Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыСценарий спектакля на английском языке "По следам Шерлока Холмса" (4 класс)

Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "По следам Шерлока Холмса" (4 класс)

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Спектакль «По следам Шерлока Холмса»

Storyteller – People like detective stories. Why do they like them? I think it’s because of mysteries. People like to solve mysteries. It’s interesting. It develops our mind and imagination. The most famous detective was Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Today we are going to present a story “The Mystery of the Blue moon”. Let’ start!

Сценка 1. Салон missis Wilson.

Хозяйка салона (missis Wilson) – Hello! I am missis Wilson, the host of this house. Today we are having a tea-party. Colonel Ferguson will visit our house. I think everything is ready. Cakes, sweets, sandwiches… Oh, Mary, Mary!

Служанка (Mary) – I am here, madam.

Missis Wilson – Where are sandwiches with cucumber, my favourite ones?

Mary – Sorry, madam. Just a minute.

Missis Wilson – Hurry up! Colonel Ferguson will come today.

Mary – Yes, madam. Sorry, madam. Shall I ask Miss Margaret and Mister James to come?

Missis Wilson – Yes, please. And don’t forget sandwiches!

Mary – (в стороне) Yes, madam. Sorry, madam. (Показывает язык) Always Mary! I don’t want to work in this house! I love chemistry! I want to enter the university! I wish I had some money!

Входит дочь, Margaret

Missis Wilson – Margaret, you are here. Sit down, my dear. Colonel Ferguson will come today.

Margaret – Oh, no! He is so boring! He will tell us his boring stories!

Missis Wilson – Margaret! Stop talking! He is a very important person!

Margaret – But I don’t like him! I don’t want to drink tea! I would like to go shopping! Mummy, I saw such a beautiful dress yesterday! But it is very expensive…

Missis Wilson – Margaret!

Margaret – I wish I had some money!

Missis Wilson – Sit down!

Входит сын, James

Missis Wilson – Hello, James, dear. Sit down. Colonel Ferguson will come today.

James - Colonel Ferguson? Oh, no! He will tell us his endless stories about Africa, lions, tigers. Where has he been this time?

Missis Wilson – India.

James – India? Oh, no. (Кривляется). I don’t like him!

Missis Wilson – James! Stop talking! He is a very important person!

James – Mummy, I played cards yesterday…

Missis Wilson – What? Again? Oh, no!

James – Mummy, I need some money. I wish I had some money!

Mary приносит сэндвичи. Звонок в дверь.

Сценка 2. Colonel Ferguson.

Missis Wilson – Oh, Colonel Ferguson! How do you do?

Colonel Ferguson - How do you do?

Missis Wilson – Take a seat and have a cup of tea. Help yourself!

Colonel Ferguson – Thank you! With pleasure.

Missis Wilson – Tell us about India, please!

Margaret начинает листать модный журнал, James достает карты.

Colonel Ferguson – Oh, India! I was in India a month ago. It is such a wonderful country! There are so many tigers, elephants, …

James – (перебивая) And lions.

Colonel Ferguson – Lions? No lions! There is so much sun! And there are so expensive stones!

Margaret – (откладывая журнал)  Stones?

James – (убирая карты) Expensive?

Colonel Ferguson – Yes. Look at this! It is a jewel from India. It is the famous “Blue moon”. Very expensive. About 10 000 pounds.

Margaret,  James – (вместе)  10 000 pounds?

Colonel Ferguson – Isn’t it fantastic? I keep it in my pocket.

Margaret – May I have a look at it? (тянется к карману и проливает чай). Oh, I am so sorry!

Missis Wilson – Margaret! Shame on you! Mary, Mary! Help Colonel Ferguson!

Входит Mary, и они с Colonel Ferguson уходят.

Margaret – (доставая журнал)  10 000 pounds …

James – (доставая карты) Very expensive…

Сценка 3. The stone is stolen…

Missis Wilson – Is everything OK?

Colonel Ferguson – Yes, thank you. So the stone is very beautiful. (достает коробку, она пустая) What? There is no stone! Where is it? I can’t find it! It is stolen! Police, police! Mary, call the police!

