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Сценарий и видео пьесы "12 месяцев" (для внеклассной работы)

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Stepdaughter: Ha-ha, what funny animals! They are playing tag!

Soldier: Good day, a beautiful girl. Why are you laughing?

Stepdaughter: You can hardly believe your eyes. The squirrel and the hare are playing tag as we people do it. And they can speak as people can.

Soldier: No wonder. Today is New Year’s Eve. It may happen everything this day.

Stepdaughter: But what may happen?

Soldier: My grandfather told me that once on New Year’s Eve he met twelve months at once.

Stepdaughter: Oh, I can’t believe it. I don’t think it can be.

Soldier: Yes, it can be. He met at once all the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. By the way, what are you doing here?

Stepdaughter: My stepmother sent me for firewood.

Soldier: In such weather! Haven’t you got a mother or a father?

Stepdaughter: No, I’ve got only a stepmother and a stepsister.

Soldier: Poor thing. And as for me, I came to the forest to find a beautiful New Year tree for the Queen. She is also an orphan and she is a very naughty girl.

Stepdaughter: I can show you a beautiful fir-tree.

Soldier: Thank you. And I’ll help you to gather firewood. Let’s go.


Queen: I can’t stand writing.

Professor: I agree, it’s not pleasant, but you should.

Queen: No, I shouldn’t, I’m a queen.

Professor: But all people must learn to be clever.

Queen: No, no, no. I can do what I want. I’m a queen and everybody must agree with me.

Professor: I’m sorry, but…

Queen: I don’t want to listen to you. You must agree with me. So, ask me something.

Professor: How much is two times two?

Queen: Five.

Professor: Yes, you are right.

Queen: Now tell me something interesting.

Professor: Well, today is New Year’s Eve. The year consists of twelve months. They follow one another. They can’t change their turn.

Queen: Is that so? But I want April to be now.

Professor: But it’s impossible.

Queen: You again disagree with me. I’ll declare the law. And it will be April.


Daughter: Mother, mother. Have you heard? The Queen declared the law. If you bring a basket of snowdrops for the Queen you’ll get a full basket of gold.

Mother: But it’s very cold in the forest. Neither I nor you can go there. Let’s send your sister there.

Daughter: Yes, you are right. Let her go. Let’s give her that big basket.

Stepdaughter: It’s so cold outdoors.

Mother: You mustn’t sit here. You must go to the forest again.

Stepdaughter: Oh, no. I’m so cold. Let me warm a little, I have already brought a lot of firewood.

Daughter: You’ll go to the forest not for firewood. You should bring a basket of snowdrops.

Stepdaughter: But it’s impossible. It’s winter now; there are no snowdrops in the forest.

Mother: Go and don’t come back without snowdrops.


Stepdaughter: I’m so cold. I’m so tired. I can’t go further. Let me freeze here. But I can’t go anywhere. What is there? It seems to me there is a bonfire and somebody is there…

Stepdaughter: Good evening. Can I warm my hands?

January: Good evening. Of course, you can. But who are you and what are you doing here in such cold weather?

February: What is in your hands? A basket? Do you want to gather mushrooms or berries? Then you should come in summer.

Stepdaughter: No, I haven’t come for berries. My stepmother sent me for snowdrops.

February: Don’t you know that there are no snowdrops now.

Stepdaughter: Yes, I know. But it’s not my will. My stepmother told me not to come back without snowdrops.

March: What does she need flowers for in the middle of winter?

Stepdaughter: She needs gold. Our Queen promised to give a basket of gold for a basket of snowdrops.

October: Poor thing. It’s impossible. You should wait till April.

Stepdaughter: I know. Thank you for everything. I’m sorry for disturbing you. Good bye!

April: (Настя К) Don’t hurry, my dear. Brothers, let’s help the girl. Let me take your place, brother January.

January: I agree, but what about February and March?

February: We are not against it.

March: Take our place.

April: Thank you, brothers.

Stepdaughter: I can’t believe my eyes. Thank you very much.

April: You are welcome. Don’t forget us. Take this ring. If something happens, throw it and call us, we’ll come and help you.


Professor: Happy New Year, your majesty.

Queen: I don’t want to celebrate New Year. I haven’t got snowdrops yet.

Public crier: Your majesty, two women brought a basket of snowdrops.

Mother: Good evening, your majesty. We’ve brought you snowdrops.

Queen: Look here, professor. You said it’s impossible, but I knew that if I order everything is possible. Where did you take them?

Daughter: In the forest, your majesty. But it was my sister. She brought the flowers, not we.

Queen: Where did you find them?

Stepdaughter: I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.

Queen: You can’t keep secrets from your queen. Tell me at once where you took snowdrops.

Stepdaughter: No, I can’t. Don’t ask me.

Queen: Tell me. Otherwise, I’ll take your ring.

Stepdaughter: Oh, no. Don’t take my ring.

February: Don’t be afraid, dear girl. We are here.

January: And you, naughty girl. You should remember that it could happen only because it’s New Year today. There are 12 months in a year and they come one after another, and nobody can change it.

February: And now let’s celebrate New Year!

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