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Сценарий "Счастливый случай в Великобритании"


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

«A lucky chance in the UK»

Внеклассная работа по английскому языку повышает мотивацию к изучению языка и культуры другой страны.

Игра «A lucky chance in the UK» проводится 5 «Г» классе.

Задачи внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку «A lucky chance in the UK»: повторить изученный лексический, грамматический и страноведческий материал, повысить интерес к изучению английского языка, расширить кругозор, воспитать умение работать в команде.

Используемые методы работы: индивидуальный, групповой, фронтальный, игровой.

Оборудование: Мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, презентация, карточки с заданиями (кроссворды и ребусы). Дополнительные материалы для занятия по изучению английского языка.

Цели:1.Повышение мотивации изучения английского языка.

2. Развитие навыков коммуникативного общения в группах

3. Развитие индивидуальных личностных качеств участников игры.

Участники:2 команды по 8-9 человек, болельщики.

Ход игры:

  1. Greeting.

  2. Presentation of the captains of team members.

  3. Warm-up. Game: «Snowballs».

  4. The first game- Further, further...

  5. The second game: «Crosswords and puzzles»

  6. The third game: «Musical pause»

  7. The fourth game: Homework: «The tea party»

  8. The results.

Teacher:Hello, my dear friends! I’m glad to see you. Our game is called «A lucky chance in the UK». You are welcome to our game. I want to introduce our players.Here the pupils from the 5 «G» form .Let's cheer our teams!

Капитаны представляют участников.

Учитель начинает разминку.

Thank you for your information. Now let's warm-up.

Let's play the game "snowball". Each team is given one sentence. Each player must repeat the sentence and add his word. Who will make more words, gets right to open the first round. Each team reads in turn.

Warm-up: «Snowball»

Например: He is a boy.

He is a tall boy.

He is a tall and clever boy.

He is a tall and clever English boy.

He is a tall and clever English speaking boy.

The first game – «Further, further...»

In a minute you have to answer more questions. If the team does not know, they would say: "Further, further..."

(1 team)

1.How many countries are there in the UK? (There are 4 countries in the UK)

2. What is the capital of Great Britain? (The capital of Great Britain is London)

3. What is the capital of Scotland? (The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh)

4. What is the national emblem of Northern Ireland? (The symbol of Northern Ireland is a shamrock)

5.What’s the national emblem of Scotland? (The national emblem of Scotland is the thistle)

6. What is the name of the English Queen? (Her name is Elizabeth II)

7. What is Oxford? (It’s a famous old university)

8. Who was the queen in the 16th century in Great Britain? (Elizabeth I)

9. Name a big old train and underground station in London. It’s named after a famous English queen. (It’s Victoria Station)

10. What is in the centre of Trafalgar Square? (In the centre of Trafalgar Square is the Nelson Column)

11. What was a fortress, a castle, a prison and a zoo? And now it is a museum. (The Tower of London)

12. Where can you see fax figures of all famous people? (In Madam Tussaud’s museum)

13. What is a traditional costume in Scotland? (The traditional costume in Scotland is the kilt)

14. On what river does London stand? (London stands on the river Thames)

15. Where did the Beatles come from? (They came from Liverpool)

(2 team)

1. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff is the capital of Wales).

2. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland).

3. What is the national emblem of England?(Rose)

4. What is the national emblem of Wales? (Daffodil)

5. Who was a politician and the leader of the Parliament Army in the Civil War against the king in 1642- 1651. (Oliver Cromwell)

6. What is the best work of famous English architect Christopher Wren? (One of his famous works is St. Paul’s Cathedral in London)

7. Name a famous clock tower in the center of London (It’s Big Ben)

8. When do Englishmen celebrate Bonfire Night? (On the 5th of November)

9. What is the National game in Great Britain? (Football)

10. W hat is the traditional food in Great Britain? (Turkey)

11. What was in 1666? (In 1666 was a Great Fire)

12. Where does the British Parliament sit? (In the Houses of Parliament)

13.What is the biggest shopping street? (Oxford Street)

14. What is the national musical instrument in Scotland?

15. Where does the English Queen live? (She lives in the Buckingham Palace)

The second game: Crosswords and puzzles.


The third game: "Musical pause".

Students 5 "G" class sing the song "London Bridge"

The fourth game: Homework: «The tea party»

Scene 1.

In the room the old woman is sitting in the arm chair knitting.

Story teller: Once there lived an old woman. She had the only son who was a sailor. He often sailed to India and every time he returned to Britain from a far-away country he brought her something unusual, that she could show to her friends.

The woman’s son appears.

Woman: My dear son, here you are! How are you? I was missing you so badly!

Son: Hello mum. I’m fine, thanks. I’ve brought a nice present for you.

Woman: Oh, how interesting! What is this?

Son: It’s a box of tea. It’s very popular in the East. It is food.

Woman: But I don’t know how to cook it.

Son: Nothing particular. Just put tea leaves into the pot and pour hot water into it. In five minutes it will be ready. Believe me, you’ll enjoy it greatly. 

Woman: What a pleasant smell. I’ll invite my friends to try out what it is.

Story-teller: So the old woman cooked tea as her son had told her and invited her friends to taste it.

Scene 2.

In the room the table is laid for dinner.

Friends (coming in): Hello. Glad to see you. 

Woman: Oh you are welcome! Please, come in, come in. Feel at ease!

P1: How many things you have cooked!

P2: And what’s this? I’ve never seen such food.

P1: I also have never tasted it.

Woman: My son brought it from India yesterday. He said it was very popular in the East.

P1:Oh, this is excellent tea.

P2: Good.

The jury sums up the results, read out the result, is declared the winner.

Teacher: Our game comes to the end. What is the score of our teams? We want to listen to the results. Thank you very much for your participating.I am satisfied with your work. It was really great. Our lesson is over. Good bye. You may be free.

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