Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыСамостоятельная работа по теме"Coming and Going"

Самостоятельная работа по теме"Coming and Going"

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Read the text. Then do Exercise 1.



We went to Cairo, Egypt last year with my family. We had a fantastic time. Cairo is over 4000 years old and there a many attractions to see. First we visited the Egyptian museum and learned a lot about ancient Egyptian culture. Then we went to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The Pyramid of Giza is 4500 years old and is 139 meters tall. It used to be even taller standing at 146 metres! We also took a ride on camels. The Cairo market is very exciting. There are so many people trying to sell you things. My brother was shopping all day long when we went.


My family and I wanted to be outdoors. We didn’t feel like running around visiting museums and other attractions all day long. That’s why we went to the Pyrenees Mountains in France for a walking holiday. There are different walking programmes to choose from. Some are very difficult and some are easier. We walked through the mountains for one week. We saw forests, flowers, wild life and bridges. We would spend our nights in hotels in different villages. We had a guide with us and she made sure that we didn’t get lost. She also told us about the local history of the area.


We took a trip to Berlin for our Christmas holiday. Berlin is the capital of Germany and it is an amazing city! There are beautiful buildings, parks and many other attractions to see. The hotel we checked into was near Alexanderplatz and there were many cafés, restaurants and clubs we could go to. We visited the Dahlem Museum complex and saw many works of art from all over the world. For New Year’s Eve we went to the Brandenburg Gate and celebrated with many people. We had a lot of fun and one day I want to go again!


Last summer we went to my mother’s village Gerolimenas in Mani. We stayed there for one month and relaxed. We go every summer and have a lot of fun. I have many friends there and am very happy to see them. We have a place to stay and we don’t have to worry about checking in, checking out, passports, waiting at taxi ranks or missing our flight. The weather is always sunny and we swim every day. Every evening we go out with our friends and walk around the harbour. The only thing I don’t like about going is coming back to Athens when school starts!

1 Write the letter of the text(s) which talk(s) about ... [14 points]

1 a teenager who saw art work from different countries. ____

2 teenagers who visited many attractions. ____ and ____

3 teenagers who didn’t spend their time in cities. ____ and ____

4 a teenager who is going back to the same place next year. ____

5 a teenager who didn’t go abroad on holiday. ____

6 a teenager who celebrated. ____

7 a teenager who didn’t check into a hotel. ____


2 Choose the correct answer. [5 points]

1 I saw a big ship at the port / station today.

2 We couldn’t get on the plane because dad lost our fares / boarding passes.

3 We showed our passports before crossing the border / harbour into France.

4 It is very expensive to take your car onto a tram / ferry.

5 We were waiting a long time for the train at the station / border.

3 Complete the sentences with these words. [5 points]

guidebook, attractions, taxi rank, fare, passport

1 You need to have a ______________ if you travel to a country outside of the European Union.

2 There are many ______________ you can visit in Athens: the Parthenon, the Agora and Monastiraki, for example.

3 The taxi ______________ from London to Heathrow was 40 pounds.

4 A ______________ can help you get around in a country you don’t know.

5 There are many people waiting at the ______________ to go home or their hotels.

4 Choose the correct answer. [5 points]

1 Hi, I am from Russia and I ____ in Voronezh.

a stay               b live               c station

2 When I am older I want to take a space ____ to the Moon!

a trip                b voyage         c travel

3 Anna likes to ____ a lot. She visited three countries this year.

a voyage          b travel           c journey

4 We took a short ____ to the sea this weekend.

a journey          b travel           c trip

5 My cousin went on a long ____ by train to Siberia this summer.

a trip                b voyage         c journey


5. Choose the correct answer. [6 points]

1 I went / was going to all the attractions yesterday.

2 I was packing / packed my things when Janet called.

3 We travelled / were travelling around Europe last winter.

4 I was checking / checked in at the airport when I realized that I lost my passport.

5 As I was getting / got off the train, I realized it was the wrong stop.

6 My father drove / was driving from Manchester to London yesterday.

6. Complete with the past simple or past continuous form of the verb in brackets. [5 points]

My Trip to Lefkada

Last summer my family 1) ______________ (go) to Lefkada. You don’t have to take a ferry to get there, so we 2) ______________ (drive) there with our car. The first thing we 3) ______________ (do) was check into our hotel. It was beautiful and right next to the beach! We went to all the attractions like Porto Katsiki beach and even    4) ______________ (see) a waterfall! We swam everyday. One day when I                  5) ______________ (swim) I saw an octopus! The food is very good there too. On our last night there we went to a very nice tavern.


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