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Сценарий для внеклассного мероприятия "Арахна"

Самые низкие цены на курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации!

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После окончания обучения выдаётся диплом о профессиональной переподготовке установленного образца (признаётся при прохождении аттестации по всей России).

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Начало обучения ближайших групп: 18 января и 25 января. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (20% в начале обучения и 80% в конце обучения)!

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Вебинар «Подростковая лень: причины, способы борьбы»

Просмотр и заказ свидетельств доступен только до 22 января! На свидетельстве будет указано 2 академических часа и данные о наличии образовательной лицензии у организатора, что поможет Вам качественно пополнить собственное портфолио для аттестации.

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Греческий танец « Сиртаки».

Автор: Greece is an ancient and very beautiful country .It is situated near the seashore .Greeks, who live in the country are very cheerful and friendly .There are a lot of high mountains in Greece which covered with forests .Olympus, the highest Greek mountain ,was the residence of Olympian gods. In the ancient Greek religion, Zeus was the "Father of Gods and men" who ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father ruled the family.

Автор: Greece is famous for its myths and legends.We remember them as they have become part of our culture too. For example, if a person has some way in which he can be hurt, he is said to have an Achilles heel. As he died because of a small wound on his heel, the term Achilles' heel has come to mean a person's principal weakness.

Автор: Another legend is about Prometheus. He stole fire and gave it to man as a gift. Since that time, man has had fire to keep himself warm and alive. Prometheus was punished by Zeuz and was chained to a peak in the Caucasus before Heraclees

released him from his terrible ordeal.

Автор: And now we want to tell you about Athena, goddness of wisdom , courage, inspiration, the arts, crafts, and skill. and a Greece girl named Arachne. She was known through all the land because of her great skill at weaving. There were some who said not even Athena, goddess of wisdom, could weave so we. No, this girl was not modest about her skill . Arachne was foolishly proud of it and even made fun of the work of girls less skilful than she was. In time Arachne's boasting reached the ears of Athena, and she decided to draw the girl into a contest which would cure her pride. So one day when Arachne was weaving, there suddenly appeared beside her an old woman.

Звучит музыка. Арахна поёт и работает .Заходит старушка.

Старушка: "That's a pretty piece of weaving, my dear, and yet, when I was young, I'm sure I could do as well."

Арахна: (взмахнув головой ) "Never did any person weave as I am weaving now, old woman “

Старушка: (сердито) "Those are foolish words".

"It is foolish to take too great pride in what one can do, for surely there is always someone who can do the task even better."

Арахна: (кричит сердито) "Not so. There is no one who can weave better than I."

Старушка: ( улыбаясь и качая головой): "I doubt that,".

"Perhaps among the gods there is one who is better than you in the art."

Арахна ( перестаёт ткать и смотрит на старушку): "And who is that?"

Старушка: "The Goddess Athena,"

Арахна со смехом: "Not even Athena can weave as well as I do." "There is none in heaven or earth whose weaving could compete with mine. Just let Athena come, if she will, we'll see whose work is best!"

(Услышав такую дерзость, глаза старушки загорелись от злости)

Старушка: "You are young and have spoken foolishly. Age and experience bring wisdom, you must be careful not to offend the gods. You should recognize the power of the goddess for she helps those who honor her. No human work is so perfect that it cannot be improved. Surely you did not mean what you said.

Арахна: "I did mean what I said, and I shall prove it."

Старушка ужасным голосом: "Prove it then,".

(Лицо Арахны побледнело. Перед ней, вместо исчезнувшей старушки , появляется богиня Афина)

Афина: “ Arachne, you've gone too far! I have heard your boastings for a long time, and have watched your growing vanity. Now it had led you to defy the very gods themselves. It is time you received a lesson. I accept your challenge and, to reassure you that it's a fair contest. Let it begin."

(Арахна и Афина начинают состязание. Новость о состязании распространяется повсюду и скоро толпа людей собирается посмотреть на них)

Автор: Athena wove upon her loom a bright picture which told the story of other foolish people who had thought themselves greater than the gods and whom the gods had punished for their pride. Arachne pictured on her loom stories which told of the foolish acts of the gods themselves, for it was well known among the people that the gods did not always behave wisely.

Автор: The colours on both looms were very bright and the weaving was so perfect that the figures on each loom seemed alive. Those who watched the contest were delighted to see such skill.

At last the work was finished and the two weavers stood back to see what each had done. When Athena saw Arachne's work she was so angry with what the girl had pictured on her loom, that she struck it with her shuttle4 and it broke into two parts. Then she turned to Arachne and said,

Афина: "You dared to defy the gods themselves. Let you and all who come after you remember the lesson you have learned today. I've let you live, but for being so vain , you will hang and spin forever!!!”

Звучит громкая музыка.

Автор: Athena took pity on poor Arachne and decided to let her live, but not as a human. She touched the girl with her shuttle and the frightened people saw that the girl's head and body were growing smaller, and smaller. Soon there was no girl there, but a spider sitting in the web1 it had woven.

Арахна превращается в паука.

Автор: Today the scientific name for all spiders is arachne. Arachne and her story teach us to be mindful of the risks women, even extraordinarily talented women, take when they speak out against the established order. We are reminded to speak the truth, not out of pride or in an effort to "get ahead", but in the spirit of concern and love.

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Краткое описание документа:

Что такое мифы? В «школьном» понимании — это прежде всего античные, библейские и другие старинные «сказки» о сотворении мира и человека, а также рассказы о деяниях древних, по преимуществу греческих и римских, богов и героев — поэтические, наивные, нередко причудливые.

В одних мифах они нередко изображаются людьми, некогда жившими на земле и по какой-то причине поднявшимися на небо, в других — создание солнца (не олицетворённого) приписывается какому-либо сверхъестественному существу. Центральную группу мифов, по крайней мере у народов с развитыми мифологическими системами, составляют мифы о происхождении мира, вселенной (космогонические мифы) и человека (антропогонические мифы).

Велик был гнев богов на людей, посмевших поставить под сомнение их благочестие и вообразить, что они могут обойтись без помощи олимпийцев или в состоянии превзойти их в мастерстве. Рассказывали о дочери Идмона - красильщика тканей из Колофона Арахне (a r a c n h, греч. "паук"), которая славилась как вышивальщица и ткачиха, чьим искусством восхищались нимфы реки Пактола. Гордясь своим мастерством, Арахна уверяла, будто она может вышивать не хуже, чем сам Афина, и даже осмелилась вызвать богиню на состязание. Услышала это Афина и приняла вызов, решив проучить хвастунью.

В этом мифе явно содержатся богоборческие черты мифологии периода развитого героизма. Древнейший мифологический мотив оборотничества, представленный в позднем изложении Овидия в виде жанра метаморфозы, также нашел отражение в мифе.

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