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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыСценарий декадника английского языка "Child's wishes"

Сценарий декадника английского языка "Child's wishes"

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постеры: Friends, Friendship, Peace, Pets, Sports, Hobbies, Dance, Songs, Good Weather, No War, Holidays, Parents, Love, No Death.

Газеты, нарисованные детьми


  1. Борисов Константин

  2. Ефимов Кирилл

  3. Климова Виктория

  4. Чихарева Мария

1. Hello!

2. Good afternoon!

3. Glad to see you today!

4. Welcome to our party!

1. We are going to speak about our dreams today.

2. Have you got any wishes?

3. Sure, you have!

4. And you’ve got… And you’ve got… (pointing to the children) and we’ve got too!

1. We saw a lot of stuck notes on one of the wall – newspapers.

2. And it’s clear – everybody has got good and kind wishes.

3. We all want to love…

4. To live, to be happy…

1. To have parents and friends…

2. To have pets and toys…

3. And a lot of other different nice things!

4. So it’s time to start our concert.

1. Today we are going to demonstrate all our dreams.

2. Are you ready?

4. «A child’s wish». Listen to Korotchenkova Lolita the 7th form.

1. Our little schoolmates what to recite something for you…

«Can you tell me?» - the pupils of the third form… meet!

2. Do you like singing little girls?

Listen to Bondarenko Alexandra from the third form «My Bonnie».

3. Efimenko Daria dreams about beautiful winter. «Winter, winter».

The girls from the third form. Listen «Jingle Bells».

4. Are we talking about the seasons? So, meet Odincova Polina, the 4th form. «How do you now It’s spring?»

Sudilovskaya Victoria speak very fluently about the weather.

1.Be king and friendly to each other whatever the weather…

«Puff-the-Ball wants to have friends. The pupils of the third form act… The song «Friends».

2. Fedorcova Anastasia is going to recite a poem. Meet! Sport is good for you!

3. Henry Longfellow wrote a very beautiful poem «The arrow and the song»

Borisov Vadim will recite it.

4. The beauty of nature… It’s wonderful!

«October’s party» by Geage Covper. Meet Akimenko Valeria.

1. Leaves dance and we do…

«Jazz-modern». The group of girls!

The pupils of the 2th form like to learn English verses. Let’s listen to them!

These girls are worth listening to Volosastova Alexandra and Zhuravleva Anastasia «Perhaps».

3. Everybody likes something.

Do you any favourite things? They help us in difficult situation listen! Tabarchuk Ekaterina «The Sounds Of Music»

4.These girls dance to prove their mood. Katcko Alina and Rovenskaya Alina Hip-Hop! Join them if you want!

1. Shagal Sofia «Diamonds»

2. Our younger pupils prepaired some poems: Dolgi Egor and Sazonova Polina «Toes and Fingers».

3. «Rock-a-Roll». She loves it! Rzhevskaya Svetlana.

4. Meet Pozdnyakova Polina and Tereshkova Daria. They will dance. Money.

1. Children… They want to know everything. They are very curious creatures! «Six Serving Men» - Klimenko Sofia.

2. Every child likes music. We all like singing and listening to songs. Meet Emelianova Julia «My all».

3. French is a very beautiful language. Let’s watch the play «Marmelade» acted by the pupils of the 6th form.

4. «Raindow». Sheinova Arina.

Rzhevskaya Svetlana is singing about love, happiness. Listen to this magic language.

2. Bolobolkina Olga will tell us about different French dishes in different placec of France. «In the City of Dizhon»

3.Everybody wants to be happy, to be in love and sometimes everything goes wrong…but people in love pay no attention on such little things «Cowboys in love». Guk Maxim and Kovaleva Elizaveta are dancing.

4. Tsyganok Valentina with the poem «Leisure». Meet Valentina!

1. Do you like to work hard? Sometimes everybody wants to donothing. Kamenkova Kristina. With the verse «How Pleasant».

2. Do you like theatre? Can you guess the characters of this play?

3. Are you fond of circus and music. So meet Sidorova Valeria.

4. Let’s have a rest and listen to a beautiful poem. Robert Burns «My Heart’s in the Highlands». Meet Martinov Roman.

1. Skokleenko Irina and Budnik Alina sing the song «My heart will go on».

2. Have you ever heard about George Gordon Byron? Now, listen to his beautiful poem «Twilights». Makarova Rada recites.

3. A group of girls wants to show a great mix.

4. You all know this smart, funny and curious boy! Meet! «Tom Soyer». The pupils of the fifth form will perform it for you.

1. Now listen and enjoy! «Once upon a December» - Abramova Alexandra is singing.

2. Monastirskaya Victoria. She loves her parents. «My parents and me».

3. Now let’s do some physical exercises. Kosenok Anastasia and Gafikina Viktoria «Boble-Doble».

4. A group of pupils of the seventh form believes that all demons will hide out when the sun shims and we are together… Listen «Demons».

1. Can you speak English? Can you speak French? And can you speak Spanish? We can’t, but it doesn’t matter. Because they are crazy about

Soap operas, the love Violeta and they sing together with her!

2. Little girl. A grey wolf, brave «Little Red Riding Hood». The pupils of the 5th form will perform it for you.

3. Children like dancing. And she does. Pozdnyakova Polina will surprise you. The East is a very exiting thing.

4. He can play the guitar… And you? He can sing… And what can you do? He wants all people to live without war! Kotikov Nikita «Twenty-one Guns» - a song.

1. They like dancing. Kosenok Anastasia and Gafikina Viktoria will dance for you. Meet! Sumba!

2. Kim Anastasia will speak about the beauty.

3. Did you like our concert? Do you remember all your wishes? Let them all become true.

4. And we want to finish our performance with the poem «A Child’s Wish», but now… Can you help the girls recite it? Korotchenkova Lolita and Tsyganok Valentina.

1. Be in love with each other!

2. Be happy!

3. Let all people be Happy!

4. Let all people love our planet and keep it carefully!


1. Flash-mob – it’s the unity of all people.

2. A French world. Meet the boys. They want peaseto be all over the world. Zuyeva Polina will sing a song «I believe»

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