Инфоурок Другое ТестыСамостоятельная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса по 9 модулю

Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса по 9 модулю

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Progress check№9. Module 9. MODERN LIVING .

I. Reading. 1. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps with “the” or “-“ if necessary.

  • Mike: What’s on 1_____ TV tonight?

  • Lisa: There’s a comedy at 7-30, but I don’t remember 2____ name of it.

  • M.: I’d like to watch it. You know, I love comedies. What time is 3 ____ dinner?

  • L.: About 8. I don’t want to eat and watch at 4____ same time.

  • M.: Well, we can record 5____ film and watch it later tonight.

  • L.: Oh, sounds quite reasonable. I think we can do it!

1) Say True or False.

  1. It is comedy at half past seven .

  2. Dinner is in 9 o'clock

  3. Mile likes horror.

2. Answer the questions.

  1. What films does Mike like to watch?

  2. What time does the film start?

  3. Can they watch the film at 7-30? Why?

  4. How do they solve the problem?

  5. Do you sometimes record the films?

II. Lexical-grammatical test

1. Complete the sentences. Use the names of the shops:

bakery shoe shop newsagent’s greengrocer’s chemist’s clothes shop

  1. We buy magazines and newspapers at ______.

  2. I love cakes. I buy them at ______.

  3. When I need pills I go to ________.

  4. I want to buy new shoes. So I need to find the nearest ______.

  5. My mum buys apples and tomatoes at the _______

2 .Вставьте глагол “to be в требуемой форме Past Simple.

1. I ... a student. 
2. My father ... not a shop-assistant, he ... a scientist. 
3. ... your aunt a nurse? - Yes, she ... . 
4. ... they at home? - No, they ... not. They ... at school.
5. ... you an engineer? - Yes, I.... 
6. ... your friend a photographer? No, she ... not a photographer, she ... a student. 
7. ... your brothers at school? - Yes, they ... . 
8. ... this her watch? - Yes, it ... . 
9. Max ... an office-worker. 
10. We ... late, sorry.

3. Complete the sentences with must/mustn’t.

Stop watching TV. You 1_______ do your homework.

I 2____brush my teeth. Your shoes are dirty. You 3_____clean them. You 4____drop litter in the streets. I 5_____tidy my room. You 6_____play on the road.

4. Must /Mustn’t. Mother is telling her son what he must or mustn’t do.

  1. You ….. do your homework.

  2. You ….. be late for school.

  3. You ….. talk in class.

  4. You ….. get up early.

  5. You ….. go to bed late.

  6. You ….. tidy in your room.

5. Вставьте в предложения подходящие по смыслу глаголы: Past Simple (took, lived, swam, broke, helped)

  1. I … a cup yesterday.

  2. Mary … part at the concert last month.

  3. We ....our grandparents in the garden in summer.

  4. Five ducks … in our pond on Saturday.

  5. My family … in France two years ago.

6. Составьте предложения из данных слов.

  1. finished, last year, My friend, school.

  2. in the garden, did not, Grandfather, work.

  3. told, The teacher, an interesting, us, story.

  4. born, My grandmother , in Moscow, was.

  5. on TV, What, yesterday, did, watch, you?

7. Дай краткий ответ:

  1. Did Tom live in London ? – Yes ,….. ……

  2. Did she write a letter? - No , ….. ……

  3. Did you buy a bicycle ? - No , ….. ……

8. Underline the correct word.

  1. Musicians play in theatres/ concert halls.

  2. Let’s go to see a play at the theme park/ theatre.

  3. I don’t like theme parks/ zoos.  I’m scared of roller coasters.

  4. Buy some aspirin from florist’s/ chemist’s.

  5. They’ve got beautiful paintings at the art/book gallery.

9. Complete this post card putting these verbs in Past Simple.

Hi, Jenny!

I`m in San Francisco now. We (1) _____ (arrive) here yesterday. Before that, we (2) _____ (be) 10 days in New York. It (3) _____ (be) wonderful. Pat and I (4) _____ (see) a lot of interesting places including the Empire State Building. We (5) _____ (go) to the top – it (6) _____ (be) very high, and we (7) _____ (be) both a bit frightened. We (8) _____ (travel) by boat along the river to see the Statue of Liberty. We (9) _____ (pass) through Greenwich Village and (10) _____ (watch) many artist at work. The paintings (11) _____ (not/be) expensive so I (12) _____ (buy) one. We also (13) _____ (go) to the theatre and (14) _____ (see) a new musical – I (15) _____ (like) it very much. The weather (16) _____ (be) OK – a bit wet sometimes. But now in san Francisco, it`s hot and sunny.

See you soon.

Love, Helen

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