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Самообследование учащихся старших классов.

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Тест для самообследования учащихся старших классов.

Variant 1.

  1. The weather…terrible today.

    1. am b) is c) are d) were

  2. They …future detectives.

    1. am b) is c) are d) was

  3. On Sundays they…dinner at a restaurant.

    1. have b) has c) to have d) shall have

  4. He always …lunch at 1 o’clock.

    1. have b) has c) shall have d) had

  5. I usually …glasses for reading and watching TV.

    1. wears b) is wearing c) wear d) has worn

  6. He…three foreign languages.

    1. speaks b) speak c) are speaking d) spoken

  7. Jane …to a new flat last year.

    1. move b) moves c) moved d) will move

  8. He …the USA three years ago.

    1. left b) leave c) leaves d) has left

  9. She…free tomorrow night.

    1. shall be b) was c) will be d) are

  10. We …Roman Law next year.

a) shall study b)study c) studied d) studies

11. The students …the text now.

a) is reading b) reads c) am reading d) are reading

12. They already …their exams.

a) has passed b) have passed c) pass d) passed

13. There …14 doctors of law at our College.

a) was b) is c) shall be d) are

14. There …a students’ meeting every week.

a) are b) is c) were d) be

15. Every one…do his duty.

a) must b) can c) may d) have to

16. You …consult the doctor.

a) must b) have to c) should d) ought to

17. I haven’t got …money with me.

a) some b) any c) no d) something

18. There are…good athletes in our group.

a) any b) somebody c) nothing d) some

19. This is …student in our group.

a) better b) the best c) best d) the most good

20. In winter the days are …than in spring.

a) short b) shortest c) more short d) shorter

21. The University …in 1755.

a) was founded b) were founded c) is founded d) am founded

22. English …all over the world.

a) are spoken b) am spoken c) is spoken d) were spoken

23. Yesterday I received a letter …by my sister.

a) written b) writing c) wrote d) having written

24. He looked through the window and saw the children…in the yard.

a) played b) having played c) playing d) play

25. I don’t want … there.

a) go b) to go c) going d) to going

26. You must …all these words.

a) to learn b) learning c) to learning d) learn

27. The Supreme Court is the highest…organ of the USA.

a) legislative b) judicial c) executive d) political

28. The finding, collecting and preservation of physical …are the most important

phases in a criminal investigation..

  1. witnesses b) suspects c) criminals d) evidence

29. The Prime Minister in Great Britain is usually the leader of the party that has

a majority in ….

a) the House of Lords b)the House of Commons c) the Senate d) the House of


30. American Congress consists of

a) the Senate and the House of Lords

b) the House of Lords and the House of Commons

c) the Senate and the House of Representatives

d) the Senate and the House of Commons

Тест для самообследования учащихся старших классов.

Variant 2.

  1. Mr. Black …a policeman.

    1. am b) is c) were d) are

  2. I …a third-year student.

    1. am b) is c) are d) were

  3. This young man …no parents.

    1. have b) has c) shall have d) to have

  4. We …two lectures every day.

    1. to have b) has c) have d) have had

  5. My parents …to the Crimea every summer.

    1. to go b) gone c) goes d) go

  6. The coffee …delicious.

    1. shall taste b) tastes c) taste d) have tasted

  7. He …home at 6 o’clock yesterday.

    1. came b) comes c) will come d) come

  8. She …from the University last year.

    1. graduate b) will graduate c) graduates d) graduated

  9. They …to see us tomorrow.

    1. shall come b) will come c) comes d) came

  10. I …you next Sunday.

    1. phone b) phoned c) shall phone d) phones

  11. He …at his report now.

    1. is working b) are working c) work d) worked

  12. She just…from New York.

    1. returned b) has returned c) have returned d) returns

  13. There …5 departments in our University.

    1. shall be b) is c) be d) are

  14. There …an English laboratory in our University.

    1. is b) are c) shall be d) be

  15. You …pay more attention to your child.

    1. are to b) must c) should d) may

  16. please tell me the way to the British Museum?

    1. may b) could c) ought to d) should

  17. Is there…water in the cup?

    1. any b) no c) some d) something

  18. There are …nice pictures in the room.

    1. any b) no c) somebody d) some

  19. Happiness is … than money.

    1. important b) more important c) the most important d) most important

  20. Susan is …girl in our group.

    1. the most beautiful b) more beautiful c) beautiful d) most beautiful

  1. Two people…last night.

    1. was arrested b) were arrested c) is arrested d) will be arrested

  2. Italian …in Italy.

    1. am spoken c) are spoken c) is spoken d) were spoken

  3. He opened the letter with …hands.

    1. shaken b) shaking c) having shaken d) shake

  4. Why not to throw away the … umbrella.

    1. broken b) breaking c) having broken d) broke

  5. He can …three foreign languages.

    1. speak b) to speak c)speaking d) to speaking

  6. Do you want …me some money?

    1. borrow b) to borrow c) borrowing d) to borrowing

  7. Militia officers of organized crime department collect evidence to bring

gang leaders to … .

    1. crime b) order c) justice d) guilt

  1. The …power belongs to the Congress of the USA.

    1. executive b) legislative c) judicial d) important

  2. The power of the British Queen is limited by

    1. Parliament b) the Congress c) the King d) the House of Lords

  3. is the highest judicial organ of Great Britain.

a) the Queen

b) the House of Lords

c) the House of Commons

d) the Cabinet

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