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Сценарий сказки "The Princess and the Pea"

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Сценарий спектакля на английском языке

The Princess and the Pea”

по мотивам одноименной датской народной сказки

Разработан: Учителем английского языка МБОУ Гимназии №2 г. Чехова Тимофеевой Н.Е.

Сценарий для 5-6 классов.

Чехов, 2016

Действующие лица: King




Night Fair


Scene 1

King: Oh, my dear son, I think it's quite time for you to get married at last!

Queen: But we want you to marry a real princess!

Prince: I went all over the world looking for a real princess whom I could marry. I met many princesses, but I didn't like them.

King: Really, one was too tall, another was too gay.

Queen: And you were never sure if they were real princesses

Prince: I am really very sad about it. But….I hope for the best.

Scene 2

(Somebody is knocking at the door)

King: Who could it be in such a terrible storm?

Queen: The lightning is flashing, the thunder is roaring.

Prince: The wind is blowing and the rain is pouring down.

King: I will open the door

(The King opens the door and a poor wet girl comes in)

King: Oh, who are you, my dear? Your hair is so wet that the water from it is running down your face.

Queen: Your dress is so wet that the water from it is running down on the floor. But who are you?

Princess: (Whispering) I am a real princes


Queen } What ???


Princess: I am a real princess.

Prince: I am so happy to hear that!

Queen: But I am not so happy. We’ll see about that! Maid-servant! Maid-servant!

Maid-servant: I’m here, your majesty.

Queen: Take this young lady to the bathroom, give her a dry dress and supper. (To the Princess)And I’ll go and see if your bed is ready.

Maid-servant: Certainly, your majesty! (To the Princess) Have a bath, put on a dry dress and have supper. This way, please.

Scene 3

Queen: I’ll go and see if her bed is ready. (To the Maiden) Take everything from the bed! Now we’ll see if she is a real princess! Put 20 mattresses on top of the pea!

Maid-servant (to the spectators): The Queen is so wise! Really, we’ll find out now if this young lady a real princess.

Scene 4

(The Princess is sleeping. Night Fair appears. She is singing and dancing all around her with her magic stick in the hand)

Night Fair: The night is deep

Your dreams are sweet

The stars are bright and sparkling

But who can say

Where the roads meet

And love comes through the darkness?

Scene 5

Queen: How did you sleep, my dear?

Princess: Dreadfully! I hardly slept a wink all night!

King: What was the matter?

Princess: I don’t know what was in the bad, but there was something hard in it! Now I’m black and blue all over!

Queen: Oh, my dear young lady! Now I see that you are a real princess! Only a real princess could feel the pea through 20 mattresses!

Prince: Mother, father, the Princess is really beautiful. I want to marry her just now!

And I promise we’ll live happily in the castle ever after!

Wedding March by Mendelssohn is playing. The Queen is putting a crown on Princess’s head.

Queen: Now, you are my son’s wife! At last he has found a real princess! And live happily in the castle ever after!

All together: Happy marriage to you!!!!

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