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Саяхат сабақ 8 сынып

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hello_html_490b8b4b.gifТақырыбы: «Traveling to Grammar world» қайталау сабағы.

Мақсаты: - оқушыларға саяхат тарауы, герундия және предлогтар жайлы білімдерін толықтыру.

  • Сөздік қорларын, сөйлеушапшаңдықтарын, ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту.

  • Өз елін сүюге, құрметтеуге өзге елдің мәдениетін құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу.

Сабақ барысы:

  1. Org moment

  2. Phonetic drill

  3. Traveling to grammar world

  4. Conclusion

1 org moment

Good morning children! Welcome to our unusual lesson! Today we will revise tenses, prepositions and gerund. In our last lessons we spoke about traveling and traveling agencies. Today we go on our traveling. And let’s begin our lesson. At first I must tell you plan of our traveling. We will travel to “Grammar world”.

Our stops

  1. Types of transport

  2. Capitals

  3. Tenses

  4. Gerund

  5. Brainstorming

  6. Conclusion

Let’s begin.

1stop “Types of transport.”

a horse, a helicopter, a train, a boat, a coach, a ship, a hot-air balloon, underground

create your own sentences

Eg: My father likes to travel by plane because

it`s very comfortable.

  1. stop” Capitals”

At this stop you must translate the texts about capitals Astana and London.


Astana (the former Akmola) was founded in 1830 as a fortification of Russian Empire. In the course of time Akmola became the centre of trade fairs where merchants from all over Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia, India and other countries gathered to sell cattle and agricultural products. Akmola played an important role in supplying the Soviet Army with raw materials and products during the Second World War.

In 1961 Akmola was renamed into Tsclinograd and became the centre of Tselinny Krai. In 1992 the city got its name Akmola again and since October 1997 Akmola has become a new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Later on it got its present name Astana. Astana is a modem growing city, a political, financial, economic, scientific and socio-cultural centre of the state.

There are a lot of magnificent beautiful buildings, higher educational establishments, colleges and secondary schools, hotels, banks and other commercial structures in Astana, the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are many places of interest in Astana: the Central Square and Baiterek, Duman and the Bridge across the [shim River, the Reginal Museum of Fine Arts and others.


London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 8 million people.London is situated on the both banks of the River Thames. Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City. Westminster, the West End and the East End. They are rather different from one another.

The City is the heart of London. Numerous banks, offices and firms are situated there. It is the financial centre of the UK. with many banks, offices and the Stock Exchange. The City extends over an area of about 2,6 square kilometres. About half a million people work there, but less than 6 thousand live there.

Westminster is the historic centre of government. The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London. The best hotels, shops, restaurants and theatres are situated there. There are beautiful houses and gardens belonging to the wealthy people. Oxford street in the West End is the endless shopping area which attracts visitors from all over the world.

The East End is the poorest pail of London. There are a lot of factories and docks here. The port of London is also in the East End. The streets in the East End are narrow, the buildings are not attractive. The East End is populated by working class families. populated by working class families.

  1. stop “Tenses”

At this stop you must find sentences

Presen simple ,past simple, past passive,

  1. stop Gerund

Complete the sentences below using gerunds

I love to eat ice-creams.

Eating ice-creams is great.

Pupils of our class can translate texts.

is easily to our class.

I dream to travel all over the world.

all over the world is my dream.

  1. Brainstorming

At this stop you must find proverb

East or west home is best


And so our lesson is over. I think you had many information and useful things for yourselves, thank you for your attention.


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