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Сценарий мероприятия по английскому языку на тему " Walt Disney"

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Министерство образования и науки ЛНР

ГБОУ Стахановская специализированная школа №9 им.А.Стаханова

Внеклассное мероприятие

Тема: ”WaltDisney



Самотугина В.В.

Стаханов 2015-2016 уч.год

Класс: 9

Внеклассное мероприятие информативного характера с элементами театрализованного шоу и игровыми элементами по теме “ WaltDisney” разработано и представлено в адаптированной форме для понимания учащихся начальной школы (1- 3 классы).

Данная работа может быть использована во время проведения недели иностранных языков в школе.

Цель : - развитие речемыслительной деятельности учащихся и выявление умений, навыков и знаний в неформальной обстановке.

Задачи :

Познавательный аспект:

-способствовать расширению общего кругозора учащихся в области кинематографии и мультипликации англоязычных стран;

-ознакомить с результатами творческой деятельности одноклассников;

-стимулировать деятельность учащихся путем обращения к дополнительным источникам информации, включая ресурсы Интернета.

Учебный аспект:

-совершенствование речевых навыков и лингвострановедческой компетенции учащихся;

-формировать потребность и способность творческого самовыражения.

Развивающий аспект:

-развивать устойчивый интерес к изучению английского языка;

-развивать навыки поисковой работы.

Воспитательный аспект:

-способствовать воспитанию толерантного отношения к чужой культуре и осознанию вклада Уолта Диснея в историю искусства кинематографа и мультипликации.

Оборудование: постеры, костюмы, ноутбук ,(магнитофон).

Ход мероприятия

Организационный момент

Вступительноеслововедущего: Goodmorning, children. We’d like to tell you about Walt Disney. Doyouknowwhowashe?

Основная часть

1. (презентация постеров и информации)

S1: -Do you like watching cartoons? Most people know all about cartoons and animated heroes, but what about Walt Disney?

S2:- Do you know who is he? He is a very famous cartoon maker. He was born on December 5th Chicago, Illinois, the USA. He lived on a farm and helped his father with chores.

S3:-He liked drawing from an early age and he sold his first sketches to the neighbours when he was only 7 years old.

S4:-When Walt grew up he drew animals for animated cartoons. He drew a mouse -Mickey, a duck -Donald, a dog –Goofy, an elephant- Dumbo and a small deer Bambi.

S5:-His cartoons had a touch of magic. Other cartoons were silent, his had music and characters that talked. Other cartoons were filmed in black and white, Walt Disney was the first who added colour to his cartoons.

S5:-Other cartoons were just a group of jokes, Walt’s told real stories. One of his ideas seemed like magic,he wanted to make a full- length cartoon film. No one had ever done that before.

S6:-Many people thought it was a bad idea, but when they saw “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, everybody cheered. No one could explain the magic of Walt Disney.

S7:-He loved children very much and built a magic kingdom called Disneyland. His first theme park was opened 50 years ago but all the visitors are still impressed by its beauty. A fascinating world of Walt’s cartoons and films was recreated there. The park is suitable for all ages, children and adults.

S8:-In addition to this, Walt Disney and his brother Roy started the famous Disney Studio. Disney made numerous cartoons and 81 films in total while he was alive. He won 32 Academy Awards and Oscars.

S9:-Walt Disney died on December 16th,1966 from lung cancer. But his works live on today with each new generation enjoying his films and cartoons.

S10:-Millions of people have been touched by Walt Disney’s magic.

2.(Театрализованное шоу с элементами игры)

Ведущий: - Andnowwelcomeourspecialguests. They are Walt Disney’s cartoon heroes. Guess their names.

I. “Oh! Hello, children! I’m Disney cartoon hero. I’m jolly , but I’m very clumsy. I always get into some kind of troubles because of my clumsiness. I’m in love with Dina. I’m friendly but I have a few friends. Bone in my teeth is an integral part of me.” (This is Pluto.)

II. “Hello, kids! I’m glad to see you. My best friend is MickeyMouse. My favouritecolour is pink. I like beautiful flowers and small birds. I enjoy dancing and travelling with Mickey Mouse” ( This is Mini Mouse.)

III. “Hello, I’m the chipmunk, the leader at the Rescue team. I’m very brave and serious. My favourite hero is Sherlok Jones. I’m very responsible guy. I have a brother named Dale. I love him very much. Dale is an amusing boy. We always work together and we are both very happy.” (This is Chip.)

IV. “Hello, children! I’m easily identified by the red nose and two teeth sticking out. I’m a little irresponsible and naughty. I like to fool around and play tricks. My brother, Chip, often scolds me. He is very serious. I like to play computer games and read comics. Especially I love watching horror films and science fiction movies. I’m very fond of sweets, cakes, nuts, chocolates, cookies, biscuits and others. I’m a cool guy!” (This is Dale.)

V. “Hello, nice to meet you! I’m an animated cartoon character. I’m a grey hare. While speaking I always chewing a carrot. I’m tall. I have got long ears, a short tail and a pretty smile. I’m friendly and funny. I’ve got a friend Duffy Duck. We are fond of chatting to each other for hours. My friend says I’m brave and kind.” (This is Bugs Bunny.)

VI. “Hi! I’m Crack Gripping! I’m a superhero. You of course know me very well. I fight against the evil. I try to protect the world but sometimes I’m clumsy. I’m brave enough, bold and courageous. People love me because I am ……(Darkwing Duck !)”

VII. “Hello! What a nice boy and a pretty girl! I’m glad to see you! I’m very, very old but beautiful. I’m hundred years old. I have a bright make up. I’m mad about fashion. I smoke much but I think it doesn’t damage my health. My name is translated as “devil”. I’m very angry but just. I’m abusy lady. I can drive a car in a good way. I have power over all men in the Universe. I’m …..( Cruel de Vill.)”


Ведущий: - What did you know about Walt Disney? What cartoon heroes were in the show?Did you like the show? Good Bye!

Общая информация

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