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Сборник контрольных и проверочных работ для 5 класса

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Quiz for round-up lessons

V grade


  1. Try to guess what their jobs are.

Greengrocer salesman butcher typist

  1. He sells meat.

  2. She sells vegetables.

  3. She works in an office and types letters.

  4. He sells different things.

  1. Write out the names of furniture:

Bedroom, theatre, wall, vacuum cleaner, sitting room, table, wardrobe, cupboard, floor, dog, electricity, flat, gas, kitchen, armchair, mirror, central heating, bookcase, dining-room, washing machine, bathroom, hot and cold running water.

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Booking office camera by train information office arrived

  1. Mary wanted to go to Spain ………

  2. We can buy tickets in the ……………

  3. I …………. In London at 5 p.m.

  4. You can get any information in the ………..

  5. She has got a ……….. to take pictures.

  1. Write out the names of food:

Water, caviar, village, rouble, fish, honey, nickel, forest, quarter, garden, pancake, tea, penny, pound, sour cream, town, dime, juice, bread, dollar, city, house, milk.

  1. Do the test:

  1. What is the heart of London?

  1. The City b) Trafalgar Square c) the British Museum

  1. Which is the largest park of London?

  1. St. James’s Park b) Regent’s Park c) Hyde Park

  1. Whose column is in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

  1. William Shakespeare b) Admiral Nelson c) Queen Victoria

  1. How many per cent of the city did the Great Fire destroy?

  1. 50% b) 100% c) 80%

  1. Who discovered America?

  1. Christopher Columbus b) William the Conqueror c) Levi Strauss

  1. What is the capital of the USA?

  1. New York b) Washington, D.C. c) Chicago

  1. Who was the first president of the USA?

  1. Christopher Columbus b) George Washington c) George Bush

  1. Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?

  1. In New York b) in London c) in Washington

Quiz for round-up lessons

V grade


  1. Try to guess what their jobs are.

Nurse baker teacher grocer

  1. He makes bread.

  2. He sells sugar, flour, salt.

  3. She works in a hospital and often gives medicines to people.

  4. She teaches pupils at school.

  1. Write out the names of modern conveniences:

Bedroom, theatre, wall, vacuum cleaner, sitting room, table, wardrobe, cupboard, floor, dog, electricity, flat, gas, kitchen, armchair, mirror, central heating, bookcase, dining-room, washing machine, bathroom, hot and cold running water.

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Booked Customs passport control fare fast trains

  1. I always travel by ………

  2. When you leave London for Moscow you should pass the ……………

  3. Father ……….. a double room.

  4. What’s the …….. from London to Paris?

  5. When you arrive in a country you should go through the ………

  1. Write out the names of money:

Water, caviar, village, rouble, fish, honey, nickel, forest, quarter, garden, pancake, tea, penny, pound, sour cream, town, dime, juice, bread, dollar, city, house, milk.

  1. Do the test:

  1. William the Conqueror came to England in…

  1. 1065 b) 1666 c) 1066

  1. When was the great fire of London?

  1. 1996 b) 1666 c) 1546

  1. What did William the Conqueror built?

  1. The British Museum b) the Tower Bridge c) the White Tower

  1. Who made jeans?

  1. Levi Strauss b) William the Conqueror c) Christopher Columbus

  1. How many states are there in the USA?

  1. 52 b) 13 c) 50

  1. What is the name of the British flag?

  1. the Union Jack” b) “Red Crosses” c) “the Stars and Stripes”

  1. What city is famous for its skyscrapers?

  1. Washington b) New York c) Chicago

  1. What bird is the symbol of America?

  1. eagle b) raven c) dove

Countries and Continents


  1. Moscow is in ……..

  1. Asia b) Australia c) Africa d) Europe

  1. The Australians speak …….

  1. English b) American c) French d) Australian

  1. ……. is in Africa.

