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Самостоятельная работа: "Tag questions" 8th form

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Tag questions

8 form 1 variant.

1.Write a tag for each sentence.

1) She hasn’t got a pet, ________?

2) Mary can speak English well,_______?

3) It is your book,______?

4) There is a book in the bag,________?

5) The books were interesting,______?

6) The boy runs very fast,______?

7) You won’t come here again,______?

8) She doesn’t need any help,_______?

9)My sister visited me yesterday,_____?

10) We couldn’t go to the cinema,______?

11) Mary’s brother didn’t go to London,_______?

12) It was a sunny day, ______?

13) There isn’t a dog in the garden,_______?

14) She is a very good pupil,______?

15) You can’t finish this work today,______?

2)Match the questions and the answers.

1) Tom doesn’t speak German, does he?

2) The Browns usually have lunch at home, don’t they?

3) She was nervous at the lesson, wasn’t she?

4) You like picnics, don’t you?

5) There aren’t any books on the table, are there?

A) Yes, she was.

B) No, he doesn’t.

C) Yes, there are.

D) Yes, they do.

E) No, I dont.

Tag questions

8 form 2 variant.

1.Write a tag for each sentence.

1) You have got a pet,______?

2) Ted wasn’t at home,______?

3) There is an orange in the bag,_______?

4) It is an orange,______?

5) Peter can bring some oranges,______?

6) My friends will go to England next week,______?

7) She couldn’t do her homework,_______?

8) You like ice cream,________?

9) Students won’t have an English exam,_______?

10) The picnic will start on Sunday,_______?

11) She didn’t watch TV in the evening,_____?

12) You lived in the country,_________?

13) Mary isn’t Mr Smith’s sister,________?

14) They must work hard,_______?

15) They were at school,______?

2)Match the questions and the answers.

1) He can’t skate, can he?

2) They have got a big house, haven’t they?

3) Your teacher won’t give you much homework, will he?

4) There are many pupils in the class, aren’t there?

5) Anna isn’t from Scotland, is she?

A) Yes, she is.

B) No there aren’t.

C) Yes, he can.

D) No, he won’t.

E) Yes, they have.

Краткое описание документа:

Тест составлен на основе учебника Кузовлев В.П. Английский язык для 8 класса.

В данной разработке для восьмого класса представлены тесты в двух вариантах. Они состоят из двух заданий: первое задание-Write a tag for each sentence.( 15 вопросов), второе- Match the questions and the answers.-(5 вопросов).

1.Write a tag for each sentence.

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