Policeman 1 – Hello. I am a policeman. My name is Dupon.  What’s up?

Policeman 2 – Hello. I am a policeman. My name is Dupon.

Colonel Ferguson – The “Blue moon” is stolen!

Policeman 1 – The moon?

Policeman 2 – Blue? Are you mad?

Missis Wilson – It’s a stone.

Policeman 1 – A stone is stolen?

Colonel Ferguson – A very expensive stone.

Policeman 2 – Who was in the house?

Colonel Ferguson – Missis Wilson, Miss Margaret, Mister James… Oh, Mary! Oh, and I!

Policeman 1 – And who are you?

Colonel Ferguson – I am Colonel Ferguson! My stone is stolen! Oh, no! I can’t believe it!

Policeman 2 – What were you doing?

Missis Wilson – We were drinking tea and Colonel Ferguson was telling us about India.

Policeman 1 – I see cards. Do you play cards?

James – Yes, I do.

Policeman 1 – It is very bad. Do you need money?

James – Yes, I do.

Policeman 1 – We arrest you.

Missis Wilson – Oh, no!

Policeman 2 – I see magazines. Do you like to go shopping?

Margaret – Yes, I do.

Policeman 2 – You’d better read books! Do you need money?

Margaret – Yes, I do.

Policeman 2 – We arrest you.

Missis Wilson – Oh, no!

Policeman 1 – Oh, and you, Mary. Come on!

Policeman 2 – Colonel Ferguson! Let’s go to the Scotland Yard with us!

Все уходят.

Missis Wilson – Oh, what shall I do???

Сценка 4. The correspondent.

Correspondent – Hello! May I come in?

Missis Wilson –What? Who are you?

Correspondent –I am the correspondent of the newspaper “The Times”. My name is Helen Hunter. Are you Missis Wilson, the host of the house?

Missis Wilson –Yes, I am poor Missis Wilson.

Correspondent –I heard about the tragedy in your house.

Missis Wilson –Yes, a tragedy! What a terrible tragedy!

Correspondent –Was the stone beautiful?

Missis Wilson –Yes, the “Blue moon”. Beautiful and very expensive.

Correspondent –How much did it cost?

Missis Wilson –10 000 pounds.

Correspondent –10 000 pounds! So much! What about the police?

Missis Wilson –They arrested my son, my daughter and Mary.

Correspondent – What a terrible tragedy!

Missis Wilson –I don’t know what to do!

Correspondent – You know there is a detective in London, Mister Sherlock Holmes. They say he can solve the most difficult problems.

Missis Wilson – Oh, you are right! Sherlock Holmes is what we need! He will help us! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Correspondent – Not at all. I hope he will solve the mystery of  “The Blue moon”.

Storyteller – Are you interested? Have you guessed where the stone is? Would you like to know the end? Will Sherlock Holmes find the stone? Let’s see!

Сценка 5. In Baker Street.

Missis Hudson –Hello, my name is Missis Hudson. I live in London, in Baker Street, house number 221-B. Some years ago a young man, Mister Sherlock Holmes began to live in my house. He is a very strange man. He loves chemistry and often makes his terrible experiments. He loves terrible music and plays his terrible violin. He shoots in the house! They say Mister Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective. Thank God my second roomer is Doctor Watson, a real doctor!

(Все это время вытирает пыль, уходит. Входит Holmes, несколько раз стреляет. За ним входит Watson с газетой)

Watson – Holmes, what are you doing?

Holmes – I am shooting, Watson!

Watson – I see. What will Missis Hudson say?

Holmes – We won’t tell her. Watson, life is so boring! What does “The Times” say?

Watson – Mister Thompson is in hospital. Miss Jackson lost her dog.

Holmes – Hmm, dog. Nothing interesting.

Watson – Police found a spy in the train.

Holmes – A spy? I bet he looked like a woman with an umbrella. Watson, life is so boring!

(Закуривает трубку)

Watson – Holmes, don’t smoke!

Missis Hudson – Mister Holmes, smoking is very harmful!

Holmes – I won’t, Missis Hudson!

Missis Hudson – Mister Holmes, here is a letter for you.

Holmes – Thank you, Missis Hudson! Watson, read the letter.