  1. China b) Vietnam c) Egypt d) Spain

  1. Flag_of_Canada.svg.pngWhat country is it?

  1. Canada b) America c) Australia d) Spain

  1. The capital of India is……..

  1. Cairo b) Delhi c) Ottawa d) Hanoi

  1. I’m Italian. I live in …….

  1. Paris b) London c) Rome d) Peking

  1. In Egypt people speak ………..

  1. Arabic b) English c) French d) German

  1. What are the colours of the German flag?

  1. Red, blue, white b) black, red, yellow c) red, white, black d) green, white, orange

  1. How many oceans are there on the Earth?

  1. 3 b) 6 c) 5 d) 4

  1. How many continents are there on the Earth?

  1. 6 b) 2 c) 4 d) 5

  1. What separates continents from each other?

  1. Rivers b) mountains c) oceans d) seas

  1. People speak English and French in…….

  1. Canada b) America c) France d) Australia

  1. Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg.pngWhat country is it?

  1. Vietnam b) Great Britain c) Egypt d) China

  1. The capital of Australia is….

  1. Canberra b) Ottawa c) Washington,D.C. d) Berlin

  1. …… is in America.

  1. India b) Great Britain c) Canada d) Australia

Lexical test

Continents and Countries”

  1. Choose the right variant

  1. If a child is …. , he is always asking a lot of questions.

  1. Curious b) use c) explorer

  1. What’s his …. ? He is Russian.

  1. Set b) continue c) nationality

  1. Where does the sun …. ?

  1. Rise b) separate c) foreign

  1. The ….. symbol of England is the red rose.

  1. Curious b) national c) separate

  1. The sun …… in the West.

  1. Sets b) explores c) continues

  1. Translate:

  1. В наши дни

  2. Использовать

  3. Иностранный

  4. Свежий воздух

  5. Choose the right variant

Synonym of “tall”

  1. Clean b) high c) deep

  1. Synonym of ‘between”

  1. Among b) while c) nowadays

  1. Глубокое озеро

  1. A dirty lake b) a clean river

c) a deep lake

  1. Оба

  1. Both b) bus c) thob

  1. Пока, в то время

  1. Wile b) while c) hiwel

  1. Хранить

  1. Safe b) save c) vase

  1. Choose the right variant

  1. a) Clumite b) Clameti c) Climate

  2. a) protect b) protect c) octpret

  3. a) harm b) hurm c) rahm

  4. a) tyrocaf b) factory c) fiktory

  5. a) mild b) limd c) dilm

  6. Невозможный

a) unpossible b) dispossible c) impossible

7. Find synonym of “save”

a) use b) protect c) harm

8. Причитнять вред

a) to go harm b) to be harmful c) to do harm

9. Synonym of “symbol”

a) emblem b) climate c) mild

10. Мягкий климат

a) a strong climate b) a mild climate c) a harmful climate


Passive Voice

  1. Open the brackets and make the verbs passive.

  1. Our school ( to build) 2 years ago.

  2. The article (to translate) tomorrow.

  3. The flowers (to water) every Monday.

  4. English (to speak) all over the world.

  5. This novel (to write) last century.

  1. Translate the sentences.

  1. Хлеб покупают в булочной.

  2. Работа будет сделана на следующей неделе.

  3. Этот город был основан в 1703 году.

  4. Дети не были наказаны на прошлой неделе.

  5. Сыр продают в мясной лавке?

  1. Fill in the gaps using by or with.

  1. Fish is cut ….. a special knife.

  2. These novels are written ……… Dickens.

  3. The portrait was painted …….. a famous artist.

  4. The palace was built ……… red bricks.

  5. The story was told ………. the teacher last week.

  1. Test

  1. A new book ……… by the company next year.

  1. will publish b) was published c) will be published

  1. This is a large hall. Many parties …………. here.

  1. are held b) is held c) was held

  1. American’s first college, Harvard, …………. In Massachusetts in 1636.

  1. is founded b) was founded c) will be founded

  1. The secretary ………. to her new boss yesterday.

  1. was introduced b) will be introduced c) are indroduce

  1. A cinema is a place where films ………

  1. was shown b) are shown c) is show

  1. A new supermarket ……….. next year.

  1. is build b) will build c) will be built

  1. I ……… in 2002.

  1. was born b) am born c) will be born

  1. The dinner ………… in 20 minutes.

  1. will be cooked b) were cook c) is cooking

  1. The problem ……….. yesterday.

  1. Solved b) was be solved c) was solved

  1. He ……….. tomorrow.

  1. were be operated b) will be operated c) is to operated.

