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Сценарий постановки "Вверх по Темзе за лебедями"

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Организация и проведение городского Х11 музыкально-драмматического фестиваля на английском языке

Цели и задачи фестиваля:

  • Повышение интереса к изучению иноязычной культуры, формирование представлений и поликультурной картине мира, стимулирование интереса к изучению иностранных языков;

  • Развитие креативных способностей учащихся;

  • Активизация внеклассной работы по языку.

Сценарий фестиваля:

The 12th festival

- Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

- We are glad to meet you at the 12th festival of foreign languages.

- Do you know the history of foundation of the festival?

- Of course, it was founded in 1996 and it was the beginning of the wonderful tradition of music and drama.

- And do you know by whom it was founded?

- Are you kidding? Surely, yes. It is Kokaya Lilia Arkadjevna, the founder of the festival.

- It is surprisingly that the data of the 12th festival is coincided with the birthday of its founder.

- It is a large tradition to celebrate birthday in Russia and today we would like to start our festival with congratulations to Lilia Arkadjevna.

- We wish you good health...

- Let all your dreams will come true...

- All best regards to you...

- And now a small present for you from school number 8. Miliaeva Maria with the song Happy Birthday.

(песняшкола № 8)

- The festival is devoted to traditions and customs of different nations and countries in the world.

- Every nation and every country has its own traditions, which play a very important part in the life of the people.

- The people are very proud of their traditions and carefully keep them.

- It is wonderful when there are traditions in a family, at school and among friends.

- Traditions unite people, give a sense of community and stability.

- We wish good luck to all participants and now let us introduce the judges of the festival:

- The assistant professor of the state pedagogical university - Kokaia Lilia Arkadjevna

- The senior lecturer of the state pedagogical university - Nikolaeva Vera Mihailovna

- The head of the faculty of foreign languages, the senior lecturer and the candidate of philological sciences - Sergeeva Marina Evaldovna

- The assistant of the faculty of foreign languages - Zagorskaia Ekaterina Sergeevna

- The specialist in teaching methods - Petrova Oksana Aleksandrovna

- There is one tradition to congratulate the winners of the Olympiads.

And today we have a chance to see and greet the winners of the Olympiads among infant schools.

(поздравление победителей олимпиад)

- It is difficult to live without music. We hear it everywhere.

- But, especially, it's interesting to find yourself at Brazil Festival. You can see a wonderful and colorful show with dances and songs.

- Meet, school 41. "The Brazil Festival."

(выступление школы № 41)

- I think each of us like to travel, to visit beautiful places and to see sightseeings, to know more about people of various countries.

- But it is more enthusiastic to see the traditions, customs and ceremonies of other countries.

- And now, we invite you to travel around the world.

- Meet school 36. "The world around me".

(выступление школы № 36)

- You know, at school my favorite subject was music. We were taught how to sing and to hear what the author wanted to tell us. It seemed that I heard it everywhere. And, still, nowadays I am fond of it.

- Music can be different in styles, it is a combination of sounds, which reflects people's moods and emotions.

- The song "Don't speak", school 6.

(песняшкола № 16)

- Every person needs someone on whom he can rely in any situation, share with secrets and ask a piece of advice, a person who can help you in difficulties and care for you.

- For me it is my mother. She is a real and reliable friend of mine. And I am sure that all mothers in the world deserve the holiday like Mother's Day.

- Meet school of cadets. "Mother's Day".

( кадетская школа)

- Sometimes, listening to music we are plunged in it and inspiration on composing the music touches people's hearts.

- "The sounds of music" - school 18.

(песняшкола № 18)

- There is one holiday which is traditionally associated in some countries with old customs such as telling ghost stories, bonfires and so on.

- This is the Celts welcomed the beginning of winter.

- "Halloween Eve" - school 3.

(выступление школы № 13)

- In Britain traditions play a more important part in the life of the people than in other countries.

- When you come to England you are struck at once by quite a number of customs. And some of them are rather romantic and based on love.

- On the scene school 8 - "Swan-Upping".

