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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку (10 класс)

Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку (10 класс)

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1. Make up the tag questions

1) He likes reading ….? 2) They aren’t hungry…? 3) You can’t speak English …? 4) She has already cleaned her shoes …? 5) You are cold …? 6) It was a nice day …? 7) You won’t go to school tomorrow …? 8) The Smiths bought a car last week …? 9) There are a lot of butterflies in the fields …?

2. Put the verbs in the brackets into Present, Future or Past Simple

1) The children (to play) in the garden yesterday. 2) You (to see) me again next week. 3)We (to see) those pictures yesterday morning. 4) He (not to write) usually with his right hand. 5) They (to wait for) their friends last Sunday. 6) I always (to write) a birthday card for him. 7) We (not to be) at home last week. 8) They usually (to have) coffee, but they (to have) tee now. 9) She (to wait) to talk to them yesterday. 10) Ann (to cook) for her family tomorrow.

3. Make Conditional I sentences, using words in brackets

1) (to come/ to ask) When they …, we …them to help us. 2) (to be/to find) If it … difficult for you, I … this word in the dictionary myself. 3) (to wash/ to be cross) If she … the dishes after dinner, Mom … with her.4) (to like/to go) If he … it, he … there again. 5) (to be cold/to put on) If it … cold, we … our coats.6) (to cry/ not to listen to) If you …, I … you.

4. Write in Present Simple or Present Continuous

1) Don’t put your coat on. The sun (to shine). 2) In summer the sun (to shine) brightly. 3) Run downstairs. Your sister (to wait) for you. 4) I usually (to wait) for Tom. He is always late. 5) We (to have)coffee every morning. 6) I like tea, but now I (to have) coffee. 7) Mary (to play) piano every evening. 8) Where is John? – He (to play) the piano.

5. Rewrite the Passive Voice sentences into Active Voice

1) The story was written by a well-known writer. 2) The house will be built by the workers in 3 hours. 3) At the zoo the animals are fed twice a day. 4) The magazine had been read by all the pupils of our class. 5) We were frightened by a stranger. 6) This book was left by somebody. 7) That present has been made by my brother. 8) She was shown the shortest way. 9) By the time the teacher came, the exercise had been done.

6. Translate into English

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