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Сценарий сказки на конкурс английских сказок

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The Peddler of Swaffham

Main characters:



His wife


His children (2)

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Story-teller: The old days when London Bridge was lined with shops from one end to the other, and salmon swam under the bridge, there lived at Swaffham, in Norfolk, a poor peddler. He lived in the miserable house with his wife and his children.

Spring came, but it was very cold and dirty, blew a strong wind, rain poured such that poor John was hardly able to roam the roads with the goods.

it was difficult for John and his wife. They were barely able to feed and provide clothes their children.

Peddler: My son had no shoes; he can’t go out into the street. Oh my God!

Wife: A daughter grew out of their dresses - like it or not, and took out new ones. How will we live? John, you must take a job at the farm. Trade had not paid in the current year.

Peddler: There is no job in such terrible weather in the farm. But let me to tell you, wife! I go to London as soon as the weather is fine.

Wife: In London? - What are you going to do there? Want to get rich, or what?

Peddler: O’k, I tell you everything. Last night, when the rain was drumming on the roof, I could not sleep and was thinking about our future. And when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed a beautiful dream.

Wife: Did you dream wardrobe which is full of new clothes fell into the fireplace? And when you woke up, you saw that was not the wardrobe, and only rook’s old nest, which was on our roof.

Peddler: That's not! I heard a voice so sweet, but I don’t know whose. And this voice said to me, 'John, go to London and stand on London Bridge, and you will hear wonderful news.

Wife: What news?

Peddler: I don’t know. Oh, my dear wife, It’s time to go to bed.

Wife: Good night!

Peddler: Good night!

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Story-teller: Peddler John had a same dream on this night, on the next night, on the third night.

John, go to London and stand on London Bridge, and you will hear wonderful news.

Peddler: I must go to London.

Жена собирает мужа в дорогу, коробейник отправляется в путешествие.

Прощается с женой

Story-teller: And so he trudged up to London town. Long was the way. John was glad when he stood on the great bridge and saw the tall houses on right hand and left. All day long he paced to and fro, but he heard nothing that might yield him comfort. And again on the morrow he stood and he gazed--he paced afresh the length of London Bridge, but nothing did he see and nothing did he hear. Now the third day being come as he still stood and gazed, a shopkeeper hard by spoke to him. 
Shopkeepper:  "Friend, I wonder much at your fruitless standing. Have you no wares to sell?"

Peddler: "No, indeed,"       
Shopkeeper: And you don’t beg for alms." 
Peddler: Not so long as I can keep myself." 
Shopkeeper: Then what, I pray thee, what do you want here, and what may thy business be?" 
Peddler: Well, kind sir, I tell the truth, I dreamed that if I came hither, I should hear good news.

Shopkeeper: You are poor silly country fellow. Last night I dreamt myself to be in Swaffham, in Norfolk, and me thought I was behind a peddler’s house, and there was a great oak-tree. Then me seemed that if I digged I should find a great treasure. But I'm not such a fool as to take on me a long and wearisome journey. It’s a silly dream. Get thee home, and mind thy business."  

Peddler: O, thanks. Good bye. At last I will be rich.

Story-teller: When the peddler heard that, he was returning home speedily, digged underneath the great oak-tree, and found a prodigious great treasure. He grew exceeding rich, but he did not forget his duty in the pride of his riches. For he built up again the church at Swaffham, and when he died they put a statue of him.


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Каждый год мои ученики участвуют в конкурсе "В мире английской сказки". Последние 2 года мы занимали призовые места. Я хотела бы представить сценарий сказки для ребят среднего звена "The Peddler of Swaffham". Сказка расписана по ролям. Эта сказка позволяет не только раскрыться творческим ребятам, но еще и познакомит с некоторыми историческими реалиями Великобритании, ведь городок Соуффем действительно существует и в нем стоит церквушка, построенная на средства одного внезапно разбогатевшего коробейника.

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