Watson – “Dear Mister Sherlock Holmes! A terrible tragedy happened in my house. “The Blue Moon” was stolen and the police arrested all my family. Help me, please! Missis Wilson.” Holmes, I can’t understand. What is “The Blue Moon”?

Holmes – It is a stone. Very expensive. Watson, it’s interesting! I must think.

(Ватсон уходит, Холмс начинает играть на скрипке. Через минуту входит Ватсон, закрыв уши).

Watson – Holmes, what is it?

Holmes – I am thinking. Music helps me think.

Watson – Music? I thought it was a cat in the waterspout. I have a headache! (пьет воду из стакана). Holmes, what is it?

Holmes – It’s an eye. They say an eye can remember the killer. I made some experiments and can say that it is nonsense.

Watson – Holmes!

Holmes – OK, I will play something pleasant for you.

(играет на аккордеоне)

HolmesWatson! Get dressed! We are going to Missis Wilson ‘s house!

Storyteller – What happened next? Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson went to see Missis Wilson of course!

Сценка 6. Салон missis Wilson.

Holmes – Good evening. My name is Sherlock Holmes.

Watson – My name is Doctor Watson.

Missis Wilson – Oh,  Mr. Holmes! Here you are! A terrible tragedy…

Holmes – I know, I know.

Colonel Ferguson – Nice to meet you, Mr. Holmes!

(Входят полицейские и все арестованные)

Policeman 1 – Hello! Oh,  Mr. Holmes is here!

Policeman 2 – Nice to meet you!

James – Mummy, I am innocent!

Margaret – Mummy, I am free!

Mary – Missis Wilson! We are at home at last!

Policeman 1 – We don’t know what to do…

Policeman 2 – These people are innocent. They can be free.

Policeman 1 – We are terribly sorry. Mr. Holmes, we ask you for help.

Policeman 2 – Yes, can you help us, Mr. Holmes!

Holmes – James, where were you at that moment?

James – I was at the table. I was thinking about cards…

Watson – Do you like coffee or tea?

James – I like coffee.

Holmes – Miss Margaret, where were you at that moment?

Margaret – I was at the table. I was thinking about my new dress…

Watson – Can you ride a bike?

Margaret – A bike? Yes, I can.

Holmes – Colonel Ferguson, where were you at that moment?

Colonel Ferguson – I was in the kitchen. I was washing my hands.

Watson – Have you got a house?

Colonel Ferguson – Yes, I have, but I don’t live there.

Holmes – Mary, where were you at that moment?

Mary – I was in the kitchen. I was decorating the cake.

Watson – Did you play chess yesterday?

Mary – Chess? No, I didn’t.

Holmes – Watson, stop it! Give me my magnifying glass, please.

(Осматривает через лупу)

Missis Wilson – What can you say?

Colonel Ferguson – What do you think?

Хором - What do you think?

Holmes – Everything is absolutely clear to me.

Policeman 1 – Absolutely clear?

Policeman 2– And what shall we do?

Holmes – Let’s drink tea.

Missis Wilson – Tea?

Mary – Tea?

Holmes – Mary, can you bring the cake, please?

Missis Wilson – The cake?

Holmes – Take your seats, please!

(Мэри приносит торт)

Holmes – Mmm, the cake smells delicious! Take a piece of cake, Watson!

Watson – Holmes, (нюхая торт) and who is the robber?

Holmes – No robber, Watson.

Хором –And where is “The Blue Moon”?

Holmes – It’s here.

Хором –Where?

Holmes – It’s here. Look at the decorations on the cake! Watson, give me my tweezers, please.

(Ватсон подает пинцет, Холмс достает камень и протирает его салфеткой)

Holmes –“The Blue Moon”!

Colonel Ferguson – My stone!

Missis Wilson – Mr. Holmes! Thank you! You are a magician!

Watson – But how?..

Holmes –Elementary, Watson. The stone fell in the cake when Colonel was washing his hands.

Correspondent –The readers of  “The Times” will be shocked!

Missis Hudson – Hello! Mister Holmes, you forgot your pipe!

(Холмс поворачивается в профиль. Звучит музыка)


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