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Сценарий новогоднего интеллектуального марафона "Москва Рождественская" / "Москва Новогодняя"


Cценарий Новогоднего Марафона

На сцену выходит Дед Мороз / Санта Клаус

-Hello my dear friends! I am glad to see you and today we are going to show our best!

It’s time for the game and I wish all of you good luck! But first I have some questions: Did you divide yourselves into teams? Excellent! Did you choose the leader of your team? Very good! What are the names of your teams? Introduce yourselves, please.

Капитаны команд говорят свои названия.

Дед Мороз рассказывает правила марафона (на русском языке)

-И так, дорогие участники, послушайте как пройдет сегодняшний марафон. Наши команды отправляются выполнять задания на станции. Вот ваши маршрутные листы (выдает капитанам). С вами мы увидимся в конце, когда вы вернетесь с заработанными баллами.

Команды отправляются на станции

-And we are going to have fun too. I have prepared some interesting tasks for you and we will also sing a lot. Are you ready? Well let’s start.

1 конкурс:

-Read the short texts how people celebrate the New Year in different countries and choose the correct version.

Choose the correct version:

  1. In this city a lot of people gather in Times Square and watch the "Big Apple" fall. The "Big Apple" isn't a real apple. It's a moving picture of an apple on a side Madrid of one of the big buildings in Times Square. Every New Year's Eve during the last few seconds before midnight, it starts to "fall" down the building, and when it gets to the bottom it's the start of the new year. (Madrid, New York, Moscow)

  2. In this country housewives start to cook special food for the New Year's Day and the members of the families do a big cleaning up. The idea is to get rid of the the past year dirt, and welcome the new. On the television or on the radio you can hear 108 bells. The 10811 bell rings just a second before the midnight. The people say: "Happy New Year!" People eat the special food and drink rice wine during the meal. (Japan, Italy, Canada)

  1. People call the New Year's Eve "Hogmanay". They visit their friends' houses just after midnight on the New Year's night. The first person who comes to your house brings you luck. At midnight when the clock begins to strike twelve, the head of the family goes to the entrance door, opens it wide and holds it until the last stroke. Then he shuts the door. He has let the old year out and let the New Year in. (The USA, Scotland, India)

  2. This country is sometimes called "the upside down world". It lies in the Southern Hemisphere. During the Christmas holidays people often sunbathe on the beach or swim and surf in the ocean. On the 31 st of December many people go to the country for the picnic. In January the temperature ranges from 20 to 30 'C above zero or higher. (Egypt, Ireland, Australia)

  1. In this country it can be dangerous to have a walk at night at the end of December. People usually throw the old things from the house through the window: broken cups and plates, old clothes and boots and sometimes different pieces of furniture. At the New Year's Eve the magician Befaniya comes to the houses through the chimney and put the presents for the children in their stockings or shoes. (France, Italy, Germany)

  2. It is a family holiday for many people. Dinner usually starts late on December 31. Traditional meals include salads and sparkling wine. Many people watch president’s address and raise a toast to the chiming of the clock. The national anthem begins at midnight and people congratulate each other and exchange presents. Some people go out to make a snowman or light fire crackers in their backyards.(Portugal, Mexico, Russia)

Keys: I — New York; 2 — Japan; 3 — Scotland; 4 — Australia 5 — Italy.

-Let’s have a break and sing together. (Новогодняя песня на английском)

2 конкурс

На сцену вызываются представители от каждого гласа, по очереди тянут карточки с вопросами и отвечают


Where are the FSB (KGB) quarters located in Moscow?


What is the name of the store located on Red Square?


The largest park in Moscow is named after which writer?


Who wrote the book "Moscow and Muscovites"?


What is the name of the famous television tower situated in the heart of Moscow?


What city was called A Mother of Russian Cities?


The Kremlin wall has 20 towers. Which one is the most famous? )

8.In What year did Moscow hosted Olympic Games?

A. 1984

B. 1988


9. . Who were the architects of St. Basil’s Cathedral?

a) Minin and Pozharsky

b) Barma and Postnik

c)Kirill and Mefodiy

10. When did Moscow become the capital of Russia?

a) in the 14th century under Ivan Kalita

b) in the 16th century under Ivan III

c) in the 18th century under Peter the Great

11. Lobnoye Mesto was not used as a place for

a) holidays


c) reading the tsar’s orders

12. What is the longest street in Moscow?

a)Tverskaya Street

b)Profsoyuznaya Street

c)Kutuzovsky Avenue

keys: 1а, 2-b, 3-c, 4- a, 5-c, 6-b, 7-a, 8-с, 9-b, 10-b, 11-a, 12- b

-It’s time to sing another song. Let it be a French one (Французская новогодняя песня)

Конкурс 3.

