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Сценарий праздника Christmas in America

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Праздник Christmas

December, 25th

Teacher: Good evening, dear friends! We are glad to see you here again! Today we are going to tell you about a wonderful winter holiday. It is American Christmas. (Звучит мелодия рождественской песни)

Pupil 1 The Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. As you know, Christmas is a religious holiday. It is a day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a happy holiday. Families come together to share their happiness, attend church and exchange gifts.

Pupil 2: You are quite right. The Christmas story comes from the Bible. It tells us an interesting story of shepherds who were watching their sheep when an angel appeared to them. He told them that a Saviour had been born in Bethlehem. The shepherds went there to see Jesus. The baby Jesus was born in a stable (проецируется картинка «The Holy Family»). His mother was the Virgin Mary and his father was Joseph. The Bible tells us how the Wise Men (the Magi) followed a star until it led them to Jesus. (Звучит песня «Silent Night»).

Pupil 3: The first Noel the angel did say

Was to certain poor shepherds in the fields as they lay

In fields where they lay keeping their sheep

On a cold winter’s night that was so deep.

They looked up and saw a star

Shining in the East, beyond them far,

And to the Earth it gave great light,

And so it continued both day and night.

Pupil 4: The Wise Men gave Jesus many gifts. Because of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christians celebrate Christmas.

Pupil 5: Cities and towns in the USA sparkle with bright lights and decorations. Churches, homes, schools, shops and streets are decorated with Christmas trees, colored lights, Santa Claus and his reindeer. Store windows display gifts. The traditional colors for this holiday are red and green.

Pupil 6: On Christmas Eve, the President of the USA turns on the lights of the Christmas tree near the White House and sends his greetings to the nation.

Pupil 1: People sing and hear many songs at Christmas. The songs are different old traditional songs in English, German, Spanish, French and other languages, religious songs and modern American songs. They create the special atmosphere of the holiday.

Pupil 2: Christmas carols are sung on the radio and in public places during this season. Some of the most famous carols are: «The First Noel», «Joy to the World» and «Silent Night».

Pupil 3: Now we are going to sing the song Jingle, Bells. John Pierpont wrote it in 1857. It is one of the first Christmas songs that American children learn.

Pupil 4: Families prepare for this holiday weeks before. Christmas cards are sent to friends and relatives. They make and buy gifts. They wrap gifts with bright paper and ribbons.

Pupil 5: Christmas is wrapping each gift with care,

Bowing your head and saying a prayer.


I’ve done many things for Christmas

I’ve tied each present with bow,

But there’s one other thing

I wanted to tell you,

How much I love you,

But I think you know.


In the glow of Christmas candles,

And the stars that shine above,

I bring you season’s greetings

With my ribboned gift of love.

In the joyous sound of voices

Singing carols in the snow

I take your hand and tell you

Of my love that seems to grow.

With Christmas years behind us

And Christmas years ahead

I tie my love with ribbons

In the shade of Christmas red.

Pupil 2: The Americans choose a tree and decorate it with ornaments and lights. Have a look at our Christmas tree! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? You can see a lot of toys on it. The lights are different red, blue, yellow, green. On the top of the Christmas tree you can see an angel. I like our tree, and you (Yes, certainly, Sure, It’s nice.)

Pupil 3: The American children hang up stockings near the fire – place to receive gifts from Santa Claus.


Santa Claus is coming,

Christmas is near,

Hang up all the stockings,

We can’t wait till he’s here.

(дети вешают чулочки у камина)

Pupil 5: Schools usually have two weeks of vacations and some families take vacations together. By the way, do you want to meet a real Santa Claus? Yes? Let’s say then: «Santa Claus, you’re welcome! » All together!

(Входит Санта Клаус и раздаёт подарки).

Silent Night

Silent Night, Holy Night,

All is calm, all is bright.

Round the Virgin, Mother and Child,

Holy Infant , so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent Night, Holy Night,

Shepherds quake at the sight.

Glory streams from Heaven afar.

Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia

Crist the Savior is born,

Crist the Savior is born.

Silent Night, Holy Night,

Son of God, love’s pure light.

Radiant beams from Thy holy face.

With the dawn of redeeming grace,

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth,

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth.

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