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Сценарий к празднику Halloween

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Сценарий к празднику Halloween

Dear guests! I’m glad to see you at our holiday.

Halloween or the ‘Holy evening’, the last evening of the year when ghosts, spirits and witches can wander free. They walk into peoples’ homes, scare children and grown people and take great pleasure of it. Please remember that you should watch out for evil spirits on the 31st of October because Halloween is the time when all the imps of EARTH and AIR hold their holiday.

( Стол, тыква, свечи, спички, лист календаря 31 Октября, костюмы в ящике.)

1.-Sally, what are you doing?

S. -This is a pumpkin I’m making a pumpkin lantern. It’s a Halloween Party this evening. It’s the 31 of October Jack. Do you want to help?

J. -Yes, please.

S. -Take some candles and the matches. Now put the candle inside the pumpkin.

J.-Look it fires.Wow what a great pumpkin lantern

Подходят к сундуку.

J. -Look, fancy dress costumes for Halloween party. Oh, a black cloak

S.-Put it on.

J.-I am a wizard.

S.-Here is a hat. Put it on.

J.-Great! A wizard hat. Sally what are you wearing?

S.I’m wearing a sheet. I’m a ghost.

J.-Do you want to wear this mask?

S.-Yes, please. Scare face.

2. Стук в дверь.

J.-The trick or treaters. They come to our house on Halloween.

-Trick or treat. Trick or treat.

Give us something good to eat.

S.-Treat, treat,

J.-Here you are. Have a treat.

-Thank you.

J.-Do you like treats too?

-Yes, please.

S-Happy Halloween.

J.-Halloween is a scary and fun holiday.

Песня Halloween

3.Выходят участники

When ghosts and goblins come to town

And skeletons all dance around

You pull those covers over your head

And men – watch out!

Watch out! (Ставят табличку и разбегаются)

4. Песня из “The Phantom of the opera”.

5.Ghost : I am a ghost, spirit of a dead human being. I hide in the graveyard and come by night to scare people.

Мороз проникает, по венам течет

Кровь и мозги превращаются в лед,

Глаза стекленеют, кости трещат,

Волосы колом на теле стоят,

Иглами холод сердце пронзает,

Легкие больше вздоха не знают,

Губы забыли простые движенья-

Душу сковало оледененье.

6. Выходят тролли.

-I am a troll, a hill spirit. People call us clumsy, misshapen, greedy, and tailed, with long hair and nails. We are very rich. We never wash. If we got into water, we can turn into wood!

-Do you know what we like to do? We love to steal and carry off little children.

7.Появляются 3 эльфа.

1. -I am elf, elemental spirit of Air. We, elves, are little fairies, the airy creatures.

2. -As you see, we have fair golden hair, sweet musical voices and magic harps. And we can fly.

3.-But if you think that we are nice- you are mistaken. Look at our elfish or pointed ears. We are spirits and we love to play practical jokes on people.

8. Появляются 2 феи.

1.-I am fairy. People of Europe call us White Ladies. We live in ravines, fiords, under bridges, and narrow passes and ask people who happen to pass us to dance. 2. If we get a polite answer, we do no harm;

1.-I am FATA, the most famous of the ladies. In Russia they call the Фата Моргана.

2. -Fates are spirits which take care of the destiny of every person.

9. Эльфы с танцем Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Miss Maffet.

I am the maker, the builder, the breaker,

The eagle-winged helper, the speedy forsaker,

The lance and the lyre, the water the fire,

The tooth of oppression, the lip of desire…

The snare, the wing, the honey, the sting,

I careless and gay, never mean what I say.

For my eyes and my thoughts look the different ways.

11. Выходит тыква.

Ho!Ho! Little folks,

Don’t be afraid!

I’m Jolly Jack –A-Lantern

Out of a pumpkin made.

I am a bog or marsh spirit BOG,BUG or BUGBEAR. I live in the dark forest and like to mislead belated travelers.

Все темно и света нет

Это создан мною бред

Глушь, туман и лес кругом

Я иду туда тайком

Холод, дрожь, река течет

Или это дождик льёт?

Думы, мысли, весь в поту

Что там дальше не пойму

Яма, склон, крутой овраг.

Всего меня заполнил страх.

Шаг, обход, иной бы путь,

Чтоб туда не соскользнуть.

Грязь болото, всюду мох.

Кто бы мне сейчас помог?

Сырость , запах, мне б свечу,

Чтоб не лезли по плечу.

13. Выходит гоблин с горшком золота.

I am goblin, a phantom spirit or the demon of mines. I’m unfriendly to people. I love gold and jewels, which I am always trying to take away from gnomes.

14. Вылетают ведьмы.

We are witches!

1.-Unlike all others in this company, we are felly human. We are sorcerers.

Devil’s attendants, mostly evil and proud of it.

2. I am the queen of every hive,

I am the thunder in every storm…

I am a shield for every head,

I am the grave of every hope.

Танец ведьм.

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