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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Самостоятельная работа по итогам 2 четверти к УМК Spotlight - 7

Самостоятельная работа по итогам 2 четверти к УМК Spotlight - 7

  • Иностранные языки

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Task 1 Match the word combinations with the Russian equivalents

  1. High quality lifestyle

  1. Тишина и спокойствие

  1. Feel isolated

  1. Чувствовать одиноко, изолированно

  1. Beautiful landscapes

  1. Отзывчивые люди

  1. High rate of unemployment

  1. Красивые пейзажи

  1. Peace and quiet

  1. Правильный образ жизни

  1. Helpful people

  1. Высокий уровень безработицы

Task 2 Translate into Russian and group the words.

Pretty –

Thin –

Spiky –

Scar –

Plump –

Middle-aged –

Beard –

Skinny –

Curly –

Of medium height –

Round –

Fat –

Baby –

Straight –






Special features

Freckles –

Task 3 Choose the right variant

  1. Dinosaurs do not … today. (exist/go/believe/cause)

  2. You cannot swim in this river, the water is too…(clean/good/dirty/strange)

  3. . can travel into space. (submarine/car/moon shuttle/train)

  4. Petrol is a type of …. (food/fuel/suit/creature)

  5. Does she help her parents with the….? (homework/housework/housemaid/house)

  6. There is an ….. with Brad Pitt in the magazine. (horoscope/interview/news/weather report)

  7. I find …. Gossip very boring. (star/popular/famous/celebrity)

  8. My grandma always watches local …. on TV. (weather reports/documentaries/news/sitcoms)

  9. Julie likes the …. show with Andrei Malakhov. (reality/drama/news/chat)

  10. That’s the street…. she lives. (what/who/where/when)

  11. This is the girl….mother is a doctor. (which/when/whose/where)

  12. A vet is someone….treats sick animals. (what/when/who/that)

  13. She ….me yesterday and asked for help. (calling/called/call/calls)

  14. Put the meat in the fridge, it may go…. (on/in/off/with)

  15. When you ….. home, I will give you the book (will go/go/going/went)

  16. If you …… to the supermarket can you buy some milk? (goes/went/going/go)

  17. I think this sportsman ….. the competitions next week. (will win/wins/won/winning)

  18. You … serious problems, if you do that again. (has/will have/have/had)

  19. Will you come to the party if you….time? (has/will have/have/had)

  20. Do you like hanging … at the shopping centre? (from/out/in/for)

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