Инфоурок Другое Другие методич. материалыСценарий праздника по английскому языку на тему: "Animals are our friends"

Сценарий праздника по английскому языку на тему: "Animals are our friends"

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Сценарий тематического праздника в 5 классе.



«Animals are

our friends»


Учитель английского языка:

Шешина Маргарита Алексеевна















  1. практическая – активизация знаний, умений и навыков учащихся;
  2. образовательная – развитие филологического кругозора;
  3. воспитательная – создание возможностей для проявления индивидуальных художественных способностей детей.


Teacher: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls, parents and teachers. I’m very glad to see you. Today we are going to talk about animals. The theme of our party is “Animals are our Friends”.

Дорогие гости! Позвольте здесь перейти  мне на русский язык, чтобы всем присутствующим было понятно. Ребята 5 «А» класс проделали большую подготовительную работу перед праздником: учили стихи, песни, мастерили маски и костюмы животных и птиц, писали сочинения о животных, рисовали картинки своих любимчиков. А вам, дорогие гости, в конце праздника предстоит определить:

  1. лучший костюм;
  2. лучшее сочинение;

3.      лучшего чтеца стиха и прозы на английском языке.

Ребят – победителей ждет награждение.

Teacher:  So, what animals do you know, children?

                  (сидящие  в зале учащиеся поднимают руки, встают и называют всех известных животных на англ.яз.).

Teacher:  That’ll do. You know a lot of animals. Good. Perhaps, you know a few poems about them. What poems do you know?

                  (Учащиеся встают один за другим и декламируют стихотворения, подготовленные к этому празднику. Ребята одеты в костюмы тех животных, о которых говорят).



  1. I love my cat

It’s warm and fat

My cat is grey

It likes to play.


  1. My dog is clever, strong and quick

Its name is Spot, my name is Nick

My dog is nice, my dog is gay

We play together every day.

Though heavy snow, rein and fog

I go walking with my dog

My father always tell me: “Mind

The dog must not de left behind”.


  1. Baa, baa, black sheep

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir,

Three bags full;

One for the master,

And one for the dame,

And one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane?


  1. Once I saw a little bird

Come hop, hop, hop,

And I cried, “Little bird,

Will you stop, stop, stop?

I was going to the window

To say, “How do you do?”

And he shook his little tail

And away he flew.


  1. I wonder have you ever heard

My parrot? He is a talking bird

He says “Hallo to any man,

Who says “Hallo” to him?

He eats and sleeps and talks again

But in his dreams he sees

Palms and unknown jungle trees

And hides from tropical rains.


  1. I love all kinds of animals

Dogs and cats and rabbits

I love all kinds of animals

I know their little habits.


  1. If I had plenty of money

Do you know what I would do?

I’d buy such lots of animals

And have my own little Zoo.



  1. Three little cats

Went out one day.

Not for a walk

And not to play

They went to find

Some milk to drink

Yes! They found some

Where do you think?

By every door

A jar they found.

They drank the milk

Without a sound.


  1. A kitten with a black nose

Sleeps al the day

A kitten with a white nose

Comes when you call.

But a kitten with a grey nose

I like best of all.


  1. Two little birds sat on a tree

Singing as loud as loud could be

One was quite thin and one was fat

And both were afraid of the Pussy cat

The Pussy cat came creeping by

He saw the birds and wrinked his eyes.


He gave a jump and said, “Miew”,

The birds saw him first and away they flew.


  1. The duck has a duckling

What does it say?

Quack, quack, quack, quack!

All through the day.

The sheep has a lambkin,

What does it say?

Baa – baa, baa – baa!

All through the day.

The pig has a piglet

What does it say?

Squeal, squeal, squeal, squeal

All through the day.











Teacher: Now I think you can dramatize some poems about animals. Who can?

 (выходят  две девочки, на одной костюм мышки, на другой – кошки).


Cat:        Little mouse, little mouse

Where is your house?

Tell me my sweet!


Mouse:  Little cat, little cat

Stay in your flat,

There is nothing here to eat!


Cat:        Little mouse, little mouse

Where is your house?

Where do you live?


Mouse:  Little cat, little cat

Stay in your flat,

I have nothing to give!