Ronald is really ill”

1. Find the sentences in the text to describe the pictures:

hello_html_4371a2d7.pnghello_html_m3755e50f.png1. He had a ….. hello_html_m2b193be.png 2. His mother …. hello_html_mc6a578.png3. She listened to …… hello_html_m63f51139.png 4. Doctor Green ……
hello_html_m793f08dc.png 5. The doctor prescribed ……hello_html_2fd19f1d.png

2. Learn the new words:

  1. To take part in… - принимать участие в …

  2. Exciting[ik’saitiŋ] – волнующий, захватывающий

  3. Team – команда

  4. A sore throat – больное горло

  5. To fall ill – заболеть

  1. Pretend – притворяться

  2. Tongue [t˄ŋ] – язык

  3. Flu – грипп

  4. Quinsy [kwinzi] – ангина

  5. To sneeze – чихать

  6. Prescribe – прописывать (рецепт)

  7. Recover – выздоравливать

3. Fill in the gaps with the words from ex. 2

  1. When you have a cold your ….. is often red.

  2. People use their ….. to speak.

  3. The doctor ….. a new medicine for me.

  4. I am not ill. I have ……

  5. We …… ….. … school competitions.

  6. When I have flu I often ….

  7. .. and ….. are infectious diseases.

4. Find antonyms of the following words in the text

  1. Next –

  2. Morning –

  3. hot –

  4. night –

  5. finish –

  6. right –

  7. wonderful –

  1. weak –

  2. good-

  3. girl –

  4. low –

  5. easy –

  6. to sell –

  7. to fall ill –

Twelve flowers of the year

  1. Write names of the flowers.

  1. images.jpg2) 233-giant-poppy1-C10.jpg3) hops-info0.gif 4) pink-daisy-flower-12666017.jpg 5) christmas-holly.jpg

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. What colour is the snowdrop?

  2. What flowers are usually yellow?

  3. What plant has small hard fruit which looks like a little apple?

  4. What country is chrysanthemum from?

  5. What flower can you see on the surface of the lake?

  1. Complete the sentences:

  1. People use hop to make …….

  2. Holly is a plant of ………. season.

  3. Morning glory’s leaves look like small green ……

  4. Primroses look like ……….

  5. On the roadsides you can see ……..

  1. Find the English equivalents in the text:

  1. Появляться

  2. Родной

  3. Дикий

  4. Растение

  5. Приятный запах

  6. Вьющееся растение

  7. Украшать

  8. Колючий

  9. Тихие озера

  10. Готовый

5th form

Final quiz

  1. Wright out only true sentences:

  1. There are four oceans in the world.

  2. There are six oceans in the world.

  3. The Urals are the highest mountains in Great Britain.

  4. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Great Britain.

  5. Canberra is the capital of Australia.

  6. London is the capital of France.

  7. You can see the moon in the sky in the day-time.

  8. You can see the moon in the sky at night.

  9. A mountain is higher than a hill.

  10. A hill is higher than a mountain.

  1. Match the beginning and the end of the following sentences:

  1. The British are often called “stay-at-home” people because …

  2. The most popular sports in Great Britain are …

  3. On Sunday the English often …

  4. At Christmas the English …

  5. The British are fond of drinking tea, some of them …

* * *

  1. visit their relatives

  2. football and cricket.

  3. drink as many as ten cups of tea a day.

  4. they spend a lot of time at home.

  5. give each other presents and send Christmas cards.

