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Сборник стихов, рифмовок для подготовки уроков английского языка в начальной школе



On a bright day,

On a light day,

A bird I see

For you and me.

A bird so white,

A bird so bright,

A bird we love,

The White Dove!

It sings a song of peace, my dove,

A song so sweet and free,

A song of peace, a song of love,

A song for you and me.

The bird so white,

The bird so bright,

The bird we love,

The White Dove!


Red and yellow.

White and blue.

How are you?

How are you?

Green and brown.

Pink and blue.

I'm fine! Thank you.

I'm fine! Thank you.


I met a little girl

Who came from another land.

I couldn't speak her language,

But I took her by the hand.

We danced together

Had such fun,

Dancing is a language

You can speak with anyone.

Edith Segal


If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear,

You must never, never, never -ask him where

He is going.

Or what he is doing;

For if you ever, ever dare to stop a grizzly bear,

You will never meet another grizzly bear.

Mary Austin


If I were a builder,

I'd make big bridges.

Bridges to far away lands:

To Asia, Africa, South America,

Bridges to Europe, Iceland, Iraq.

I'd walk round the world

To visit the people.

And when we shook hands,

We'd make little bridges.

Edith Segal


This is the season

When fruit is sweet;

This is the season

When school friends meet,

When noisy and gay,

And brown in the sun.

With their books and bags

To school they run.

This is the season

When mornings are dark,

And birds do not sing

In forest and park.

This is (he season

When children ski,

And Father Frost

Brings the New-Year tree,

This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To be in his room.

This is the season

When birds make their nests;

This is the season

We all like best.

This is the season

When nights are short;

When children are full

Of fun and sport;

Playing, swimming

All the day,

With a happy song,

On a sunny day.

Hiawatha's Childhood

By the shores of Gitchie Cumee,

By the shining Big-Sea-Water,

Stood the wigwam of Nakomis,

Daughter of the Moon, Nakomis.

Dark behind it rose the forest,

Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees.

Rose the firs with cones upon them;

Bright before it beat the water.

Beat the clear and sunny water,

Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water.

At the door on summer evenings

Sat the little Hiawatha;

Heard the whispering of the pine-trees,

Heard the lapping of the waters,

Sounds of music, words of wonder.

Then the little Hiawatha

Learned of every bird its language,

Learned their names and all their secrets,

How they built their nests in Summer,

Where they hid themselves in Winter,

Talked with them whene'er he met them,

Called them "Hiawatha's Chickens".

Of all beasts he learned the language,

Learned their names and all their secrets.

How the beavers built their lodges,"

Where the squirrels hid their acorns,

How the reindeer ran so swiftly,

Why the rabbit was so timid,

Talked to them whene'er he met them,

Called them "Hiawatha's Brothers".

Henry Wadswartli Longfetlaw


Trees are the kindest things I know,

They do no harm, they simply grow

And spread a shade for sleepy cows,

And gather birds among their boughs.

They give us fruit in leaves above,

And wood to make our houses of,

And leaves to burn on Halloween,

And in the Spring new buds of green.

They are the first when day's begun

To touch the beams of morning sun.

They are the last to hold the light

When evening changes into night,

And when а moоп floats on the sky

They hum a drowsy lullaby

Of sleepy children long ago...

Trees are the kindest things I know.

Harry Behn


Friendship is a thing for two,

Three or four, even more.

Like a song that's made to sing

Friendship is a doing thing

Edith Segal

Monday is a grey day,

Tuesday is a bore,

Wednesday is OK,

But I like Thursday more.

Friday is near the holiday

And Saturday is great,

Sunday is my favorite day,

But Sunday night I hate,


Monday is a grey day

On Monday alone,

On Tuesday together,

On Wednesday we walk

In windy weather.

On Thursday we climb,

On Friday we run,

And on Saturday and Sunday,

We play and have fun.


Mr Hall is very tall.

Mrs Port is very short.

Miss Sprat is very fat.

Ms Sin is very thin.

Mr Gold is very old.

And Tommy Sung is very young.


Buzz, buzz, buzz,

go bees in the sun.

Buzz, buzz, buzz,

making honey is fun.


I took my little sail-boat to sail around the world,

And in and out the meadows river wound and curled.

I drifted by the bowers where rose and ivy twined,

But no such lovely garden as that I'd left behind.

