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Сценарий праздника английской песни "English Song Festival" (8-11 классы)

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2015 MARCH

Сценарий музыкального фестиваля англо-американской песни “MusKaleidoscope

Ведущий 1:

-Hello! Dear guests! How are you ? Feeling friendly? Today we are having a wonderful time at our festival “ Music Kaleidoscope”. Right now we are going to listen to exciting English and American Songs.

Ведущий 2:

- We strongly hope you won’t waste your precious time. It is the festival of real lovers of the English language and music. Do you hear the music playing? Enjoy singing and dancing of your friends, classmates and be happy. Do follow them.

Танец Up town funk (10th grade A) http://www.magicwish.ru/_pu/13/11635323.jpg

 Music and songs raise our spirits, help us to overcome difficulties, make our feelings more complicated and our life becomes more colorful.
Yes, I think so. Let's enjoy our pupils' singing! The 8th B grade you are welcome . “Wind of change” It’s a top 10 hit of the Scorpions.

(Wind of change, 8B)

Beдущий 1

It was splendid! Learning English through music helps us to understand and to learn the culture of many countries. It is very interesting because English is the global language of the world.

Yes, I believe that music helps people from all over the world to understand each other better. There are no boarders in music.

Nowadays, we can hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio and TV, and Internet, and of course, at our school, because a lot of pupils are interested in music, they dance to music and enjoy it greatly.
The 8th A grade with a song “ Summer ”.

Ведущий 1:
Great! I think that everybody in this hall can admit that it is impossible to live without a good melody.
Ведущий 2:
I absolutely agree with you. We can express
our thoughts and feelings, we can relax and have fun with the help of music.
The 9th A grade with a song “ Talking to the Moon”.

силуэт певца - Стоковая иллюстрация: 10660535


And now with your permission a song which you can listen to  all day and night with  great pleasure. It is called Night Shift and is performed by Серебренникова Лиза and

A solo dance is danced by Papina Masha.


Great! Enjoy it.

Well, it's difficult to speak about music because music is something spiritual and everybody understands it in a different way.

Music helps us to understand the inner world of a person. Some people enjoy classical music, others prefer pop and rock. So many people, so many minds.
слайд: (песня Sweet dreams 9b )

Marvelous! As for me, I'm a lover of pop-music. But we can say that all kinds of music are popular with the public.

By the way, I know that young people are united by music and communicate through it, express their thoughts, hopes, dreams, sorrows and joys.
слайд: (Maroon 5 This Love 10 a)

Helen, what about the songs of M. Jackson, E. Presley, Stevie Wonder? They are wonderful, aren't they?
Certainly. Their songs are good for having a rest. Let's have a break with one of them.
Казанцева Наташа )

силуэт певца - Стоковая иллюстрация: 10660535


Splendid.No doubts, music makes our feelings happier and full of impressions.
I can't argue with it. Music can control our emotions and influence our mood. Let us see a beautiful dance of our schoolmates.

(танец Кристина 9 A) http://www.magicwish.ru/_pu/13/11635323.jpg

Music is one of the best part of our life. It shows the beauty of the world. Music always can help us when we are in trouble.
I'm so excited about this performance. I believe that music helps people from all over the world to understand each other better. There are no boarders in music.

11 A Poppuri

Wow, it makes me think of happy time. On the whole our English party is wonderful with lots of music and songs.
In my opinion we should decorate our festival with one more beautiful magic song!
Речкалова) 11b

The English language! So beautiful and melodious!
So exciting and amazing! What can be better than to have a command of it?
To speak good English means to know its grammar and vocabulary and to pronounce well.
To speak English means to communicate, to understand each other.
So we wish you all speak good English well!

Ведущий 1.

I don't mind. But I think that our festival would be dull without dancing.

Танец флешмоб 10A http://www.magicwish.ru/_pu/13/11635323.jpg

Ведущий 1:
Sorry to say our festival is coming to its end. We think you enjoyed our beautiful songs.
Ведущий 2:
Dear friends ! Thank you for your active participation. You are brilliant at singing. Now we would like to honor our participants.

We are so excited to announce the results for today’s festival.

The complete list of nominations is as follows. Our Competent Jury will gladly present them to you.



9A The best Debut

9B Bright Individuality

10A Flying Inspiration

10В Absolute Winner

11A Gran –Prey

11B Festivals hope

Special award

Ведущий 2:( к гостям).
Dear guests! We hope you liked the party. Thank you very much for your attention. We wish you Good luck!  Good bye!


http://yandex.ru/video/search?fiw=0.00497631&fiw=0.00497631&filmId=6a5U8mkIUXI&text=music%20kaleidoscope&path=wizardhttp://yandex.ru/video/search?fiw=0.00497631&fiw=0.00497631&filmId=6a5U8mkIUXI&text=music%20kaleidoscope&path=wizardКартинки по запросу musical kaleidoscope

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