  1. Write the names of the countries:

  1. Flag_of_Canada.svg.png2. Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png 3. Flag_of_the_United_States_(Pantone).svg.png 4. Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg.png 5. Flag_of_Australia.svg.png

The USA France Australia Canada Egypt the UK China Spain

  1. Open the brackets. Use Past Simple or Past Continuous:

  1. When we (to come) home they (to play) cards.

  2. Yesterday at six I (to prepare) dinner.

  3. Yesterday I (to read) a very interesting English book.

  4. Bob (to work) in the garden when we (to come) back.

  5. She (to pass) the exam last week.

  1. Make the right choice.

1. The news (are, is) good.

2. Where (are, is) the money?

3. The clothes (are, is) on the sofa.

4. The watch (are, is) slow.

5. The potatoes (are, is) in the fridge.

6. What (a, -) interesting information!

7. It’s (a, -) good advice.

8. What (a, -) nice dress!

9. It is such (an, -) important knowledge.

10. What (a, -) beautiful hair!

  1. Report what has happened.

  1. He said: “I am hungry.”

  2. He said: “They will be at home at 5 o’clock.”

  3. He said: “We took medicine.”

  4. He said: “Ann has read the prescription twice.”

  5. He said: “I am taking my temperature now.”

  1. Fill in the articles where necessary:

1. ………… USA

2. ………. London

3. ……….. Pacific Ocean

4. ……… Liverpool

5. ……….. Irish Sea

6. ……….. Union Jack

7. …………. English

8. ……….. Scots

9. ……… UK

10. ……… Thames

  1. Fill in the gaps using one\ones where necessary:

1. I don’t like this jacket. Give me another ………, please.

2. This milk is spoiled. Buy fresh ………

3. Which jeans do you like? The new …….

4. Your advice was not good. I’d like the other ………

  1. Test.

  1. Mickey Mouse …. by Walt Disney in 1936.

  1. Created b) was created c) be created

  1. Rice …. with chopsticks in Сhina.

  1. Eats b) eated c) is eaten

  1. He …. to restaurants when he was rich.

  1. Used to go b) goes c) gone

  1. English …. in Australia, the USA, the UK.

  1. Speaks b) spoken c) is spoken

  1. The UK …. “an island state”.

  1. Calls b) will be called c) is called

  1. Coca-cola …. all over the world.

  1. Enjoyed b) is enjoyed c) enjoys

  1. Cheese …. from milk.

  1. Is made b) makes c) is make

  1. A rose …. as the emblem of England.

  1. Is known b) has known c) knew

  1. Look! The bridge ….

  1. Is being repaired b) is been repaired c) has being repaired

  1. The letter …. tomorrow.

  1. Will be posting b) will has been posted c) will be posted

  1. This book …. by the end of September.

  1. Would been republished b) will have been republished c) will been republished

  1. I …. in a big city in the USA.

  1. Is born b) am born c) was born

  1. In Greece the Olympic Games …. once in four years.

  1. Were held b) are being held c) are held

  1. The book …. last year.

  1. Printed b) will print c) was printed

  1. The letter …. next week.

  1. Writes b) will be written c) has been write

  1. После лекции ему задали много вопросов.

  1. He was asked a lot of questions after the lecture.

  2. He asked many questions after the lecture.

  3. After the lecture he have asked many questions.

  1. Вам пошлют факс на следующей неделе.

  1. You will send the fax next week.

  2. You will be sent the fax next week.

  3. Next week you will have sent the fax.

  1. Когда Том позвонил, детям рассказывали интересную историю.

  1. Children told an interesting story when Tom phoned.

  2. When Tom phoned children were reading an interesting story.

  3. When Tom phoned children were being told an interesting story.

  1. Текст уже переведён.

  1. The text translated already.

  2. The text has already translated.

  3. The text has already been translated.

  1. Его встретят в аэропорту завтра к семи часам.

