Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыСценарий спектакля на английском языке "Доктор Айболит" (3 класс)

Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "Доктор Айболит" (3 класс)

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Doctor Goodvet



Doctor Goodvet

Chief Pirate Barmaley

Sister Barbara

Pirate 1

Dog Avva

Pirate 2

Owl Bumba

Monkey 1

Monkey Chichi

Monkey 2


Part 1. At The Doctor Goodvet’s House

Storyteller – Once upon a time there lived a very special doctor – a doctor for animals, a vet. And he was a very good vet. He looked after animals very well. And all the animals loved him. He could speak the animal language. His name was Doctor Goodvet. He lived in a small house and the owl Bumba helped him.

Dr. Goodvet – Bumba, where is my daybook?

Bumba – Here it is, Dr. Goodvet.

(Dr. Goodvet что-то переливает в колбу и рассматривает через лупу)

Bumba – What a nice evening! There are no sick animals, there are no patients!

Dr. Goodvet – We can have a rest.

(Стук в дверь)

Dr. Goodvet – Bumba, open the door. (Появляетя собака)

Dr. Goodvet – Who are you?

Avva – Hello, I am a dog, my name is Avva.

Dr. Goodvet – What’s up, my dear?

Avva – I can’t see. I think I have problems with my eyes.

Dr. Goodvet – Let me see… (Смотрит через лупу). I think you need a pair of glasses. Bumba, give me the glasses, please!

Bumba – We have a pair of glasses. Here you are.

Dr. Goodvet – Thank you. (Avva надевает очки)

Avva – Hooray! Hooray! I can see! I see Dr. Goodvet! I see the owl Bumba! Thank you, dear doctor! You are a magician!

Dr. Goodvet – Stay with us, let’s live together.


Part 2. To Africa!

Storyteller – And the dog Avva started to live in the house. Dr Goodvet had a sister Barbara. She was not a good woman at all. She didn’t like animals.

Barbara – What? Again? A new animal? I hate your animals! Animals are dirty! Animals don’t have money! Good people don’t come to our house! They are afraid of your terrible animals! An owl, a dog… Soon you will live with monkeys!

(Стук в дверь. Появляетя обезьяна)

Dr. Goodvet – Who are you?

Chichi – I am a poor monkey Chichi. I ran away from the circus! My master was a very bad man! He didn’t give me any food!

Avva – Poor thing! Bumba, give a cup of warm milk to Chichi!

Bumba – (Дает молоко) Stay with us, let’s live together.

Barbara – What? A monkey? It’s awful! Who will be next?

Chichi – Listen! I can hear some strange sounds behind the door.

Dr. Goodvet – Avva, open the door. (Появляетя ласточка)

Dr. Goodvet – Who are you?

Swallow – It’s me, I am a swallow. I flew here from Africa. Are you Dr Goodvet?

Dr. Goodvet – Yes, I am.

Swallow – I have some bad news for you, Dr Goodvet. Monkeys in Africa are terribly ill. They need your help.

Dr. Goodvet – Terribly ill? What has happened?

Swallow – They have a stomach ache, a toothache, a backache, an earache and a headache.

Dr. Goodvet – It’s awful! And the temperature?

Swallow – The temperature is very high! You should hurry up! The monkeys can die! Help them, Dr Goodvet!

Chichi – What bad news! My dear sisters in Africa can die! Doctor, doctor, help them, please!

Dr. Goodvet – Of course, I will! We will go to Africa right now.

Bumba – And how will you go to Africa?

Dr. Goodvet – I have a good friend, a sailor.

Avva – Will he give us his ship?

Dr. Goodvet – Of course, he will! Bumba, give me my bag! Avva, Chichi, we will go to Africa!

Swallow – I will show you the way!

Bumba – We are sailing to Africa!

Chichi – We will save my sisters!

Avva – Hooray! Hooray! (Все убегают)

Barbara – I am alone at last! No dirty animals! No sick animals! I can do what I want! Hooray!

Part 3. On the way

Storyteller – It was windy, but the ship went to Africa, it was rainy, but the ship went to Africa, it was stormy, but the ship went to Africa.

Swallow – This way! Follow me!

ХоромWe will!

Swallow – Left! Right! Africa is near!

ХоромWe will!

Swallow – This way! Follow me!

ХоромWe will!

Swallow – I can see Africa!

Хором – Africa! Africa!

( Как будто выгружаются на берег)

Dr. Goodvet – Oh, we are so tired!

Avva – I want to sleep!

Bumba – Let’s have a rest!

Chichi – But my sisters!

Dr. Goodvet – OK, let’s have a rest and then we will help the monkeys.