Cat:        Little mouse, little mouse

Where is your house?

Come out and talk to me!



Teacher:  Good for you. Thanks. Now I want you to sing the song “Five little ducks”.

“Five little ducks”.

1.      Five little ducks went swimming one day

Over the pond and far away.

Mother duck said:

Quack, quack, quack, quack!

But four little ducks came back.

2.      Four little ducks went swimming one day…

3.      Three little ducks went swimming one day…

4.      Two little ducks went swimming one day…

5.      One little duck went swimming one day…

Teacher:  I like the song and you sing well. Now let’s play the game “Wild animals”. I’ll throw a ball to you, when you catch it, name a wild animal. Do it as quickly as you can.

(Учитель кидает мяч ученикам, ученик ловит его, называет дикое животное по-английски и возвращает мяч ученикам).


Teacher:  That’ll do. I see that you know the names of wild animals.

Now children, look at the board. There is a crossword written on it. It is about the animals. Try to guess them.


Your Pats.





































































































































































































































Budgie        Parrot       Cat      Goldfish


Dog         Rabbit       Hamster       Tortoise


Teacher:  Now dear boys and girls guests look at the pictures and listen to the stories about the pets.

(Учащиеся читают свои сочинения на тему My Pets”. Лучшее сочинение прилагается).

Teacher: Thank you. I see that most children live animals. They have pets at home and take care of them. But some boys and girls give them too much food to eat. That’s way their become too fat and can’t run and jump well. Look at this puppy!

(Мальчик держит игрушку собаки и читает стихотворение. Все дети, присутствующие в зале при словах: «Jump, puppy, jump», встают и прыгают на месте).


Spot is a plump puppy,

Still he can jump.

Jump, Puppy! Jump, Puppy!

Jump, Puppy, jump.

If you jump plenty

You’ll not be so plump

So, jump, puppy,

Plump puppy, jump!

Jump, puppy, jump.


Teacher: Now, children, listen to my riddles and try to guess them.

1.      I have a bushy tail,

Sometimes I’m grey and

Sometimes I’m red

I like nuts

What am I?

(A squirrel)

2.      Long – ears, long – ears,

Hop, hop, hop!

Long – ears, long – ears,

Never stop.

They like carrots,

They like hay.

They grow longer

From day to day.

(A rabbit)

3.      I am in the farm – yard,

Cluck, cluck, cluck,

I lay eggs, but I am not

A duck, duck, duck.

(A hen)



4.      It doesn’t speak

Nor does it sing

Or at the door – bell

Give a ring,

But still it lets

Its master know

Someone wants to see him.

(A dog)

5.      There is an animal that

Has a beautiful yellow skin

With black stripes on it.

It is a very fierce wild animal.

It lives mostly in hot countries.

(A tiger)

6.      I’m red and I have a fine

Busty tail, I like meat.

(A fox)

7.      A very funny animal

Which moves very quickly.

It can hang its tail.

(A monkey)


Teacher: Now, dear guests, listen to the second song. It is “Two Little kittens”.


“Two Little kittens”

1.      Two Little kittens, one stormy night

Began to have a terrible fight

One had a mouse, the other had none

And that is how the fight had begun

“Give me the mouse!” said the biggest cat.

The little cat cried, “No, no! You can’t!”

I’ll take it away! The big cat spoke,

And the little cat gave the other a poke!

We need to be thankful and not complain or cry

Those haughty cats did not know that

And so they learned a lesson that night

2.      Two Little kittens one stormy night

Were being bad and having a fight

The woman came in and took her broom

And chased those kitty cats out of the room!

We need to be thankful and not complain or cry

Those haughty cats did not know that

Outside the house, with no more mouse

Those two little kittens sat side by side.


Teacher: Thank you very much. Now we’ll see who the best in saying these tongues – twisters.

Ø  Pat’s black cat is in Pat’s black hat.

Ø  A black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.

Ø  A girl sees six big grey geese.

Teacher: Now we come to little plays. The first play is “The Fox and the Cock”.


The Fox

The Cock

The Story – teller

The Story – teller: One morning the Cock went for a walk in the forest. He saw a very big tree, so he flew up and sat in it. The Fox was in the forest too. He came up to the free and saw the Cock in it.