  1. He was met at the airport.

  2. He will have been met at the airport tomorrow by seven o’clock.

  3. He meets at the airport tomorrow.

  1. Кто защищает животных на нашей планете?

  1. Who protects animals on our planet?

  2. Which of you protects animals on our planet?

  3. Who does protect animals on our planet?

  1. Кто из них знает французский язык?

  1. Which of you do know French?

  2. Who knows French?

  3. Which of them knows French?

  1. America was discovered by Columbus.

  1. By whom America was discovered?

  2. By whom was America discovered?

  3. By whom was discovered Columbus?

  1. America was called “New World”.

  1. Why did America call “New World”?

  2. Why was America called “New World”?

  3. Why America “New World”?

  1. Walt Disney was born in 1901.

  1. When was Walt Disney born?

  2. When Walt Disney was born?

  3. When was born Walt Disney?

  1. I can cook, and ……

  1. Helen does b) so Helen can c) so can Helen

  1. He spent his holiday in the mountains, and ……..

  1. Neither his parents b) his parents spent c) so did his parents

  1. I was not at home on Sunday evening. …….

  1. My grandparents was so b) Neither was my grandparents c) Nether were my grandparents

  1. Jane will go to the South in summer. ……..

  1. So her friends will b) her friends will so c) so will her friends

  1. My brother doesn’t swim well. ………

  1. I am so b) Neither do I c) So do I

  1. Ноw many parts does the UK consist of?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

  1. The most popular sport in England?

a) cricket b) football c) golf d) tennis

  1. Britain's currency?

a) dollar b) cent c) euro d) pound

  1. The longest river in England is

a) the Thames b) the Spey c) the Severn d) the Clyde

  1. The home of the first great detective Sherlock Holmes is

a) 35 Apple Street b) 221 Baker Street c) 114 Regent’s Park d) 26 Green Street

  1. The national musical instrument in Northern Ireland.

a) bagpipe b) violin c) guitar d) harp

  1. The highest mountain in the UK?

  1. Ben Nevis b) Snowdon c) Fairfield d) Great End

  1. The name of Shakespeare's Theatre is

a) the Sail b) the Globe c) the Ball d) the Snow

  1. Ноw many monarchs have there been in Great Britain?

a) 24 b) 2 c) 100 d) 40

  1. What colour are the letter boxes in London?

a) black b) yellow c) red d) blue

  1. When do Englishmen celebrate Boxing Day?

a) 26th of December b) 31st of October c) 14th of February d) 5th of April

  1. What is the most popular game in English pubs?

a) golf b) football c) darts d) cricket

  1. What country is often called 'The Land of Songs'?

a) England b) Wales c) Scotland d) Brasilia

  1. The most important river in England.

a) the Thames b) the Avon c) the Severn d) the Clyde

  1. The national musical instrument of the Scotts.

a) harp b) bagpipes c) guitar d) violin

  1. The masterpiece оf Christopher Wren.

a) Westminster Abbey b) St. Paul’s Cathedral c) Westminster Palace d) Buckingham Palace

  1. He wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

a) Lewis Carroll b) Jonathan Swift c) Stevenson d) Daniel Defoe

  1. Where are “the Beatles” from?

a) London b) Glasgow c) Manchester d) Liverpool

  1. What is the nickname of London?

a) “Friendly City” b) “Emerald Land” c) “Albion” d) “Big Apple”

  1. What colour are the taxis in the USA?

a) red b) yellow c) green d) black

  1. The national dress of the Scots.

a) kilt b) haggis c) silk tie d) bagpipes

  1. Who wrote “Robinson Crusoe”?

a) Daniel Defoe b) William Shakespeare c) Robert Burns d) Charles Dickens

  1. Whose memorial is in front of Buckingham Palace?

a) Queen Victoria b) Queen Elizabeth I c) Diana Spencer d) Admiral Nelson

  1. What colour are the taxis in London?

a) red b) yellow c) green d) black

  1. For what period are the members of the House of Lords elected?

a) 10 years b) not elected c) 5 years d) 7 years

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