(Засыпают на берегу)

Swallow – And I will fly and look how the poor monkeys feel. I will tell them Dr. Goodvet is here, Dr. Goodvet will help them. Monkeys! Monkeys!


Part 4. Pirates and monkeys.

Barmaley – A-ha-ha! Here I am! The Chief Pirate! The horror of Africa! Do you know me? My name is Barmaley! And where are the pirates? Thunder and storm! Where are they walking?

(Музыка, появляются пираты)

Barmaley – At last you are here! Who am I?

Pirate 1 – You are the angriest pirate in the world!

Pirate 2 – You are the strongest pirate in the world!

Pirate 1 – You are the most dangerous!

Pirate 2 – You are the most terrible!

Barmaley – A-ha-ha! Here I am! Are you afraid, thunder and storm?

Pirate 1, 2 – We are afraid!

Barmaley – Look! Who is on the coast?

Pirate 1 – I think it’s Dr. Goodvet.

Pirate 2 – And his animals.

Barmaley – Dr. Goodvet? Animals? Grab them! Tie them! Take a rope!

(Пираты пытаются связать всех)

Dr. GoodvetHey! Stop! What are you doing?

Barmaley – You, old monkeys! You are mad or not mad?! Tie them!

Dr. Goodvet – What are you doing?

Pirate 1, 2 – We did it!

Barmaley – That’s good! Now make a fire. I am hungry. We will eat the animals.

Pirate 2 – We are hungry, too.

Dr. Goodvet –Stop! We must help poor monkeys! They are ill and need my help!

Barmaley – Monkeys? Thunder and storm! I will sell monkeys to the circus and get a lot of money!

Chichi – No, you won’t!

Avva – Please! Let them go!

Barmaley – A-ha-ha! Thunder and storm! Pirates! Bring monkeys here!

(Пираты тащат обезьян)

Monkey 1 – We are poor monkeys!

Monkey 2 – We are ill!

Monkey 1 – I have got a toothache!

Monkey 2 – I have got a headache!

Monkey 1 – I have got an earache!

Monkey 2 – I have got a backache!

Monkey 1, 2 – We have got a stomachache!

Chichi –My poor sisters!

Bumba – Let them go!

Swallow – Barmaley! You are a terrible man! Let them go! Dr. Goodvet, help the monkeys!

Barmaley – Nobody will help them. They are my monkeys! I will sell monkeys to the circus and get a lot of money! Oh, what is it? I have a headache!

Pirate 1 – I have got a toothache!

Pirate 2 – I have got a backache!

Pirate 1 – I have got an earache!

Pirate 1, 2, Barmaley – We have got a stomachache!

(Доктор выбирается, снимает веревки)

Dr. Goodvet – I told you they are ill! Animals, help me, please!

Monkey 1 – Oh, I am dying!

Monkey 2 – Oh, good bye, everyone!

Pirate 1, 2, Barmaley – We are dying!

Avva – Oh, no!

Dr. Goodvet – Quick! We must be quick! Chichi, take a temperature!

Chichi – I will!

Dr. Goodvet – Avva, give me my bag!

Avva – I will!

Dr. Goodvet – Bumba, give them some medicine!

Bumba I will!

(Выпивают лекарство)

Monkey 1 – Doctor, I feel good!

Monkey 2 – Doctor, you are a magician!

Pirate 1, 2– Thank you, doctor!

Barmaley – Doctor, I am not angry! I am kind! I don’t want to be a pirate!

Pirate 1– We don’t want to be pirates!

Pirate 2– We want to help you, doctor!

Dr. Goodvet – OK, I will give you my medicines and you will help ill animals.

(Дает им градусник и  лекарство)

Monkey 1 – We want to help animals, too!

Monkey 2 – Good-bye, my dear sister!

Barmaley – Thank you, doctor!

Pirate 1, 2– Good-bye! (Уходят, все машут)

Dr. Goodvet – OK, It’s time to go home.

Bumba, Avva, Chichi – Good-bye, Africa!

Swallow – Good-bye, thank you!

Part 5. Back home

Storyteller – Dr. Goodvet and his animals went home by ship. And what about Barbara? Let’s have a look.

Barbara – It’s so boring! I am alone. Nobody comes to my house. No people. No animals. I am sad. Where is my dear brother? Where are the animals?

Dr. Goodvet – Barbara, I am at home at last!

Bumba, Avva, Chichi – We are at home!

Barbara – Brother! Bumba! Avva! Chichi! I am so glad to see you!

ХоромLet’s live together!

Песня – The more we are together, together, together,

The more we are together, the happier we are!

For my friend is your friend and your friend is my friend,

The more we are together, the happier we are!

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