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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыСабақ жоспары "The USA" 8 сынып

Сабақ жоспары "The USA" 8 сынып


Theme: The USA
Aim: to enrich pupils’ knowledge about The USA, to enlarge pupils’ vocabulary.
Results: pupils can speak and talk about America and answer the questions about it.

The motion of the lesson: «All mistakes are all right,

Everyone makes them »

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting

Good morning, children! I’m very glad to see you!

  1. Let`s divide into two groups:

Astana,Washington, The Statue of Liberty,The Baiterek, Barack Obama,Nursultan Nazarbaev,Expo-2017,dollar,states,beshbarmak,Canta Claus,Nauryz

/екі топ шығады: Kazakhstan,The USA.Өз топтарының аттарын жазады/

T: Spell the name of your team. K-A-Z-A-K-H-S-T-A-N, T-h-e U-S-A

  1. Work with the map

T:We are going to speak about America.Now look at the blackboard.What can you see?

Yes,you are right.It`is a map of the world.Who shows me the USA on the map?

/Картадан АҚШ –ты көрсетіп,орналасуын айтады/

D) Warm up.

So today we are going to talk about the USA.

What information do we know about this country?

/Кластер құрастырады/

II.New theme

1.Reading the text. Key Words .

/Екі топқа екі мәтін беріледі,мәтінді оқи отыра кілт сөздерді жазып отырады,кластерді толықтырады /

The text for group ‘The USA’

The USA is the most powerful and highly developed country of the world. It is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The total area of the USA is over 9 million square kilometres.

The continental part of the USA consists of the highland regions and two lowland regions. The highland regions are the Appalachia mountains in the east and the Cordillera in the west.

Between the Cordillera and the Appalachian Montains are the central lowlands which are called the prairie, and eastern lowlands called the Mississi ippi valley.

The principal rivers of the USA are the Mississippi, the longest river in the world (7,330 km) and the Hudson river.

The climate of the USA differs greatly from one part of the country to another. The coldest climate is in the northern part, where there is heavy snow in winter and the temperature may go down to 40 degrees below zero. The south has a subtropical climate, with temperature as high as 49 degrees in summer.

The population of the United States of America is about 250 million people, who are called Americans. Most of the people live in towns and the population of the countryside is becoming smaller and smaller.

The capital of the USA is Washington. It is situated in the District of Columbia. Washington is a beautiful administrative

city with practically no industry.

The USA is a highly developed industrial state. Its agriculture is also highly mechanized.

There are coal-mines in the Cordillera Mountains, in the Kansas City region. Iron is mined near the Great Lakes. The USA has rich oil-fields in California, Texas and some other regions. It occupies one of the first places among the countries

of the world for production of coal, iron and oil.

The text for group “Kazakhstan”

The USA consists of three separate parts. They are the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and the rest major part of the USA.

There are fifty states and district of Columbia. The states differ very much in size, population and economical development. The population of the United States is about 250 million people.

What makes the USA the leader of the western world is its economical, political and military dominance over other countries.

The United States is a federal republic. The Government is divided into three branches: legislative (the US Congress), executive (the President and his Administration) and judicial (the US Supreme Court). There are many mountains especially in the west and southwest.

The Rocky mountains extend all the way from New Mexico to Alaska.

Many rivers cross the country. The most important are the Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado, Sacramento. The main lakes in the USA are the Great Lakes in the north.

The nation's natural advantages and resources are probably greater than those of any other area of equal size.

The land is as varied as it huge. There are plains and mountains, grasslands and forests, sandy soil, clay and rich, dark loams.

The mineral resources vary from precious gold and rare uranium to common lead and zinc. Coal, oil, iron, copper and other minerals are abundant. They form basis of modern industry.

The capital of the United States is Washington. It was named in honor of the first president whose name was George Washington. The biggest cities of the USA are New York, San Francisco, IMS Angeles, Chicago and other.

2.Presentation. Teacher`s word. /АҚШ туралы презентация көрсетіледі/

3.Speaking./Екі топтан бір-бір спикер шығып,кластер көмегімен АҚШ туралы не білді,соны айтады /

III.Relax.Listening the song “America the beautiful!”

 This is the national anthem of America.Shut your eyes and dream.

/Көздерін жұмып, Америка жүргендей көз алдарына елестетеді./

IV.Grammar.What sentence is Real conditional?

If I go to the USA, ….

If I …, ….

/Үлгі бойынша шартты сөйлем құрайды/

V. The next task is to make your own cinquains about  The USA. If you forget what it is, I’ll remind you. It is a kind of poem consisting of 5 lines (this word has a French origin; cinq means five in French). The first line is a general word, the second line consists of two adjectives which describe this country, the third line includes 3 verbs on the topic, the fourth line is the main idea of your “poem” (It must consist of 3-4 words) and the last line is a synonym of the general world.    

VI. Did you like our lesson?

What did you like best of all?

H/W: make up the test about the USA.

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