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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Сценарий пьесы "Легенда о короле Артуре"
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Сценарий пьесы "Легенда о короле Артуре"


Scenario (script) of the performance on the basis of Arthur-the king legend


Arthur-the king

Merlin-the wizard

The Bishop

The warriors – Charades, Idris, Clarence

Morgana-the fairy

The fairies, the witches

Translated and rhymed by the teacher of English Korobeynikova Nadezhda Nikolayevna

Scene 1

(The fairies are carrying the sword)

The island is rising from waters of lakes,

We call it the garden of apples.

Its trees are in blossom,

The caves have much treasure,

It sweetens the youth with paradise pleasure.

Blue tulips are blooming in Avalon’s land

Which charm overwhelms with extremely strong hand.

We, spirits of land, made this noble sharp sword –

The gift for the future defender,

The gift to surrender all flattering foes,

It’s urgent for this time agenda.

(The fairies place the sword into the rock)

The armor of strength that defeats with its strike

In marble was spelled with the witchcraft aside.

Eskalibur’s sleeping,

Let the stone be sticking.

The sword has been brought to the world of discord,

Where grief is still weeping, wars and battles keep living.

In spring time it was, filled with flavor of roses.

You will be aroused by real brave king

To make you be ready to fight to fight for true things.

Eskalibur will fly up into skies.

The sward will be clanking and tinkling.

The marble will crawl back in front of the eyes.

All flattering foes will be winking.

Scene 2

(The square in front of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London)

Charades: So, here is London, milords.

Idris: And here is the church of Saint Paul’s.

Charades: The Lord has kept all us in peace, has given happiness to breathe.

He gave us mercy to escape all troubles, prison, being betrayed.

At last we are here to celebrate.

Idris: The bell is ringing soon for mesa.

It’s time for us to get together.

Charades: The war’s still burning all around

Since our monarch Pendragon died long ago not having left a child.

Though being like a lion or an eagle he passed away as all the other people.

Idris: The country is on fire with troubles and discord

When there is not an heir, a monarch and his word.

(The warriors are reading the bishop’s instructions)

Attention! All people of England! The people of Cornwall and Wales, of Northumberland and Mercia! The heads of London and Camelot, Carlyon and other Briton’s towns, the inhabitants of Tenntagille and Terrabille and of the other castles and fortresses! To all, all people of the land! Instructions from the bishop’s, His Majesty of Canterbury:

Let all the people come to London in this severe hour

When war is burning on the island we shall elect the power.

It will be on the Easter Day. Great Holiday we’ll celebrate!

Charades: Yes, really, that’s right! That’s right! We’ll choose the king in Britain’s site.

But where can we find the king? It’s very hard, not simple thing.

Idris: Wow! Look! Do you see the wonder? Who put the stone on the sword?

Charades: There is a script for us to read what we should do and how succeed.

Charades (is reading): The one who owns this sharp sword will be the owner of the world.

(The bishop is coming into)

The Bishop: Pray dear children! The Lord is with us!

The Lord is our Shepard, we walk with him along.

I dreamt about the leopard – our dead king Pendragon.

He came to me in dream of mine to tell that Uther’s son survived

The Lord gives us a special sign. My dream is true, the dream of mine.

Charades: My dear people, please, listen to me! The name of king we cannot see.

We all shall try to seize this sword to tear the stone without a cord!

Idris: Let’s bet to win for each of us. The trial never problems does.

The Bishop: If you are ready to argue with Lord, you’ll not achieve to disprove the God’s word.

Charades, come on, it’s time for your turn.

Charades: It is very heavy! I can’t lift it on!

The Bishop: Try you, noble Idris!

Idris: Oh, no! It’s in vein!

The Bishop: Sir Clarence, try you!

Clarence: It’s too hard! It’s not tame! Though I’m very strong!

The Bishop: Who’s the next? You, come on! (Pointing at someone in the hall)

Well, I see no one who wants to compete.

The world of the Lord you will never defeat.

The God’s decision is like this: no winner in the game, indeed.

(Merlin and Arthur are appearing now)

Merlin: There is honest winner!

The Bishop: Oh, Merlin! It’s you?! You are welcome to dinner! We’ve been waiting for you!

Again we’re together with the wise king’s advisor who’s kind and good at all men mesmerizing.

Merlin: Yes, you are right. I left you long ago to come back and recall all my duties and to make you

So happy.

I’m ready to make your troubles fewer

Your illnesses take away and cure

Your deep strong sorrow.

And I brought the boy with me. Tomorrow

We’ll have another trial to meet our great desire.

The Bishop: Well, who’s this boy?

Merlin: He is a prince! He’s not a toy! He’s Uther’s son and Briton’s king!

I brought him up and hid him like a thing.

He was my secret son they think.

And now it’s time for Britain’s people to recognize him by his dimple.

He’s their king and lord as simply as they trust in God!

The Bishop: My former dream appeared true. I’m glad to tell this thing to you.

Idris: He’s Arthur, Uther’s son! At last the things are done!

Merlin: Sixteen years passed. Life quickly runs!

The sick king took his only son and brought to me without fun.

He begged to bring him up, away from poison, foes’ eyes and cane.

I oathed him to do my best for 16 years to have no rest.

I have been silent to keep my oath. Soon God allowed me to break all those.

Charades: I don’t believe you! Shame on you!

All skillful warriors tried to do, to get the sword outside the rock.

And all they failed. It’s poor talk. I don’t believe:

This little boy can manage that big and heavy toy!

The Bishop: God blessed people to fulfil the things impossible to deal.

So, Arthur, start! Now it’s your turn to make your people watch and learn.

The king you are!!! Your strength and power are spreading far.

(The fairies are appearing):

That was the sword – Excalibur, the guard of horror and so far.

Tw’s born in caves of Avalon. Its way to you was very long.

The mistress of the lake herself awarded this sharp sword to help

The king to get the power.

So, you obtained the sparkling sting and dream of future fighting.

You want to make good people win. Your heart and soul are striving.

Well, Arthur, take away this sword. It really is yours from birth

From caves of Avalon for years.

(The fairies are going away)

(Arthur is taking the sword out)

Charades: The sword gets into Arthur’s hands!

Idris: God’s person is young Uther’s son!

Merlin: He’s going to be your king by law,

The strongest warrior at war.

The circle of noble closest friends

The help to Arthur will present.

These precious people and the king

Will form unique and mighty ring.

They will surprise big Avalon ground

And have the glory all around.

The men will sing about Arthur

In hymns and poems and will pass them.

The century was full of glory”

Will people mention in the story.

Charades: If so, we shall obey the life.

The warriors: God bless you, Arthur! Take your knife!

The Bishop: Hurray! The troubles go away! Let your heart joy have all the way!

Arthur: I’m very grateful, my true people. Though this sharp sword is not so simple.

God’s destiny I have to bear and make you happy everywhere.

I’ll keep the sword to battle truly to carry on my duty fully against a murderer and thief

And to get rid all you off grief.

I say you: Trust! I don’t seek glory. I don’t want people to feel sorry!

I call all those who are ready to stand by me, be strong and steady

While fighting for my men and women, for orphans, widows and old people

For faithful maidens and honest friends, for peace and happiness, new trends.

So, if you meet the demands like these

You are welcome to be provided with peace.

You’d better be beside my hand to be protectors of the land.

The warriors: The Arthur’s followers are not afraid of foes.

God blessed all them by opening all doors.

He’s our destiny, his star is sparkling high

God shows the way to us in deep blue winter sky.

We are together with the king to fight against the Saxons.

And we shall ruin them, of course, with our God blessed axes.

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