Wherever you may roam, there’s no place like home.

I sailed between the mountains where brooks came tumbling


And out beyond a forest I saw a foreign town;

And birds were singing gaily some song I'd never heard,

But, oh, I love more dearly my pet canary bird!

Wherever you may roam, ther's no place like home.

The town was full of wonders, and statues made of stone,

But no one saw them with me, for I was all alone.

And I was longing only to reach the meadow stile.

To hear my sister's music and see my mother's smile.

Wherever you may roam, ther's no place like home.

Edith Segal


In a town there was an old, old castle.

In the castle there was a big, big room.

In the room there was a tall, tall cupboard.

In the cupboard there was a small, small box.

In the box there was a tiny, tiny...GHOST!


I want to live

And not to die

1 want to laugh

And not to cry

I want to feel

The summer sun,

I want to sing

When life is fun.

I want to flу

Into the blue,

I want to swim

As fishes do.

I want to stretch out

Friendly hands

To all the young

Of other lands.

I want to flight

For what is right —

Against disease,

Against despair

Against stark hunger


I want to live.

I want to mate,

No atom bomb


My shining world.

1 want to laugh,

And not to cry!

I want to live

And not to die.

Well, He Eats Like a Pig

Well, he eats like a pig,

he can't get enough.

He works like a dog,

he looks real tough.

He smokes like a chimney,

four packs a day.

He sleeps like a log,

what more can I say?

He drinks like a fish,

scotch on the rocks.

When he gets real mad,

he hardly talks.

He cries like a baby'

when he's Feeling sad.

He's the dearest friend ,

I've ever had.


Seldom "can't",

Seldom "don't",

Never "shan't",

Never "won't".

Christina G. Rosetti

Easy Solutions.

Gee, I'm hungry!

Have a sandwich.

Gee, I'm angry!

Culm down!

Gee, I'm sleepy!

Take a nap!

Gee, it's chilly in here!

Put on a sweater.

Gee, it's hot in here

Open a window.

I've got the hiccups!

Drink some water. .

My nose itches

Scratch it.

My feet hurt

Sit down for awhile.

My shoes are tight.

Take. them off.

I have a toothache.

Go to the dentist.

I have a headache.

Take some aspirin.

I'm lonely!

Call up a friend.

I'm bored!

Go to a movie.

Banker's Wife's Blues

Where does John live?

He lives near the bank.

Where does he work?

He works at the bank.

When does he work?

He works all day

and he works all night,

at the bank, at the bank,

at the great, big batik.

Where; does he study?

He studies at the bank.

Where does he sleep?

He sleeps at the bank.

Why does he spend all day, all night,

all day, alt night,

at the bank, at the bank?

Весаuse he loves his bank

mort than Ins wife

and lie loves his money

more than his life.

"Where are you going in your brown fur coats?"

(I said to the Rabbits as they went by.)

"Down to the village to get some oats.

Will you come with us?" "No, not I."

I met a Puppy as I went walking;

We got talking,

Puppy and I.

"Where are you going this nice funny day?"

(I said to the Puppy as he went by.)

"Up in the hills to roll and play."

"I'll come with you. Puppy," said I.


Henry Abbey

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

We plant the ship, which will cross the sea.

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

We plant the houses for you and me.

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

A thousand things that we daily see.

How's his English?

His English is wonderful,

He speaks very well.

His accent is perfect.

You really can't tell

That he isn't a native

Of U.S.A.

there's only one problem,

he has nothing to say.


A pin has a head, but has no hair;

A clock has a face, but no mouth there;

Needles have eyes, but they cannot see;

A fly has a trunk without lock or key;

A watch has hands, but no thumb or finger;

A boot has a tongue, but it is no singer;

Rivers run, though they have no feet;

A saw has teeth, but it does not eat.

Christina G. Rosetti


What does the donkey bray about?

What does the pig grunt through his snout?

What does the goose mean by a hiss?

Oh, Nurse, if you can tell me this,

I'll give you such a kiss.

The cockatoo calls "cockatoo",

The magpie chatters "how dye do?"

The jackdaw bids me "go away",

Cuckoo cries "cuckoo" half the day;

What do the others say?

Christina G. Rosettt


The friendly cow all red and white,

I love with all my heart;

She gives me cream with all her might,

To eat with apple tart.

