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  • Иностранные языки

Сценарий открытого внеклассного мероприятия (КВН по английскому языку)



Ведущий: Dear children and teachers, welcome to our Club ‘I Love English’. Today we’ll see who knows English best of all, and who loves English most of all. I promise it will be interesting. You must know the rules. They are very easy. You may play together with our participants. You must support them by clapping. And now let me invite our teams.


Ведущий: Let me introduce our judges.
Ведущий представляет членов жюри.
We ask you, judges, not to be too critical and forgive our participants the mistakes they may make.

Конкурс 1. Greetings. Команды называют себя, показывают эмблемы и приветствуют соперников

Ведущий: Now, it`s time for the judges to say some words about this competition. Give marks, please


Конкурс 2.

Ведущий: In this competition you`ll have to do the best translation of the poem.

Конкурс на лучший перевод стихотворения
Now is here-
A fine new start
For a whole new year.
The snow comes down
In the dark of night.
When we awake
The world is white.
In January
When there’s snow,
We get our sleds
And away we go. 

Ведущий обращается к учащимся, сидящим в зале: please, funs , Your right answers will help the team you suppor

Конкурс 3 (для болельщиков)


Ведущий обращается в зал: Do you know famous people. Listen and say who they were.

  1. He discovered Australia. (Captain James Cook).
    2) An English writer, whose most famous novel is “Robinson Crusoe”.
     (Daniel Defoe).
    3) He was the prime minister of Great Britain during World War II.
     (Sir Winston Churchill).
    4) He was the first person to be elected the President of the United States.
     (George Washington).
    5) An English writer of popular books and plays who wrote 75 detective stories.
     (Agatha Christie).
    6) He was the architect of the famous St. Paul`s Cathedral.
     (Sir Christopher Wren).
    7) He was the National Hero of Britain, the defender of the poor people.
     (Robin Hood).

Thank you. Thank you for your help, friends

Ведущий: Now, it`s time for the judges to say some words about these competitions.

Конкурс 4.

Ведущий обращается в зал: I wonder what you know about English - speaking countries. Try to remember all information about these countries and answer the following questions.

  1. 1)Where is Great Britain situated? (On the British Isles).
    2) What are the four parts of Great Britain?
     (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).
    3) What is the full name of Britain?
     (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

  2. 4) Who is the Head of the state?.
    5) What is the only country in the world which occupies a whole continent? (Australia).
    6) What is the capital of Australia?
    7) What country is sometimes called “The World`s Biggest Farm”?
     (New Zealand).
    8) Which country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west?
     (The United States of America).
    9) Who is the President of the USA ?
    10) What is the second largest country in the world?
    11) What is the official emblem of Canada?
     (the maple leaf).
    12) What official languages is spoken in English-speaking countries?

Ведущий: Thank you.

Конкурс 5.And now lets have some music. Its time to sing a song.

Thank you.

Конкурс 6.

Ведущий: A good captain is the flag of the team. Competition of the captains. Will you give the name of each tourist sight or attraction?

1) Here you can see was models of famous people. (Madame Tussauds`s).
2) This is the Queen`s residence in London.
 (Buckingham Palace).
3) This building was rebuilt by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666. It has a famous “Whispering Gallery”.
 (St. Paul`s Cathedral).
4) MPs debate and argue here, and there is a clock tower with a famous bell in it.
 (the Houses of Parliament).
5) It is the oldest public building in Washington, D.C., and the beautiful home of every President of the USA.
(The White House).
6) It is the tallest building in Washington, D.C., and this is where laws are made.
 (The Capitol)

Thank you.

Ведущий: It`s time for judges to say some words about the score.

Конкурс 7.

In the next competition you`ll have to help Russian tourists. A group of Russian tourists is in London for the first time. They want to go for a walk along the river Thames. Look at the picture and name the sights(слайды достопримечательностей

Конкурс 8

Ведущий обращается к командам: Even native speakers of English find very difficult to say tongue – twisters quickly. How quickly can you say it?

1) Six selfish shellfish.
2) Unique New York.
3) She sells sea-shells on the seashore.
4) Peter Piper picked a pick of pickled peppers.
5) Sister Suzie sits and sews sailor`s shirts.
6) Robert Rowley rolled a round roll round.

Thank you.

Конкурс 9.

Ведущий: The next competition will be the last one. You know that the Englishmen are real pet-lovers. They keep different animals as pets at home and love them very much. Listen to the story about the man and his cat and finish it. The title of the story is “A Man and His Cat.”

A Man and His Cat

Long, long ago there lived a man who had no family. He had no wife and no children. He had only a cat. The man liked his cat very much and the cat liked him, too. Every day when the man had dinner the cat sat on a chair at the table. The cat had its plate and the man always put some meat or fish into the cat`s plate. Sometimes he gave the cat some soup or milk with some bread in it.
One day the cat came into the room and … (put a large rat into the man`s plate. You see, the cat wanted to thank the man for the food that the man had given it every day for a number of years.)
Команды предлагают свои варианты окончания текста. Учащиеся из зала помогают командам.

Конкурс 10 The next competition will be the last one. Its your home task. (дети представляют свои песни).

The final.

Ведущий: Thank you very much, friends, for your participation in our competitions. You`ve worked very well today. Our programme is over and our judges are summing up.
Подводятся итоги. Команда-победитель получает главный приз, остальные школьники, принимавшие участие в работе, – открытки, сувениры.

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