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Сборник упражнений по английскому языку "Грамматика" 5-7 классы


английский язык 4 кл

Упражнение 1. Поставьте is, are, was, were  

1. There ____ five  flowers in the vase.

2. There ____a very funny clown in the circus yesterday.

3. Look! There ____ a big mushroom under that tree.

4. What did you see? ___ there any animals?

5. There _____ no any butter in the fridge.

Ответы к упражнению 1

Чтобы правильно выполнить это упражнение нужно обращать внимание на число существительного и на время. Если существительное в единственном числе следует употребить isили was, а для множественного числа are / were.

1. are – В вазе пять цветков. Цветков много, значит are.

2. was – артикль  всегда указывает на существительное в единственном числе, но время прошедшее (yesterday).

3. is – Как и в предыдущем задании, существительное в единственном числе, только время настоящее.

4. were – Первое предложение указывает на прошедшее время (did). Во втором предложении существительное стоит во множественном числе (animals)

5. is – слово butter – масло неисчисляемое и всегда употребляется в единственном числе.

Упражнение 2. Поставьте  some / any

1. Give me ____ juice, please.

2. Are there _____ peaches on the dish? Yes, there are ____,

3. Take _____books from the shelf.

4. We have _____ apple-trees in our garden.

5. I can’t see ____berries on this bush.


Ответы к упражнению 2

Для правильного выполнения этого задания нужно помнить, что someупотребляется только в утвердительных предложениях, а в отрицательных и вопросительных any.

1. some

2. any, some

3. some

4. some

5. any

Олимпиадные задания по англиискому языку для 5 класса

Use of English.

I.Choose the right answer.

  1. He ……. to the swimming pool every Sunday.

a) went                        b) will go                     c) goes

  1. Tom usually ……… coffee, but today he ……… tea.

a) drank ….. drank      b) drinks …..is drinking           c) drinks ….will drink

  1. It ………… next week.

a) won`t rain                b) isn`t raining              c) doesn`t rain

  1. Look! She  …………. the same blouse as me.

a) wears                      b) is wearing                            c) will wear

  1. They ………… hard in the garden last Wednesday.

a) work                       b) are working                         c)  worked

  1. English school never ………… on Monday.

a) is beginning b) began                                  c) begins

  1. I …….. you tomorrow.

    1. Phone              b) will phone                            c) am phoning

  2. Come in. We …………. Dinner.

a) have                        b) are having                            c) will have

  1. She ………….several  languages.

a) speaks                     b) is speaking                          c) spoke

  1. She …………. to the theatre twice last week.

    1. Goes               b) went                                    c) is going


II. Open the bracket & put verbs into the proper tense form.

Long, long ago there 1 ___________ (live) a lot of  mice in an old house. There 2 __________ (live) a cat in that  house too. The mice 3 _____________ (be) afraid of the cat but they 4 _________ (not know) what to do. So one day they  all 5 ________ (come) to an old clever mouse & 6 ________ (begin)  7 ____________ (talk) about the cat.

What 8 __________ (can) we do?” they 9 ___________ (say). “The cat 10 _______ (kill) us all.”

Suddenly one  little mouse 11 ___________ (say), “Let`s put a  bell round the cat`s neck & we  12 _________ (hear) it.”

They  13 _________ (be) all very  glad and they  14 ________ (begin) to dance.

Suddenly the clever old mouse 15 ________ (say), “I 16 _________(want) to ask one question. Who 17 ___________ (put) the bell round the cat`s neck?”


III. Write the following sentences in the interrogative & negative forms.

  1. Nelly lives at the seaside in summer.

  2. He is watching TV now.

  3. She  bought  vegetables in the market.

  4. There are many flowers in the vase.

  5. I helped mother  yesterday.

  6. They clean their rooms on  Saturdays.

  7. They will go to Zoo on Sunday.

  8. There is a new book on the table.



Задание  1 (Время выполнения: 10-15 минут)

Прочитай текст u выполнu задание.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It has a long history. It is always on the fourth Thursday of November. People have a lot to do before the holiday. Peter and his family like this day very much. Peter's father buys a big fat turkey. Mother cooks the turkey and a lot of other tasty things. Peter's mum is good at cooking. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because it is a family holiday. Peter's grandparents come to see them on this day. First they go to church and thank God. Then they have a traditional family dinner. They eat roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream. Peter doesn't like pumpkin pie but he likes chocolate ice-cream.

Найди каждому предложении (1-10) соответствующее продолжение (a j). Занеси ответы в таблицу

  1. Thanksgiving is...

  2. It is always on the...     .

  3. Peter's father buys...

  4. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because...

  5. They eat...

  6. People have a lot to do...

  7. Mother cooks...

  8. Peter's grandparents...

  9. First...

  10. Peter doesn't like...


a)      ...before the holiday.

b)      ...an American holiday.

c)      ...they go to church and thank God.

d)      ... a big fat turkey.

e)      ...the turkey and alot of other tasty things.

f)       ...a roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream.

g)      ...it is a family holiday.

h)      ...pumpkin pie.

i)        ...come to see them on this day.

j)        ...fourth Thursday of November.























Задание  2                 (Время выполнения: 5-10 минут)

Прочитай текст u выполни задание.

  1. In Manchester they have built Europe's most modern on-street trans- port system, the Metrolink. In 1993 they built a new international terminal at Manchester Airport.

  2. For a long time, the Tower of London was a fortress, a palace and a prison. Many kings and queens lived there. It is the oldest building in London.

  3. Buckingham Palace was built in 1763. It is the Queen's official London home. Visitors can tour it and view 16 rooms there.

  4. It is a very big city. More than 8 million people live there. There are a lot of houses, banks, shops, palaces and churches in it, It is the capital of England and Great Britain.

  5. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is a great city. It has a long historic past. There you can see beautiful old castles and wonderful parks.

Занеси соответствующие цифры в таблицу.

Основная мысль текста


Номер текста

This text is about London

This text is about transport system

This text is about Queen's home

This text is about a Scottish city

This text is about the oldest London building

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