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Сценарий постановки на английском языке "A crazy story"

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A Crazy Story



Snow White

Three Little Pigs

Little Red Riding Hood



Prince Charming


(The Narrator enters. He/she stands in the middle of the room, and talks to the audience)

Narrator: Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen. Today, I’m going to tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Once upon a time there was a little girl who…

(Snow White enters)

Snow White: Help! Help!... Please, somebody, help me!

Narrator: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Snow White: I am Snow White … My stepmother is evil! She wants to get rid of me! Then I …

(the Narrator interrupts Snow White)

Narrator: Wait, wait, wait little girl! Don’t you see that I am the narrator and I am telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood! (looking for audience) Look at all those people… Oh, my…I’m ruined! I’m going to get fired!

Snow White: (looking at the audience. She cries.) Please, forgive me. I’m a nice girl… but my stepmother doesn’t love me… my father, the king…

(the Narrator interrupts Snow White)

Narrator: Listen … We feel sorry for you…but you came to the wrong story.

Snow White: Oh… really?

Narrator: Yes… I have to continue with my story…(pointing to a house on the other side of the room) Do you see that little house?

Snow White: Yes.

Narrator: Then, go there so you can escape from your stepmother. I’m sure they will help you.

Snow White: (she kisses the Narrator) Oh, thank you!

(Snow White goes to the little house. She knocks at the door)

Three Little Pigs: Who’s outside making all that noise?

Snow White: It’s me, Snow White! Please save me dwarves… me stepmother wants to get rid of me! (the door opens) But… you are not dwarves. Who are you?

Three Little Pigs: We are the Three Little Pigs. We are hiding from the wolf. Come in, and don’t worry, we will protect you from your stepmother!

(Snow White enters the little house. The door closes. Little Red Riding Hood enters the room singing. She interrupts the narrator)

Little Red Riding Hood: I am following the yellow brick road…

Narrator: Hey wait! Don’t you see that it’s not your time to appear on scene? Leave and wait for your turn. (Little Red Riding Hood leaves) Ok, where was I? Oh yes… Little Red Riding Hood was…

(Spider Man enters. He interrupts the Narrator)

Spider-Man: I am so strong! I am invincible!

Narrator: Oh, no … not again! What do you want … Who are you?

Spider-Man: I am Spider-Man, protector of the weak and unfortunate. I am sure that someone here needs me!

Narrator: We don’t need you … not right now. Can you please leave because I’ m working!

Spider-Man: Sorry, sir.

(Spider-Man leaves looking sad)

Narrator: Well, as I was telling you… (Little Red Riding Hood enters. She stands in the middle of the room. She has a basket with a bread and honey) Little Red Riding Hood was a very nice little girl. She was going to take some bread and honey to her grandmother who lived in the woods, when suddenly the wolf appeared.

(The Wolf enters)

Wolf: Oh, what a pretty girl! Who are you?

Little Red Riding Hood: I am Little Red Riding Hood, but my favorite color is pink… not red. Who are you?

Wolf: I am the wolf, but I’m not a bad wolf.

(Prince Charming enters)

Prince Charming: Please, can you both try on this little crystal shoe?

Little Red Riding Hood: You want us to try on that shoe? Why?

Prince Charming: Yes, please… I am looking for Cinderella. We were dancing, but suddenly she left, and lost her shoe.

(Snow White and the Three Little Pigs get out of the little house)

Snow White: I heard that Prince Charming was coming!

Prince Charming: Oh… you’re so beautiful… you’re as white as snow…

Narrator: Stop it! Everybody, quiet!(pointing to Little Red Riding Hood) I’m trying here to tell the story of this little girl!

Little Red Riding Hood: That’s true!

Narrator: And I really don’t know what are you all doing here?! But I don’t care anymore…so…since you won’t let me tell the true story of Little Red Riding Hood! …then I’ll make up my own story!

Little Red Riding Hood: See what you all did! I was the main character of the story!

Snow White, the Wolf, Prince Charming, and the Three Little Pigs: Well, not anymore… ha, ha, ha, ha!

Narrator: (to the audience) Prince Charming from Cinderella’s story saw how beautiful Snow White was. (Prince Charming throws away the shoe) and decided to marry her (Prince Charming

Kneels down and puts a ring in Snow White’s finger) and have a big wedding celebration. They invited Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Three Little Pigs…

(Spider-Man enters the room yelling)

Spider-Man: And me!

Narrator: And they lived happily ever after!

The End

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