На сцену приглашаются другие представители от классов. На экран по очереди выводятся изображения достопримечательностей Москвы. Задача участников рассказать на английском все, что они знают об этих места. (приложение 1)

-Oh, I see our teams are ready. Now, while my assistants are counting the points let’s sing and dance all together.

  • Well let’s see the results. The third place takes the team-

The second place takes the team –

And the winner is the team –

Congratulations my dear! I hope you all enjoyed today’s marathon. See you next year! Ho-Ho-ho!

Станция 1

Guess and spell the words.

Конкурс на время. Каждой команде дается 10 слов с перепутанными буквами (слова одинаковые) - задача-составить слово, а затем правильно произнести его по буквам и полностью. За каждое правильное слово дается 2 балла, но учащиеся могут воспользоваться подсказкой-рисунком этого слова, соответственно балл снижается.











Ответы: 1-bottle











1hello_html_783f7e25.jpg 2 hello_html_m3601ac7.jpg 3hello_html_6f4a1a48.jpg

4hello_html_m72ab527e.jpg 5 hello_html_ma9bf0bf.jpg 6 hello_html_f584615.jpg

7 hello_html_m44e02b7e.jpg 8 hello_html_m59e93104.jpg 9hello_html_m30f34215.jpg

10 hello_html_m764fc2b9.jpg

Станция 2

Complete the text with the missed words:

Eve, boat, Bible, parade, gold, friends', their, lighted, any, first, sack, are, sing, parents, good, presents, brings.

Merry Christmas

In Mexico, during the nine days before Christmas people visit their (1) ... houses in the evenings, carrying (2) ... candles. They (3) ... carols and knock at the door. At (4) ... they are not let in. This is one of the customs of the posada! Then they explain they are Mary and Joseph, (5) ... of the Christchild. They (6) ... welcomed warmly.

In many European countries children receive (7) ... from St. Nicolas on the 61h of December. In the Netherlands he arrives in Amsterdam by (8) ..., with his servant Black Peter, who carries a (9) ... to take away (10) ... children who have been naughty. He brings presents for the (11) ... children. In many ports of Spain AND South America it isn't father Christmas or St. Nicolas who (12) ... the presents, but the Three Kings or Three Wise men. They do it on the (13) ... of the 611 of January. In Madrid there is a (14) ... in the streets of the Three Kings riding their camels. This commemorates the visit of Melchior, Caspar and Balthuzar to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, with (15) ... gifts of (16) ... and frankincense as described in the (17) ... .


  1. friends'.

  2. lighted

  3. sing

  4. first

  5. parents

  6. are

  7. presents

  8. boat

  9. sack

  10. those

  11. good

  12. brings

  13. Eve

  14. parade

  15. their

  16. gold

  17. Bible

  1. Станция 3

  2. команда получает набор предложений для составления стихотворения. После того как стихотворение будет составлено, его необходимо выразительно прочитать.

  3. Every little girl would like to be

  4. The fairy on the Christmas tree.

  5. Up above the party, dressed in white,

  6. Shining in the candle light.

  7. Every little boy has lots of fun

  8. With his trumpet and his gun.

  9. Every little girl, you understand,

  10. Is really the queen of the fairy land.

  11. There is little secret she must keep

  12. That she can fly when she's asleep.

  13. Станция 4

  14. Загадки

  15. It’s blue by night, By day it’s white. It is cold and not dry, It falls from the sky. (Snow.)

  16. Fat and gay, on a winter day, He came here with us to stay. But day by day he grew and thined, And so we brought his younger brother in. (A calendar.)

  17. This is the season when fruit is sweet, This is the season when school-friends meet. (Autumn.)

  18. This is the season when vegetables grow, I come to the garden and make water flow. (Summer.)

  19. Higher than a house, higher than a tree - Oh, what can that be? (The sky.)

  20. I come with cold and snow. But you like me and know. (Winter.)

  21. Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me When I have flown. (Time)

  22. As beautiful as the setting sun, As delicate as the morning dew; An angel’s dusting from the stars that can turn the Earth into A frosted moon. What am I? (Snow)

  23. My life can be measured in hours, I live by being devoured. Thin I am fast, Fat I am slow The wind is always my foe. (Candle)

  24. Tool of thief, toy of queen. Always used to be unseen. Sign of joy, sign of sorrow. Giving all likeness borrowed. (Mask)

  25. A precious stone, as clear as diamond. Seek it out whilst the sun’s near the horizon. Though you can walk on water with its power, Try to keep it, and it’ll vanish ere an hour. (Ice)

  26. An arm points north, east, south, then west. Ever in circles, never pausing to rest. It passes its brother twenty three times, As the sun passes by and the moon starts to climb. (Clock).

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