Baseball is a popular British sport.

Five minute activities.

The song “ If you `re happy and you know it.”

Ex: 13. Find from the text typical British sports and describe them..

Ex: 14. Complete the sentences.

I group

  1. Rugby is a very popular sport in Britain.

  2. Rounderss is…………………………….. .

II group

  1. Cricket is a ……………………………… .

  2. Tennis is a ………………………………….

III group

  1. Netball……………………………………… .

  2. Squash ……………………………………….

Ex: 15. Complete the diagram and compare with other students .Group work.

Ex: 16. TVbridge. Our friends.Talk to your partner .Speak about sport in Kazakhstan and about sport you play and you like.

Example: I like playing tennis.

Ex: 17.Can you guess what these sports are? Group work

  1. This is an outdoor game for two teams of eleven players.

You need a ball, two goals and referee.

  1. This is an indoor game for two players . You need a special table , a racket for each player and a small, white ball made of plastic.

  2. You play this game in the swimming pool. You need a ball and two goals, and you must also be a very good swimmer.

Task – student must find information about the theme in his telephone`s internet. And he must introduce his information

  Оқушылар интернеттен жаңа сөздерді тауып

 Жаңа сөздерді оқушылар қайталайды.

 Сөздердің қазақша баламасымен танысады.

Оқушылар «Sport and games» тақырыбында видеоролик көреді.

ІІІ топқа мәтін беріледі. Оқушылар мәтінді оқып, бір-біріне түсіндіреді.

Топтық жұмыс орындалады







Оқушылар мәтін бойынша тапсырманы орындайды.





 «Дұрыспа әлде бұрыспа?» тапсырмасын орындайды.








Оқушылар мәтін бойынша қандай ойын түрлері барын айтып шығады.

Сөйлемді толықтырады.

Оқушылар сөйлемді аяқтайды

Оқушылар постерге топтастыру жұмысын орындайды.

Оқушылар телекөпір арқылы сұрақтарға жауап береді.

Қабілеті жоғары баламен жұмыс.Оқушы интернет арқылы мәлімет алады.

III. The conclusion of the lesson 4 min


  1. How many per cent of the population regularly play a sport?

  1. 50.

  2. 40.

  3. 60

  1. Netball is similar to …

  1. basketball.

  2. football.

  3. box.

3. Many people play……. In Bitain.

a. football.

b. rugby.

c. tennis..

4. Skiing is ………. In Britain.

a. very popular.

b. not popular.


5. Squash is the ………. .

a. slow sport.

b. fast sport.

c.I don`t know.

6.There are …….. players in each cricket team.

  1. 11

  2. 20

  3. 5

6.There are …. players in netball team.

  1. 7

  2. 8

  3. 5

7. In winter boys play ……………… .

a. swimming

b. netball or hockey

c. football or rugby

8. Game with small, white ball.

a. tennis.

b. football

c. netball.

9. Swimmimg.

a. b c.

10. Running

a. b c. RD01154A.JPG

Home work.

Ex: 19.20p157

Marks for the lesson. «Табыс ағашы» арқылы бағалау.

The lesson is over. You may be free. Good –bye.

 Активойд арқылы тестке жауап береді.


Оқушылардың есімдері жазылған стикерлерді оқушылардың әрбір дұрыс жауабы үшін табыс ағашына ілінеді. Сабақ соңында сабаққа қай топ және қай оқушы жақсы қатысып отырғанан анықтайды.

Кері байланыс

«Оқушылардың көңіл-күйін, сабақтағы әсерін ауа-райы құбылыстары арқылы» бақылау

Оқушылар ауа-райы құбылыстары арқылы өздерінің көңіл-күйін көрсетеді.

Қызылорда облысы, Қармақшы ауданы, Ү.К.Томанов атындағы №183 орта мектебі


«Step Two.

Sport and games»

Сыныбы: 7 «А»

Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі: Төлен Гүлназ Жалғасбайқызы

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