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Сборник топиков к переводному экзамену по английскому языку

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The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia. It is an independent federative state. Australia is situated south of Asia, between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Its territory is about 7.7mln sq km.It’s population is about 20 mln people. The capital of Australia is Canberra. The official language is English. Australia is the world’s largest island and its smallest continent. Most of the continent is sunny most of the year. There are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. The native birds of Australia are very interesting. The emu, for example, which with kangaroo is represented on the australian coat-of-arms.

New Zealand is situated in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is separated from Australia by the Tasman Sea. The country consists of. 2 large islands and numerous small islands .The first European navigator who visited New Zealand was Abel Tasman. The population of New Zealand is. 4 mln people. The official languages of New Zealand are English & Maori. The capital of the country is Wellington. The largest New Zealand’s city is Christchurch. New Zealand is a monarchy.

Wales is a country of hills and mountains,with deep rivers and valleys.Cardiff is the capital of Wales.The most important towns and cities are Swansea and Newport.Wales has been united with England for 700 years.Wales has its own Welsh language.The official languages are English and Welsh.The national flower of Wales is daffodil.Wales is an important sentre for eltctronic and steel production.Wales attract many tourists.There are three National Parks there.The most popular sport in Wales is rugby.

Ireland,which is also an island,lies off the west coast of Great Britain.Nothern Ireland and the Irish Republic are on this island.Belfast is the lagest city in Nothern Ireland and its capital. Northern Ireland has its own symbol- a shamrock.The flag is the red cross of St.Patrick. Another name for the Nothern Ireland is Ulster.The official languages of Nothern Ireland are English and Irish.

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.Scotland is situated to the North of England. Its territory is mainly divided into two main parts: The Highlands and the Lowlands. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The population of Scotland is 4,996,000 people. The official languages are English, Gaelic and Scottish. The money used is called the pound sterling. The chief centre of commerce and industry is Glasgow. Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. Scots celebrate many holidays.

The full name of the country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. The United Kingdom is situated on theBritish Isles.Their total area is over 244 000 sq .km.It boders on the Irish Republic in the south. The United Kingdom consist of four main parts: England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland.The population of Great Britain is over 57 million people.London is the capital of Great Britain.

London is the capital of Great Britain. It is political, economic and cultural centre.It is one of the largest cities in the world.Its population is about 8 million people.London is situated on the both banks of the River Thames.The area of London is 625 square miles.Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City,Westminter, the West End and the East End.

England is the largest and the richest part of Great Britain. The capital of England is London. Other large industrial cities, such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, York, Chester, Oxford and Cambridge. Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world.

. Chester is very important town in the north-west of England. Oxford is the home of the oldest university of England. The most famous college is Christ Church. Cambridge is the home of Britain's second oldest university. York was the capital of Northern England.

The USA is a federal republic, a union of 50 states. Its area is 9 363 169 sq km. The population of the USA is more than 230 mln. Its capital is Washington with more than 3 mln residents. Official language is English – the so called “American English”. The USA is situated in the North America. It is highly developed industrial and agricultural country.

Plants in our life

Plants are important for everyone. Plants take active part in forming of soils, minerals. Our food, medicines and clothes are made from plants.Green indoor plants can be usefull to your health. Indoor plants improve the air we breathe.They can also filter polutants. Indoor plants can help to prevent allergies.Make sure you water your indoor plants regulary.If you care for your plants they will give you clean air and good health.

Our school. I study in Zagradovka secondary school . It is situated in a two-storied building. There is a big garden behind the school. In front of the school there is a big yard . There are many classrooms, laboratories, an assembly hall, a library, workshops and a gymnasium in my school. At school I study many various subjects: geography, history, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, Kazakh, Russian and English languages, literature. There is a good library in my school. My school is beautiful made of brick building.

The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states. The Constitution was written in 1787. Since that time twenty six Amendments have been added. The first ten Amendments were simply rights or the Bill of rights. The Constitution proclaims a federal system of government. The federal power is located in Washington, D.C. It is based on legislative, executive and juridical branches of power. The legislative power is vested in Congress . The executive branch is headed by the President. The judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court. Polit Sys of the USA

Pets Domestic animals are animals who live with people. People always call them ‘’pets’’. Cats are domestic animals .Their short fur can be of different colors- white, black, red, and grey and so on. Cats have no fins and wings, just legs, a body, head and a long tail. They have 4 long legs, so they run quite fast. Sometimes cats can be friendly and nice to people, sometimes selfish. It depends on a cat’s temper. Cats live with people-in people’s houses and flats. They eat fish, meat, milk, sometimes human food. Cats live for 10-15 years, but some of them can live longer.

