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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Сценарій позакласного заходу AUTUMN HOLIDAYS
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  • Иностранные языки

Сценарій позакласного заходу AUTUMN HOLIDAYS


Сценарій позакласного заходу


Для учнів 5-7 класів

Level: elementary


  • To tell about some holidays

  • to practice using vocabulary for telling about holidays

  • to encourage learning foreign languages

Materials: BB, HO


There are lots of holidays that are celebrated all over the world but there are some festivals which are celebrated only in Great Britain or in America. Let’s speak about them. Listen attentively because you’ll have to answer some questions afterwards.

Thanksgiving Day

On the fourth of November there is a very important holiday for all Americans. It’s Thanksgiving Day. People thank God for everything he has done for them.

(Pupils appear with the letters in their hands and read the sentences from the cards, the teacher writes the key words on the BB)

T – is for turkey steaming golden on each table.

H – is for harvest gathered into barn and stable.

A – is for autumn hues we marvel at each year.

N – is for neighbors, friends and family we hold dear.

K – is for kindness and blessing that we know.

S – is for smiles that great us everywhere we go.

G – is for the golden grain and pumpkins in the field.

I – is for Indians who shared the Pilgrims yield.

V – is for vision of a land of liberty.

I – is for immigrants who made the dream reality.

N – is for all natural wonders – sky and birds and flowers.

G – is for gratitude for everything we have been given.

In September 1620 some immigrants from England sailed to America. Their ship was called Mayflower. They had a long voyage; people suffered and died from illnesses, lack of water and food. Their first year in America was terrible, nearly half of the people had died but some of them survived and built their settlements and found their new home. They survived due to the help of friendly Indians. Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Families come together near and far. Religious services are held in the morning and then a traditional feast comes. Turkey is the traditional dish.

Veterans’ Day, Remembrance Day

And now I’ll tell you about another important holiday. It is celebrated on the 11th of November, but it has different names. People in America call it the Veterans’ Day, but in a Britain and Canada it is called Remembrance Day. Every year at 11 o’clock in the morning on the 11th day of the 11th month a great number of people gather to observe the two-minute silence and to perform the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. The silence begins at the first strike of Big Ben booming 11 o’clock, then people put flowers to the war memorial. Why do people do it? Because the world war was ended on the 11th of November 1918 at 11 am (11am 11.11.1918). Now on this day people in Britain, Canada and the USA honor war veterans.

The symbol of this day is a poppy. Do you know what it is? It’s a red field flower. On that day artificial poppies are traditionally sold in the streets everywhere (the teacher shows the picture of the poppy)

Guy Fawkes Night

Now I’m going to tell you about the most popular festivals in Great Britain. It is called Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night and it is celebrated on the 5th of November. It’s a very noisy holiday. People let off fireworks, make bonfire and burn the figures of a ragged dummy made of old clothes and straw (the teacher shows the picture). Some days before Guy Fawkes Day children go along the streets with their faces blackened and they sometimes have an old pram and in it there is a “guy” made of rags, they ask the passers-by for a penny for the guy. With the money they get they buy fireworks. In some cities in Great Britain people have competitions and the best guy gets the prize – it has the honor for being the first to be cast upon the huge bonfire. (Pupils watch video Window on Britain 1/ Holidays)


How did Halloween begin?

Many years ago in Ireland New Year’s Day was on the first of November. It was the day of all saints – All Saint’s Day or All Hallows’ Day. The 31st of October was the last day of the year; it was called All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. Now it is the holiday loved and celebrated by children in English speaking countries.

What do children do on this holiday?

They go from house, trick and treat for candies. They knock at the door and shout “trick or treat” three times. The hostess gives sweets to them and tires to guess who is who.

Halloween is coming.

What will you do?

I will go trick or treating,

How about you?

Halloween is coming.

What will you be?

I will be a pirate,

on the deep blue sea.

Halloween is coming.

What will you see?

I will see a jack-o’-lantern

Winking at me.

Halloween is coming.

What will you be?

It’s a secret,

So, wait and see!

On this day children put on different costumes. Let’s see which costumes our children had prepared for the party. (Presentation of the costumes)

I’m a spider I’m a tiny ghost We are skeletons

A spider am I A ghost, a ghost Skeletons we are

Don’t ever touch me I like to frighten people Aren’t you afraid of us

Because you’ll cry The most, the most Ah – ha – ha

I’m a spider I used to fly, at night Ratting our bones

My color is black At night, at night For the whole night

And what’s a web Because I’m so light We’ll disappear

Behind my back And white, and white At dawn light.

We are small witches.

We are angry today,

Please step out of the way,

Course the holiday is coming,

We are angry today.

What are the symbols of Halloween?

Pumpkin - Jack-o-Lantern

Costumes - Spiders and rats

Witches and black cats

Skeletons and mummies

Phantoms and ghosts

Werewolves and monsters

Halloween is here and there,

Halloween is everywhere.

Goblins, mummies, vampires, bats,

Witches, monsters and pumpkins fat.

Halloween is a time of glee,

For pumpkins, mummies, you and me!

A contest

(Working in groups of six pupils)

1. Look at the picture and count. How many cats, rats, witches? What are they doing?

Let’s sing a song.

Now it’s a Halloween, what a scary scene!

Flying bats and witches’ hats because it’s Halloween!

Now it’s a Halloween, what a scary scene!

Jack-o’-lanterns, screaming phantoms, ‘cause it’s a Halloween!

Now it’s a Halloween, what a scary scene!

Witches’ spells and wicked smells because it’s Halloween!

Now it’s a Halloween, what a scary scene!

Tricks or treating, pumpkin eating, ‘cause it’s a Halloween!

2. Now you know the symbols of Halloween.

It’s not only a pumpkin. Look at the cards and fill in the crosswords.


  1. Find hidden colours

  • We’ll go in Jim’s car. Let’s meet at 6 o’clock.

  • Some parts of the face are the eye, eyebrow, nose.

  • Elsa and Otto ran gently down the street.

  • I’m not dumb, lack of sleep made me forget it.

  • If I tell you that, will you agree never to tell him?

  • In the box there was a pencil, a pin, keys and a coin.

  • The wheelbarrow hit eleven rocks as it rolled down the hill.

  • Are three zeros enough to write 1000?

  • When the doctor gives you the injection, just yell “Ow” if it hurts.

4. Bingo game. Write down the words connected with Halloween in 9 squares and then cross each one as soon as you hear it.

5.Fill in the table






Guy Fawkes






6. Announcement of the results.

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