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Сценарий сказки “Three Piglets”

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Сценарий сказки “Three Piglets”

Sharacters : 2 storytellers , Nif-Nif , Naf-Naf , Nuf-Nuf , Wolf.

Storyteller 1 . Everybody knows the story about three little piglets . I hope you are ready to watch our play .

Storyteller 2. Once upon a time there lived three brothers : Nif-Nif ,Naf-Naf, and Nuf-Nuf.

Storyteller 1. One summe das the eldest brother noticed that the weather was cloudy and cool .

Naf-Naf . You see, brothers , autumn is coming . Rain and Wind will be here soon .

Nif-Nif . You are not right . Summer is long .

Nuf-Nuf . It is warm now . There is a lot food around us . We want to play and have fun .

Naf-Naf . Stop and listen to me , please . Winter will come after autumn . Snow will be falling . Wing will be blowing . It will be cold and snowy.

Nif-Nif . So what are you going to do ? Naf-Naf . I am going to build a good house and I advese you to do the same . Nuf-Nuf . Ok. Let ‘ s build a house at once and go on playing . Nif-Nif . I will make a house from straw . Nuf-Nuf . My house will be made of branches of the trees . Storyteller 2. So they all built the houses for themselves. Nif-Nif built a house from straw , Nuf-Nuf built a house from branches but Naf-Naf was the cleverest because he built his house from stones . Storyteller 1. Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf built their houses very fast and started playing while the eldest brother was building his house. He was doing it very carefully. Storyteller 2. But suddenly Wind and Cold came and every piglet went to his own house . Появляется волк . Wolt . Oh , how cold it is . How hungry I am ! I remember that three little piglets live in this wood . One of them may live here . I must blow at this house so it will be broken . Волк дует ,стараясь дом поросенка . Дом рушится , поросенок бежит к дому Нуф-Нуфа .

Nif-Nif . Of , please , help me, Nuf-Nuf . Let me come in , please . Wolt wants to eat me up . My house is broken . Поросенок вбегает в дом Нуф-Нуфа, волк бежит за ним . Wolf. Oh, here they are ! There are two of them . I must blow again . Волк дует , стараясь разрушить дом поросенка . Дом рушится , поросята бегут к дому Наф –Нафа . Nuf-Nuf . Please , let us in , dear brother Naf-Naf! Nuf-Nuf . Hurry up , please . Wolf wants to eat us up ! Our houses are broken . Naf-Naf. Come in , please . Let ‘ s close the door . Волк подходит к дому НафНафа. Wolf . Of, there must be all three piglets ! What a big dinner I am going to have. Волк дует , стараясь разрушить дом поросенка , но у него ничего не получается . Волк подходит поближе к дому , наступает на капкан и, получается . Волк подходит поближе к дому , наступает на капкан и, прихрамывает ,убегает прочь . Naf-Naf . You see, my dear brothers , how it is important to build a good house ! Nif-Nif . Forgive us , Naf-naf. You were right . Nuf-Nuf. We won’ t be lazy any more, we will do everything you will say. Naf-Naf. That is very good. Let ‘ s live together in my house ! Storyteller 1. Three brothers lived very happily together and Woif never returned to their house . Storyteller 2. He was afraid of three little piglets and didn’ t want to have any problems.

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