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Сценарий пьесы для конкурса театральных постановок на английском языке

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Mary Poppins comes back

Действующие лица: Мэри Поппинс, Джейн Мальчик-почтальон

Мистер Бэнкс, Майкл (Люди на улице. Сцена 4)

Миссис Бэнкс, Мисс Эндрю

Сцена 1

( В доме Бэнков. Мэри Поппинс и 2 детей (Майкл, Джейн) входят в холл дома с улицы)

Mrs. Banks: Why, it’s Mary Poppins! Where did you come from? Out of the blue?

Michael: Yes, she came down on the end… (Мэри Поппинс прерывает его одним из своих самых строгих взглядов).

Mary Poppins: I found them in the park, ma’am, so I brought them home.

Mrs. Banks: Have you come to stay, then?

Mary P.: For the present ma’am.

Mrs. Banks: But…but will you, do you think?

Mary P.: I couldn’t say, ma’am, I am sure.

Mrs. Banks: Oh! (удивленно)

(Мэри Поппинс берёт свой зонтик и шляпу и уводит детей наверх в детскую)


Сцена 2

(В детской. М. Поппинс достает из своей сумки большой термометр)

Jane: What’s that for?

Mary P.: You!

Jane: But I am not ill! There are two months since I had measles (корь)!

Mary P.: Open! (Джейн щурится, очень быстро открывает рот)

Mary P.: I want to know how you have been behaving. (Смотрит на термометр, читает). Careless and untidy. (К Джейн) I am not surprised! (Подходит к Майклу) A very noisy, troublesome little boy. Humph! It’s about the time I came back! I thought so. Now tea and bed!


Сцена 3

(В доме Бэнков. Звонок в дверь. Мистер Бэнк открывает дверь и видит мальчика-почтальона)

Telegraph boy: Urgent telegram. Name of Banks Any answer? (Протягивает оранжевый конверт)

Mr. Banks: If it’s good news I give you sixpence. (Читает, его лицо бледнеет). No answer!

Telegraph boy: And no sixpence?

Mr. Banks: Certainly not! (Мальчик уходит)

Mrs. Banks: Oh, what is it? Is somebody ill?

Mr. Banks: Worse than that!

Mrs. Banks: Have we lost all our money?

Mr. Banks: Worse still! Listen! (Читает вслух) “Coming to stay with you for a month. Arriving this afternoon three o’clock. Please light fire in bedroom. Euphemia Andrew”

Mrs. Banks: Andrew? Why, that’s the name of your governess! I am not sure that is the bad news!

Mr. Banks: You don’t know what you are talking about. Just wait till you see her! (Берет плащ)

Mrs. Banks: But dear! You must be here to meet her! It looks so rude. Where are you going?

Mr. Banks: Anywhere. Everywhere. Tell her I am dead. (Сбегает из дома)


Сцена 4

(Дети гуляют с Мэри Поппинс, поют песню о няне, танцуют)

Lady Mary

Who is a miracle and lovely?

Who is pretty and who’s funny?

Very clever and kind

Who is smiling and laughing

When we are naughty?

But who can be strict

To bring up Michael and me?

Who is elegant and wayward (своенравный)?

Who’ s responsible, respectful,

Who’s polite to all children and old men,

And birds, and to our Planet

and to everything

Tell me please, what her name’s?

Mary, lady Mary!
Mary, lady Mary!
You are perfection,
You are perfection
From your smile to your sign
Simply goodness you are
We are happy that you are

Our favourite nanny,

And we know that you are the ideal.
Mary, lady Mary!
Mary, lady Mary, Mary!"

(Появляется Мисс Эндрю)

Miss Andrew: I think you don’t suppose who I am.

Michael: Oh, yes we do! You are the holy terror!

Miss Andrew: You are a very rude boy! I shall report you to your father! And you are Jane, I suppose?

Jane: (вежливо) How do you do?

Miss Andrew: What manners!

Mrs. Banks: Welcome, Miss Andrew, welcome! How kind of you to pay us a visit. I hope you had a good journey?

Miss Andrew: Most unpleasant. I never enjoy travelling!

Mrs. Banks: Would you like to come to your room?

(Мисс Эндрю и Миссис Бэнкс уходят)


Сцена 5

(Мисс Эндрю обнаружила, что забыла клетку с жаворонком, и спустилась в гостиную)

Miss Andrew: Oh, I quite forgot! I left my lark Caruso outside. Let me see. Where did I live my… (Видит, что клетка открыта) Why? When? Where? Who? Who opened that cage? Where is my lark? (К Мэри Поппинс) You did it! How dare you are? I shall see you leave this house tonight…

Mary P.: Ready! (Мэри Поппинс пристально смотрит на Мисс Эндрю, и та оказывается в запертой клетке)

Miss Andrew: Oh! Oh! Oh! I have no room to move! I can hardly breath!

Mary P.: Neither could he!

Miss Andrew: Open the door! Let me out! You – you – you are cruel, disrespectfull…

Mary P.: You said I didn’t know how to bring up children.

Miss Andrew: I take it back. I can’t stay here! No! No! Not here! Let me go!

Mary P.: Go!

Miss Andrew: Oh, thank you! Thank you! (Мисс Эндрю уезжает прочь)


(Прошло несколько дней)

Jane: The wind has changed.

Michael: If only we could have gone on for ever!

Mary P.: All good things come to an end. Michael! Be good! Jane! Take care of Michael and the twins! (Мэри Поппинс улетает)

Michael: She’s going.

Michael, Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Banks: Oh, Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins! Come back! Come back!

Michael: Do you think she’ll come back?

Jane: Perhaps – if we want her enough, she will.

Michael: Yes, perhaps.


(Все участники спектакля выходят на сцену и поют песню)

The wind of Changes

The Earth’s revolving as a carousel

The winds of losses fly above the Earth
Winds of losses, separations. We

Can’t count them.

They are so much, blow out all the cracks,
To people’s heart’s, tearing the doors away

Destroying the hopes and giving fear,
The blowing winds, the blowing winds.

any years all days and nights’ve been turning round

by the planet Earth.

Many years everything in life comes back

To its own circles.

Our wind will be so changeable,
Pretty soon, instead of past ,
It will come, it will be very gentle, kind

Our Wind of change.


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