Robert Louis Stevenson


A fishing pole is a curious thing;

It's made of just1 a stick and a string,

A boy at one end and a wish,

And on the other end a fish.

Mary Carolyn Davies


I am the sister of him

And he is my brother.

He is too little for us

To talk to each other.

So every morning I show him

My doll and my book,

But every morning he is still

Too little to look.

Dorothy Aldis


Some of us are short and fat.

Others thin and tall.

Some of us have lots of hair.

Others none at all.

Some of us just love a mess.

Others are quite neat.

Some of us walk round the town.

Some use wheels not feet.

Some of us have black skin.

Some of us have white.

Some of us eat lots of meat.

Some don't think it right.

Some of us live up on high.

Others on the ground.

Some of us make lots of noise.

Others not a sound.

Some of us go out in crowds.

Others are alone.

Some of us go out to work.

Others work at home.

Some of us will rush about.

Some of us are lazy.

Some of us are sensible.

Some of us are crazy.

by Liliana Rylands

The arrow and the song

I shot an arrow into the air –

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

For so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air –

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

For who has sight so keen and strong

That it can follow the flight of a song?

Long, long afterwards, in an oak

I found the arrow, still unbroken:

And the song, from beginning to end,

I found again in the heart of a friend.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

* * *

A pocket handkerchief to hem —

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

How many stitches2 it will take

Before it's done, I fear.

Yet set a stitch then a stitch,

And stitch and stitch away,

Till stitch by stitch the hem is done '

And after work is play!

* * *

If the sun could tell us half

That he hears and sees

Think of all the birds that make

Homes among the trees;

Sometimes he would make us laugh,

Sometimes make us cry.

Think of cruel boys who take

Birds that cannot fly.

* * *

Fly away, fly away over the sea,

Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done;

Come again, come again, come back to me,

Bringing the summer and bringing the sun.


Glad that I live am I,

That the sky is blue;

Glad for the country lanes,

And the fall of dew.

After the sun the rain,

After the rain the sun;

This is the way of life,

Till the work be done.

Lizette W. Reese


What does our Tomcat like at school?

He's best of all at gym,

Though as a rule, he's not at school

On days we go to swim!

At nature study he's quite good,

Knows all the birds by heart;

But when it comes to doing sums,

He isn't quite so smart.

The teacher says his spelling

Is very bad indeed,

And, worse of all, his pussy scrawl's1

Impossible to read.

* * *

Humpty Dumpty and his brother

Were as like as one another.

Couldn't tell one from the other

Humpty Dumpty and his brother.

* * *

Little Tommy Tucker

Sings for his supper;

What shall we give him?

White bread and butter.


I am the wind,

And I come very fast;

Through meadows and woods

I blow a loud blast.

* * *

Little Betty Blue

Lost her holiday shoe.

What can little Betty do?

Give her another

To match the other

And then she may walk out in two.

Zog the frog!

Zog the frog

wears long, blue socks.

And eats hot dogs

from an orange box.

Batty Betty!

Batty Betty, my pet cat,

Goes to bed in a big black hat.

A rhyme!

Yesterday on the stair

I saw a man who wasn't there.

He wasn't there again today.

I hope he’s going to go away!

Feed the bees!

Feed the bees with three sweet peas.

Give the pigs six big chips.

Football rhymes!

One, two, three, four.

Which team are we shouting for?

S-c-o-t-l-a-n-d – Scotland!

Five, six, seven, eight.

Which team do we think is great?

A-r-g-e-n-t-i-n-a – Argentina!

Clap Your Hands!


Clap, clap, clap your hands!

Clap your hands together.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet.
Stamp your feet together.

Turn, turn, turn around,

Turn around together.

Hlckery, Dickery, Dock!

Hickery, Dickery, Dock!

The mouse ran up the clock.

The clock struck one,

The mouse ran down,

Hickery, Dickery, Dock!

Little Travellers

Welcome, little travelers,

Welcome, welcome home.

Tell us, little travelers,

Where you are from,

Where you are from.

We are from jumping land,

Where people all go jumping

We are from jumping land.

Where people all go jumping.

We are from hopping land,

Where all go hopping.

We are from running land,

Where people all go running.

We are from sleeping land,

Where people all go sleeping.