Internet. The Internet is an extremely useful tool that has become an important part of our lives in the last few years. The Internet has recently become another important source of information. Its main advantage is that news appears on the screen as soon as things happen in real life and you don’t have to wait for news time on TV. With the help of internet people can: get information much easier , make new friends , find a job , communicate, do the shopping , study something new

Wild animals. There are a lot of animals on our planet. They can be wild and domestic. Wild animals are those animals who live in nature without people. Wolves, foxes giraffes are wild animals. Many animals and birds in Kazakhstan are in danger. People have hunted and killed many animals, destroyed their habitats. There are about 835 species of animals in Kazakhstan. Many of them included into the Red Book.

The problem of ecology. The environment is all living and non-living things around us. They are animals and birds, woods and forests, air and water, land and atmosphere. The people face the problem of the pollution of environment. Our environment needs strong protection. There are different kinds of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution. It is dangerous for life. Pollution deprives people of fresh air, clear water and healthy food.

The geographical position of the USA. The USA is situated on the north America continent. It is washed by two oceans: The Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans .The USA borders with only two countries- Canada and Mexico. This great country has a lot of mountains, rivers and lakes. America has fifty states ad one independent District of Columbia. The capital of the USA is Washington D C .It stands on the Potomac River.

The industry and the USA. The USA is a highly developed industrialized country. Shipbuilding, electronics, automobile industry is highly developed in the states. Great lakes, Atlantic Coasts, Pennsylvania ,New Jersey are biggest industrial regions of the country .The USA has a lot of mineral deposits such as coal ,gold ,silver ,copper ,lead and zink. The south especially Texas is rich in oil. Pennsylvania is rich in coal. Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska are the richest farming region of America.

Kazakhstan is my mother land. Kazakhstan is my mother land. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is very beautiful, large and modern city. Kazakhstan borders China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia. The official language is Kazakh. The population of Kazakhstan is about 17 million people. The largest cities are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent ,Pavlodar and Astana.I love my motherland.

Primary school. Pupils usually start school at the age of seven. After four years of primary school they pass to secondary school. Primary and secondary schools together comprise eleven years of study. The primary school curriculum included such subjects as Kazakh ,Maths ,Russian ,Drawing ,Physical training and music. Our school year began on the first of September and ended in May. It lasted 9 months. Every day we have 5 or 6 lesson. We have 4 holidays a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Elvis Presley .Elvis Presley is the biggest star of the 20 century. He is known as a ‘’king of rock and roll’’. He was born in 1935.His family was poor. Elvis became a truck driver. One day in 1954 just for fun he recorded his first song. Sam Philips ,head of the studio immediately recognized Elvis’s potential. From that time began his singing career.

My future profession. What do you want to be in Future? It is difficult to answer .Little children usually dream to become spaceman or film star. I don’t know for certain what shall I do, but I think the best way to prepare myself for a future job is to get a good education. Jobs are changing and constantly appearing. I think it is important to have good health to face difficulties and changes. That’s why I pay great attention to sport.

Mark Twain was a famous American writer. His name was Samuel Clemens. “Mark Twain” was his pen-name. Samuel Clemens was born in a small town on the Missouri – river in the USA. The boy had many friends at school and when he became a writer, he wrote about them in his stories”. He sent them to newspapers. The readers liked his stories. In 1876 he published his best novel “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”, which boys and girls in many countries know and like very much.

Henry Ford. Henry Ford was born in 1863.He was a man who transformed the world. The car he built changed the lives of people everywhere. In 1896, Ford succeeded in building an automobile powered by a gasoline engine. He built this engine in his kitchen sink. In 1903, Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford wanted to make a car that everyone would be able to afford

Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburg, Scotland, in 1847.He invented the first telephone in 1876 . Bell’s father had been one of the pioneer teachers of speech to the deaf. After graduating from the University of London, Alexander was a teacher of the deaf. In 1876 when Bell showed his first model of the telephone, it was still a rather simple instrument. Alexander Graham Bell received the Centennial prize awards for both the multiple telegraph and the telephone. Bell died on August 2, 1922.

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