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Сабақтың тақырыбы: Environment (5сынып)

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Date: 11.02.2016

Form: 5

Theme of the lesson: Environment

Aims of the lesson: To teach to express own opinions, to enrich pupils


To develop skills and habits in speaking, in writing, in


To teach pupils to save nature of the worlds and care for its


  1. Organization moment.

Good morning children!

Good morning teacher!

How are you?

We are fine!

Thank you, sit down!

Let me introduce about me

My name is Dinara, I’m teacher in English.

Ok, pupils. Who is on duty today?


What date is it today?

Today is the 11th of February.

What day is it today?

Today’s Thursday.

Who is absent for today?

Thank you ,sit down!

  1. Checking home task.

Pupils I’ll check your home task. What was your home task?

Are you ready?

Who wants?

  1. New theme

Pupils answer the question.

  • Do you help the environment?

  • How do you help it?

Pupils today we have our new theme “Environment” What is the Kazakh form Environment ?- қоршаған орта.

Answer the questions.

-How many season in year?

- it’s 4 season

-What are they?

-they are spring, summer, autumn, winter

-What season is it now?

-It is winter.

-Look at the blackboard we have phonetic drill. At first I’ll read then repeat after me

Spring is green.

Summer is bright.

Autumn is yellow.

And winter is white

New words

We have our new words.at first I’ll read then repeat after me.

Burn [bә:n]- отқа жағу, тұтандыру

Rubbish [‘rʌbiʃ]- қоқыс

Cut [kʌt]- кесу

Pollution [pə’lu:ʃn]- лас және зиянды ауа қалдығы

Happen [‘hæpən] бір нәрсе болу

Dump [dʌmp]- тастау, лақтыру

Pollute [pə’lu:t]- ластау

Plant [pla:nt]-үйде өсетін өсімдік гүл

Water [‘wᴐ:tə]- су

  • Open your vocabulary and write down.







  1. Doing exercise.

Exercise 2

Look at the blackboard match the words and make the sentences.

  1. Burn 1. Birds

  2. Kill 2. Fish

  3. Cut 3. forests

  4. Dump 4. Trees

  5. Pollute 5. Rubbish

6. air


Exercise4 page 158. Talk to your partner. I’ll give some cards and you must answer the questions.

  1. Do we pollute water?

  2. Do you water trees?

  3. Do you dump rubbish?

  4. Do you plant trees?

  5. Do people plant trees?

  6. Do the people plant trees around Astana?

  1. Home task

For home task

Exercise 10 page 159 talk to the class. What are the problem of your story?

  1. Marking.

I shall put your mark. Your mark is excellent-5



  1. Conclusion.

The lesson is over good bye!

Good bye!

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