Ten Little Indian Boys

One little, two little, three little Indians,

Four little, live little, six little Indians,

Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians,

Ten little Indian boys.

Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians,

Seven little, six little, five little Indians,

Four little, three little, two little Indians,

One little Indian boy.

Ding, Dong, Bell!

Ding, dong, bell!

Ding, dong, bell!

Pussy's in the well.

Pussy's in the well.

Who put her in? Little Tommy Green.

Who put her in? Little Tommy Green.

Who put her out? Little Tommy Stout.

Who put her out? Little Tommy Stout.

Are You Sleeping, Brother John?

Are you sleeping.

Are you sleeping.

Brother John, Brother John?

Morning bells are ringing,

Morning bells are ringing

Ding, ding, «long,

Ding, ding. dong.

This Is the Way

This is the way

1 play with my dog.

Play with my dog.

This is the way

I play with my dog,

I do it every day.

This is the way

I play hopscotch,

Play hopscotch,

Play hopscotch.

This is the way

I play hopscotch,

I do it every day

This is the way play leapfrog ...,

This is the way ride a bike ....

This is the way play the guitar ...,

This is the way read my books ....

This is the way watch TV ... .

My Hands

Clap, clap, clap your hands.

Clap your hands together.

Clap, clap, clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.

Shake, shake, shake your hands,

Shake your hands together.

Shake, shake, shake your hands,

Shake your hands together.

Wave, wave, wave your hands.

Wave your hands together.

Wave, wave, wave your hands.

Wave your hands together.

Rub, rub, rub your hands,

Rub your hands together.

Rub, rub, rub your hands.

Rub your hands together.


Out goes the cat.

Out goes the cat,

Out goes the lady

With a big blue hat.


Y, O, U spells you;

O, U, T spells out!


Eenie, meenie, minie, mo,

Catch a tiger by the toe,

If he hollers — let him go.

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo.


Up, down,

Up, down,

Which is the way

To London Town?

Where? Where?

Up in the air.

Close your eyes —

And you arc there!


This is a proud cat.

This is a proud cal,

Too proud

To catch a mouse or a rat.

Mew, mew, mew.


Little black bug

Is under the rug;

Little grey fly

Is high up in the sky.


Little grey mouse,

Little grey mouse,

Where is your house?

Little black cat,

Little black cat.

Thai is my Flat!


One, two, three, four.

Can I have a little more?

Five, six, seven, eight.

Put some candies on my plate.


Ann! Ann!

Come! Quick as you can!

There's a fish that talks

In a frying pan!


One potato, two potatoes.

Three potatoes. Four;

Five potatoes, six potatoes,

Seven potatoes, more!


Jump, jump, jump -

Jump far away;

And all come home

Some other day.


A hen and a cock.

Three geese in a Flock.

One flew east, one flew west,

One Dew over the cuckoo's nest.


A-hunting we will go.

A-hunting we will go.

We'll catch a fox.

And put him in a box

And never let him go.


Guess, guess.

Don't be slow!

Is it a cat?

No! No!

Guess, guess,

Guess, guess.

Is it a dog?

Yes, yes!


Hello, Pam!

Hello, May!

How are you?

Fine! I'm six today.


I've got a doll.

She's got a ball.

We've got toys.

We like them all.

I Like to Play

I like to play.

I like to run,

I like to jump.

It's fun.

It's Fun

It's fun to be this.

Ifs fun to be that.

To jump like a frog.

To mew like a cat.

I Have Got Many Toys

I've got a hare,

I've got a bear,

My toys are here,

My toys are there.

I've Got a Horse

I've got a horse,

I've got a dog,

I've got a brown cow,

I've got a duck,

I've got a bird (a dolphin)

I'm playing now.

A Frog Is Green

A Frog is green.

A budgie is bright.

A fox is red.

A horse is white.

A Frog

I am a frog

As you can see.

I've got no one

To play with me.

Oh, Don't Be Blue!

Oh, don't be blue!

Please, don't be blue!

I want to come

And play with you.

Oh, Mr Dog!

Oh, Mr Dog!

How I can see.

How very kind

You are to me!


I want to be a monkey,

I want to be a frog.

To mew like a cat.

To jump like a dog.


Little grey mouse,

Where is your house?

Little red fox,

Where is your box?

Little brown bear.

Where are you. oh, where?

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