(выступление школы № 8 – приложение 1)

- Do you know what surprise Gymnasium the 2d prepared for us?

- No, but they are ready to show it. Lets look at it.

- O.K. Gymnasium the 2d!

(выступление гимназии №2)

- Besides holidays there are different festivals on which certain traditions are observed, very often people do not need words to express their mood and emotions, they do it in dancing.

- Meet school 31.

(выступление школы № 31)

- I'll be your sweetheart If you will be mine All of my life

I'll be your Valentine.

How I would like to hear these words. It is so romantic.

- We have a present for you and our guests. A greeting card of school 11-"St. Valentine's Day".

( выступление школы № 11)

- Some words are like arrows in our life, they hurt and enjoy souls and eyes. Meet school 1 - "The arrow and the song".

( школа № 1)

- One of the most important event in the life of each nation is the Worldvision. Singers, groups, dancers come there from all over the world to demonstrate their talent and skills.

- A great number of viewers and TV viewers want to support them in this contest.

- And now, you have a chance to see the Worldvision on our scene.

- The 1st gymnasium "Worldvision"

(Евровидениегимназия № 1)

- Today we've seen different holidays, traditions and customs of countries of the world.

- Thanks to all participants of the festival and now the judges need some time to discuss the results.

- And we suggest you watching a concert.


The judges are ready and they will announce the results of the festival.

We congratulate the winners and the prizemen of the 12th festival.

Good luck in your creative work. And we continue our tradition and see you

next year on the 13th festival.

Good bye.

Сценарий музыкально- драматической постановки

Руководитель: Ащеулова Ю.Н.

«Вверх по Темзе за лебедями»

Сцена 1

На проекторе вид корабля (приложение 1) и за кулисами слова автора:

- Once upon a time, in the country, which is called England, lived and ruled the King Maksim I. He was single and unmarried and he had a rifle company. They travelled and conquered other countries. And one day they returned from the crusade. But his knights were very tired and Maksim I decided to give them a day of rest. The ship dropped anchor in the bay of Cyprus and they went on the coast.

( на проекторе изображение сада – приложение 2)

Maksim I: - Well, my faithful friends, let’s look round this island. How beautiful! Here is a variety of everything.

Knight 1: - oh! There are exotic trees with different viands and wonderful birds. It is like Eden.

Maksim I: - What is it? I hear something like noise. (слышат музыку –приложение 3)

(идут на шум )

Сцена 2

(Максим 1 и рыцари приходят на шум и видят красивых девушек)

Maksim I: - Who are you the beautiful girl?

Princess of Cyprus, Tatiana: - I am the Princess of Cyprus, Tatiana. Welcome to Cyprus and be our guests.

M: - I am happy to meet you, I am the King of England, Maksim I.

T: - what is it England? I have never been there and never heard about it.

M: - Oh, England is a wonderful country. There are many marvelous things and traditions.

T: - How interesting!

M: - I admire your beauty and want you to marry me.

T: - Give me tree days and three nights and in the morning of the 4th day I will give you an answer. And now have a rest.

Сцена 3

(ансамбль «Конфетти» исполняет танец восточных красавиц)

Сцена 4

Автор за кулисами: - The King was waiting for 3 days and 3 nights and all his thoughts were only about the princess Tatiana. And in the morning of the 4th day the princess appeared

M: - How long were days without you.

T: - I want you to know that I have fallen in love with you since I met you. But I cannot go with you. Stay with me and be the King of Cyprus.

M: - I am the King of England. My country and my people are waiting for me.

T: - I understand. Then take these swans with you in England. They will remind you about the princess of Cyprus. Good Bye.

M: - I will never forget you.

(на проекторе картина сада с королем и принцессой и звучит песня «From Tania with love» - приложение 4)

Автор: - Maksim I came back to England and put the swans on the Thames. And it was the beginning of the tradition “Swan – Upping”.

( на проекторе картинка с лебедем на реке – приложение 5)

Общая информация

Номер материала: ДA-053882

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