Fox: (to himself): Oh, that Cock will be a very nice breakfast for me. (He turns to the Cock). Good morning dear friend. How are you?

Cock: I’m very well, thank you.

Fox: Do you know that all the animals are friends now? The dog and the cat are friends. The cat and the mouse are friends too. And the birds and the fox; we are all friends now.


Cock: That’s good. That’s very, very good indeed.

Fox: As we are all friends now, will you came to my house? You’ll have a tasty breakfast, I promise you.

Cock: Thank you very much; that’s very kind of you. (He turns to the right). Oh, I say! Look over there! That’s a dog. It is coming here. Dogs like tasty breakfasts too. Ask the dog to come to your house for breakfast. Don’t you think that’s a good idea, Fox?

Fox: (frightened): A dog? You say a dog is coming? Then Good-bye.

Cock: (laughs): dear Fox, dear Fox, where are you going? Don’t go. All the animals are friends you say.

Fox: Yes, all the animals are friends now, but does that dog know it? (The Fox runs away).

Teacher:   Now let us see the second play. It is also about animals. Its title is, “How the Tail of the Fox Become White”.



The Bear

The Fox                 

The Wolf

The Cocks          

The Hens

The old Woman 

The Story – teller

Scene I.

(An old Woman walks slowly across the stage. She has a stick in her hand)

Story – teller: Once upon a time there was an old woman who had a large farm. She had to take care of her animals and do all the house work. This was too much for her, so one day she went to find someone to help her.

Bear: Where are you going, lady?

Old Woman: I’m looking for someone to take care of my cows, sheep and pigs.

Bear: Ah! That’s just the work for me. I have wanted to find that kind of work for a long time.

Old Woman: Oh? I’m glad. Will you help me? But can you call the sheep to come home?

Bear: Yes, yes just listen. (He calls loudly). Ouff, ouff!

Old Woman: (Sadly): No, no you will never do! Your voice will frighten all the sheep in the country. They will never come home.

Wolf: Where are you going, lady?

Old Woman: I’m looking for someone to take care of my cows, sheep and pigs.

Wolf: Why not take me? That’s just the work for me.

Old Woman: Do you know how to call animals?

Wolf: Oh, yes, just listen. Ow – w – w!

Old Woman: Oh, you will not do, your voice is so unpleasant that my cows will never come home.

Fox: (Very politely): Where are you going my good woman?

Old Woman: I’m looking for someone to take care of my animals.

Fox: (happily): Ah! That’s just the work for me. My voice is very soft, and the animals will come at once when I call them.

Old Woman: Let me hear you call them.

Fox: Certainly. Tim – ta – ta, Tim – ta – ta.

Old Woman: That’s very good. I’ll take you.


Scene II.

Place: A room in the Old Woman’s house.

Story – teller: All went well for a few days. In the morning the Fox drove the sheep and cows to the        field. He fed the pigs and looked after the ducks and chickens. But one morning the Old Woman missed her little black pig.

Old Woman: Where is my little black pig?

Fox: He is out in the field. He will soon come home.

Old Woman: And there is the old black hen and her little chickens?

Fox: Oh, she found a new nest down by the river.

Story – teller: Now, imagine the yard behind the old Woman’s house. There is a can of milk in the yard. The cocks and hens are eating corn. The Fox comes in and tried to catch a hen.

Cocks and Hens: Chuck – chuck – chuck! (The Fox catches a hen. The woman comes back with a hen in his mouse).

Old Woman: You cruel fox you’re thief. Shame on you!

(The Fox tried to run away but upsets a full can of milk).

Story – teller: Look at the Fox! The tip of his tail has become white. (The Fox runs away).

Teacher: What do you think? Was the Old Woman clever or wasn’t she? Why wasn’t she? I hope you like the plays. Now let’s go on with our program.  Look at the costumes and choose which best is the.

(Проводится парад костюмов под музыку песни “Old John Browns Farm” и награждение учащихся за лучшие костюмы, лучшие сочинения и лучшего чтеца на английском языке).


Teacher: Well boys and girls. It’s very good that you know so much about animals, that you have pets at home, and you take care of them. None of us must forget that animals and birds are our friends. Thank you for coming. Good – bye.

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